Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update on Cleaning the Messiest Room...

OK- I am 95% finished...there are a couple things left to find homes for, but the outcome is sooooooooo much better than it was.  I have moved furniture, re-organized some stuff, and packed some stuff away!!  So, here's what the room now looks like:
 Look, a bed!!!
 switched out some furniture to store my stuff a little better
and, she even got flowers on a make-shift nightstand which also now holds a clock!!!

I moved all of my baking stuff to the Baker's Rack in the dining area...this used to hold all of the kiddies craft stuff and coloring books, puzzles, crayons, playdo, etc and always looked's what it looks like now:
I love the Dollar Store bins...they def. came in handy for all of my stuff!!

And here's what happened to the cabinet from the bedroom and all the kids stuff:

And so, I feel better and a bit more organized.  Though, I can't  understand why the rest of my family (you know, the hubby and kiddies) aren't on the same IMUSTCLEANTHISHOUSENOWORELSE mood.  Don't they know that it was that time???  Ah well, I have 4 kids and my house will never be spotless.  I know why I stress about this stuff the day before instead of the week before like this time you know why???  Ha- it's b/c it doesn't matter that I got the vacuumming, dusting, sweeping,etc done a couple days's b/c I will have to re-do all of that stuff b/c the clean areas only last about an hour (if I'm lucky) in this house!!!  And so, I say, don't clean anything until the day before and than don't let your kids play in their playroom, eat anything at all in your house, and go to the bathroom outside!!!

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