Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener...

Yup...don't we all think the grass is always greener on the other side??  Wouldn't we all like to trade places with our spouses or friends or other family members b/c their lives/jobs/relationships/kids/houses/etc seem soooo much better??  I know that I don't want to trade places (ok, there are some days where I wish I could get a job making the same salary as my husband and go to work while he stayed home), but my husband seems to think that my 'job' is much better than his.  I mean, taking care of the kids is not work, right??  Why is it that we think the other one has it better??  Are we all blind to see what we have right in front of us??

My husband has this really bad habit of getting mad at me for not getting things done in a timely manner.  I think that as long as it gets done before it needs to get done it shouldn't matter how long it takes to get there.  Yes, sometimes I am bringing applications somewhere on the day they are due instead of mailing them out weeks or months ahead of time.  And, yes, sometimes there are things that just get swept under the table until I am forced to do them.  But, I always get it done...just on the ol' My Timeline.  I mean, I know he's got his own timeline for certain things and it's definitely different from mine.  I think time just gets away from us now that we have 4 kids and a house and a yard and lots of bills to pay and kids to feed, etc.  So, I guess I should get used to the fact that the bathroom will have a garbage bag covering the wall (it's been like that for almost 7 years) and that the box in the upstairs hallway (along with the door we bought) will still be there tomorrow (it's been 5 or 6 years for those).  Just as long as he can get used to the fact that I will always wait until the last minute to get my things done!!  Right??  And, we've been married for almost 10 years now!!  Hey, I'm a slow learner!!

So, the two of us, I think, really need to take a look at what we've got, appreciate it more, and move on.  We both need to appreciate what the other does and enjoy what we have together.  I think we've lost something and we really need to stop and go back.  Life definitely gets in the way.  Here's to looking at things positively instead of negatively.  And here's to enjoying our 'jobs' as opposed to wishing we had the other one's job.  And, here's to trying to communicate with each other and making fun at each other, and laughing at ourselves.  Life is too short!!  And, nobody's perfect (although my husband may disagree with that...right honey??  I'm perfect, right??)

And so, that's my food for thought tonight!!  If I should lose perspective and get jealous of your greener grass, than I will slap myself silly until I see that what I have in front of me is GREAT!!!

Here's hoping for some sleep tonight...though I don't want to jinx anything b/c last time I wrote about her sleeping, she woke up 3 minutes

BTW- started working out this past week to try and get in shape.  In doing so, I was weighed and shown how to use the foreign equipment...yeah!!  And so, here it is hideous weight is 162 and my goal is to lose at least 20, now that you all know that (you know, the 3 followers that I have) you can laugh right along with me as I shed my baby pounds and get my lungs back into shape!!  ha ha ha  OK- you can laugh at me when I tell you all about those classes I will try to take and those machines I will try to least some of you will get a laugh for the day:)

Friday, April 29, 2011


Being a mom is one of the most exhausting jobs in the world.  And I'm not just talking about being tired.  But it can drain your body in every possible way...physically, emotionally, and mentally!!  I think we all experience these bouts of exhaustion throughout our lives as being a Mom and I know that I have yet to be tested in even more challenging ways.  But, I also know that there is no better job in the universe and no job more worth it!!  (even though there is no monetary do get the best hugs and kisses in the world)

On that note...I am sooooooooo exhausted physically right now that I am going to pass out in the next 5 minutes.  Yup...she's sleeping and so I'm going to join her.  Now, let's just hope she sleeps longer than 3 hours!!  And let's hope she starts eating something other than milk so she can sleep longer at night!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Yoga to Boys Suits...

Wowzer...what a day!!  Drove the kids to school this morning and than went to a Yoga class.  Definitely needed the class but are there classes out there for the full figured woman??  I felt totally fat and huge when I looked into the mirror in the class...I thought I looked really good before I left the house...Do they make the mirrors in gyms make you look fatter so that you keep going back??  Besides that, I couldn't lay flat on my belly b/c my boobs are HUGE.  And, aren't you supposed to find like your inner zen or something??  How am I really supposed to focus when the childcare area is right down the stairs and you could hear babies crying and all I could think of was Franny Girl and is she ok down there or is that her crying even though it sounded nothing like her cry.  Or, did some other kid smother her b/c she's so darn cute and they don't have a little sister to smother at home??  I knew Max would be ok b/c he's a sociable kid but I just wasn't sure about my Franny Girl!!  So, as I breathed in and blew out my 'ocean' breath, I kept waiting for someone to come and get me...but, no one did and I finished the class.  Now, it was great that the instructor came around and 'massaged' our heads but I sure hope she was gonna wash her hands after touching my dirty nasty hair...yup, I really need a good hair cleaning!!

