Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, June 24, 2011

School's Out...

Oh yes...officially, school is over for the summer.  I know, some of you are sooooooo excited about this.  But, I'm really not.  You see,  when all 4 of my children are together, mayhem ensues and I always end up yelling way more than I want to.  There is lots of attitudes(Kyra), lots of competition (for everything!!), lots of screaming (Max...), lots of antagonizing (DJ), etc.  I just don't see the problem with year round you???  OK, so I like the fact that we can all sleep a little later (not much later b/c Max is not a sleep in kind of kid) and we don't have to rush out the door every morning to catch the bus.  Oh, and I don't have to make lunches in the morning for them either...or try and figure out snacks for the day. 

But...can't we all just get along???  (ewwww, I sound like my you mom)  I am going to have to put my foot down and let them know who's boss in this house.  Yes, I AM THE BOSS!!!  Really, I am!!  And, I have to figure out a game plan for  keeping them busy, right??  Isn't that what we should do...some school work in the summer??  Well, we have them signed up for lots of activities, but now I have to figure out some 'paper' work for them to do.  We are signed up for reading books and library stuff, cheerleading, soccer, track, jazz, know, gotta drain their energy somehow.  And, we will still have Baby J 3 times a, what else are we gonna do??  I need to organize their bins, map out our activities and figure out what we're gonna do.  I also need to make a basket of some "quiet" activities for them (the older 2) to do b/c we have quiet time these days.  DJ doesn't quite know what quiet time is...never really has either.  I have a feeling he will be spending his quiet time in his room!!  Oh, and than perhaps we should do a few playdates or something??  I think they will be busier this summer than past summers!!

The 'Moving Up' ceremony was good...though we had to get into the school in the monsooning rains this afternoon (before and after it was torrential downpour).  Got out of the car to run in with the baby and they weren't letting anyone in yet...that was fun.  So, we are soaking wet going in but dry off in less than 5 minutes due to the lovely temperature in the gym.  Yes, you all know I am a sweater, right??  Well, today was just gross.  Good thing I was soaked from the rain b/c you would just think all the wetness all over my body was from the rain.  Yes, it was definitely from the rain and I definitely was not sweating like a pig from orafaces you don't even want to hear about!!!  GROSS!!!   Get the kiddies back home, make some cake pops for a b-day, feed baby and rush back out...drop off kiddies at neighbors house (I LOVE THIS NEIGHBOR...) so hubby can 'work' from home w/o the distractions, drop off cupcake samples and go to work!!  Busy night at work tonight...lots of kiddies coming in to register for the summer programs:) 

Now, let's talk hubby and why I don't have my pictures in here yet...yes, I can blame him.  He was going into the computer room to do some 'work' (not really sure what kind of work he does at 9 at night, but he was also watching something on the computer non-work related...guess he was working hard back there..) and I ask him to start uploading the pics.  So, you know, I think he's actually doing that for me while he's back there.  But, we would all be wrong.  I asked him if he did the pics for me and guess what...THE CARD WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  I mean, how hard is it to remember to do this for me and how hard is it to actually keep track of the card with the pics on it??  Obviously, it's not an easy task!!  And, you know if I had forgotten to do something for him and lost the main component of actually completing said task, I would be getting shit for it.  But, I quietly left him be to find the card and let him berate himself for not being able to figure out what he did with it.  I did express that I was not happy and couldn't understand how you actually lose something like that...but, I think he doesn't understand my need to have my pictures!!    Well, he finally found it but it wasn't until  after midnight and well, I'm too tired to try and go through them.  And, of course, Franny Girl is on my lap...yeah...not gonna be a good night. 

Random thought- Must get Franny Girl in her crib...or not...I need sleep...or not...I want my bed back...well, this couch is pretty comfortable...or not...ha ha ha 

(will post some pics tomorrow and make some sentimental blabbings about my kids getting older and how I can't believe it and blah blah blah...ok...)


  1. praying that Frannie and YOU weather the "storm" of crib sleeping! Hang in there!

  2. Bed for Francesca... Yes

  3. I think you have plenty of activities planned for the kids.. You are a good planner