Now, fast forward to after school where we take all 4 kids to the tailor to get DJ's pants hemmed...ha!!  The size 8 suit I bought him in the throes of meltdowns last week in Jersey is huge on the skinny little runt!!  They told me it would cost about 60 bucks to take in the waist and than another 17 for the hem...and the suit only cost like $40...really??  He's 8...So, we decide that I should go back and try and find something that fits him better...ha ha ha...keep laughing...I wait until my husband gets home, which is after 7pm, so that I can just take DJ and not all 4 kids...wise choice, I think..We hit Burlington Coat Factory, than Kohls, than Macy's, Penny's, H&M, some suit place, and Sears...nada that would actually fit the little sucker!!  I think every child making their communnion next week needs size 8slim b/c there were none to be found...So, we did the next best thing and bought the size 7.  Now, DJ is a dawdler and let me tell you that he definitely dawdled about 10-15 feet behind me...I think I ran a suit marathon tonight.  But, I did buy him an ice-cream before we left the mall and he did make it to bed before 10pm tonight!!  Oh, yeah, and he chose to wear flip flops tonight b/c it was 'hot' outside and of course after 5 minutes of being in the first store they hurt his feet.  So, after we left Kohls, he was shoeless and chasing me around the mall!!
Here's the size 7:
The jacket doesn't button all the way and the pants are a tad short...too small, right?? I guess you can't really tell from the pic..

And than the size 8...jacket fits great but the pants are way too big in the waist and in the length.  Oh, what to do what to do...I think we'll slap a belt on him and hem the 8's and be done with it!! 
Oh, yeah, and of course I left my phone at the house...hubby was probably wondering where his wife was and what was taking too long!!  LOL

OK- so one more thing about today: Do not say the 'F' word around Max as he will repeat it!! I don't really swear that much...But at least he isn't walking across the little bitches (bridges) with his big dicks (sticks) while outside!!  I love that kid!!!

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget the fact that the shower curtain, rod and all, came crashing down on my head as I was about to give baths tonight!!

So, here's to my glass of wine and some sleep tonight!!

To sleep or not to sleep...

That is always the question I ask myself these days...Franny girl woke a few times in the night...tired and cranky mommy today but am going to get back in the groove of things and go work out!! 

Sleep is over-rated, isn't it??  Along with showering, eating, brushing your teeth, etc...ha

Monday, April 25, 2011

Funkadelic State...More Sleep Please!!

Today was a weird day for us.  School was back in session and Daddy went back to work.  YEAH!!  The whole dynamic changes in this house when the 2 older + daddy are home.  Today, I think, the remaining 3 left at home had a day of recuperation!!  Francesca not only slept 6 hours last night, but she than took a 2 hour nap this morning...totally unheard of!!  And Max would not get off of me this morning...some days, I think he thinks he is still part of me (watch out Anareca...that's Francesca to the rest of us)

Our goal today was to go to BJ's...we made it there but it took us until about 1pm this afternoon to actually's tired today!!  And, we bought too much stuff so I had to pull 2 carts out of the store...BUT, Franny girl can sit up next to Max in the cart..ha ha...I didn't remember that she could sit up until we were checking out so I wore her on my chest until I realized that I was going to need the extra cart.  And, I want to know why everything doesn't fit back into the cart after you pay for it???  If it all went in there at one point, shouldn't it all go back in???  Just sayin'..

Both kids fall asleep in car on way home...but of course, one child feels the need to wake them both up immediately upon getting into the car after the bus...yup, I do love that girl of mine but I think her ears just don't know how to hear my voice anymore.  It's like she's immune to the sound of my voice and her standard excuse is that she didn't hear me.  Even when I am looking at her and she is looking directly at me and I ask her if she understands and she says yes...but, she didn't hear me.  Go figure!!

Oh, and the baseball game tonight was quite painful!!  Too long and wacky coaches on the other team.  And there is one parent who is constantly telling me what my children are doing and what I should do with them...very annoying!!  You should check out her kid!!  It was nice and buggy out there too...I hate coming home feeling sticky from the bug spray and itchy b/c I think the bugs are still there...Yuck!!

Sleeping tonight- here's hoping for 6 hours again, though I would love more!!  If we get the full 6, I will be awake at 4 and than I will fall asleep while nursing and than she will sleep the rest of the night either on my chest or in my arms (yes, I am too tired and lazy at that time of morning to get back up and put her back on her own...)

Peace Out:)  Going to pass out or do the head nod while sitting here!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011's over...

Yes, Easter is over...yeah!!!  I'm really glad to see everyone but boy do I not really like the getting ready for the company part..

So, yes, my day started off with the scrambling and yelling and let's get dressed and churching and than continuing on the cleaning and setting up the table and finishing the food, etc.  I am just soooooo tired at the end of the day and my little feet are very sore!!  But, the food was great and the family did come together at the last minute.  Yeah!!  I think today really made my MIL very happy.  She had all three of her boys here and all 8 of her grandchildren.  And, the FIL came too...even though we weren't sure...The kids had fun (and we really need to get these cousins together more often) and the babies are definitely overstimulated!!

Oh, and dessert was fabulous: cake pops made into a bouquet, a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting topped with chocolate ganache, captain morgan rice pudding, and of course the fresh fruit:)  Yummy!!

Now, school tomorrow...and I am NOT looking forward to the morning madness.  I think that was the best thing about spring break...but, I am looking forward to getting back into my schedule with Max and Franny Girl.  I am really tired of listening to Max cry for no reason!!! 
OK- I am getting an early night that's all for now!!  Let's hope that all the overstimulation doesn't wreck with the newly developed pattern of sleeping for my Franny Girl!!

Hope everyone else had a great Easter and God Bless!!

Family and Holidays..

OK, so today, we had to go to a birthday party...Not just any birthday party, but a pool party at the YMCA for my nephew.  I was totally dreading going to this party...had no desire to even think about putting on a bathing suit...and really had no idea what the kids would even do.  Oh yeah, swim...duh!!  I tried to think of every imaginable reason why not to go...but alas, it was family and that's what we should do, right??  So, we went and the kids swam and jumped and splashed and it wasn't that bad.  Now, if only we can try and get out of the house with less screaming, yelling, mad dashing and running (yes, it took us 2 hours to get all of us dressed and ready to go)...ha ha ha
Now, what truly irks me is that this party came first becuase they were family.  At least, family comes first to my husband and myself.  It doesn't matter that we could have gone elsewhere today and it doesn't matter that this very family would have skipped any of our kids birthdays in order to attend the SIL friends stuff.  Family should always come first whether we like them or not...right???
Speaking of family...let's talk holidays shall we??  Tomorrow is Easter and we are having dinner at our house.  I am one of those who invites everyone because it is a holiday and we should all be together for holidays, right??  But, alas (yes, I use that word a lot when writing), some 'family' do not agree with this.  And why would it really be necessary for me to give out the 'guest' list in order to get an answer from someone as to whether or not they are coming.  Shouldn't it be enough that I asked and you have no where else to go and we want to see you??  Can't we all put aside our feelings for one day and get along.  I guess not...some people just don't or can't seem to grow up and get on with it.  I still don't know if some are coming...and we still think some will cancel b/c of who else is coming...Really??  So, when I have my kids b-day parties, should my kids be punished b/c the adults can't be adults??  I'm just sayin'... OK, that's all I have to say about that!!
Let's discuss my husband...always a fun subject:)  I love when I host holidays and I always expect that it will be different...thinking, I will get everything done at night and I will not scramble in the morning.  But, here we are at 1:30am and I still have stuff to do.  My husband has done 'his part' and is sleeping soundly upstairs.  His philosophy is to do everything the day of while mine is to get as much done the night before as I can...hence, the disagreement every holiday/party.  So, tomorrow we will scramble and yell and get mad and than we will eat, drink and be merry!! 
So, Happy Easter to everyone and I hope your 'traditions' live on as I know my will:)
PS- let's hope for Franny Girl to sleep and sleep and sleep...he he he

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleeping update... Franny girl and I are still sleeping downstairs...but, she has been taking some sleep breaks over there in her pack n play...whew!!  My back really kills in the morning when she won't sleep by herself.  Last night we got 6 hours straight.  Probably speaking too soon, but she's over there now...shhhhhhhh...let's hope we get some sleep tonight.  I'm hoping that once we get her used to this, we can than move her into her crib and I can start sleeping on my  nice comfortable bed!!!

On another note, we had a Great Day today!!  Well, except for the continuous crying from my Max.  I think he is so out of his routine this week with the older 2 kids home.  He is definitely feeling it and has this need to want more attention out of all of us.  Today, I made him rest in my bed (yes, even the 2 year old gets more time in my bed than I do) just so he could get away from the others and I was secretly hoping for a nap.  Well, there was some quiet in the house but there definitely was not napping going on.  I just don't breed sleepers...

Easter Egg hunt was awesome this morning!!  Kids had a blast and there were not major meltdowns or fights.  Whew...and, I got a new 'punishment' exercise for the getting together with other moms and chatting...especially when these moms are also honest about stuff like you are.  So, thanks for the ideas!!  We will definitely be writing out "I will not be annoying" lots of times (lol)

Tomorrow, pool party at the YMCA down in Jersey...really, who has a pool party at the Y and the day before Easter...Oh yeah, my SIL:(  ugh...b/c I don't have to clean my house, rearrange furniture and prep food or anything.  Uggggghhhhhhh

Later...gonna get some sleep before my beautiful baby wakes up:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm sorry Mommy...

Yes, all children have the need to say they're sorry (I hope they do anyway).  They just don't always know how to or they all have a completely different way of saying it. 
My Max (the 2 year old) wears his heart and his feelings on his sleeve.  He takes everything personally and will cry at the first sign of you being mad or angry.  He also gets upset when you tell him NO...but, he is very quick to come back and say he's sorry and that he loves you and please don't be mad at him anymore all while holding your face so that you are looking in his face.  And than he proceeds to give you kisses and hugs.  So, really, how long can you stay mad at that???  Not long at all...and he always makes you smile!!
On the other hand, My DJ (the 8 year old) has never been one to show his feelings willingly.  When he's angry or sad or upset, you definitely know it b/c he has a chip on his shoulder, stamps his feet and slumps his shoulders.  And, he doesn't willingly admit that he's sorry for anything.  But, this morning he did something I don't ever remember him doing...he apologized to me for being 'rotten' this week.  And I don't mean he came up to me and said 'Mom, I'm sorry for doing blah blah blah'...because, as I've said, he's not one for words.  But, he slept late (something he rarely does) and when he woke up he sought me out, sat on my lap and snuggled.  Wow...what an awesome feeling that was and how lucky I am to have him for my first born!!  Even though he frustrates me to no end, I know that he really is a great little boy with a big heart...and that he's still learning how to use that heart!!
What a beautiful start to my day, right??  Because after that everything went to hell in a hand basket (you'll have to fogive me when I get these sayings wrong...I don't always know the exact words so you can all get a good laugh in when it's wrong).  At one point today, I was the woman in the Calgon commercial just zoning out while one child was screaming bloody murder b/c I'd put her down in the pack n play, the other child was wimpering in my arms demanding my undivided attention, one child was going through all her craft things to try and figure out what she could do (all while dropping everything on the floor) and the other child was MIA.  But, we all survived the day and I even got a shower in...even though there was lots of crying and kids coming in/out of bathroom while I was in had to be done.  You know, when you have to work in the public eye, it pays to have a shower first!!  I was thankful for the few hours I got to go to work today...but I was also thankful to come home and see my kids:)
OK- gotta go finish making cake pops now!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snip Snip and sports

This one's short and sweet:

To all the men out there who were fine in less than 24 hours of being snipped, I say good for you!!  But don't tease the wives that that is normal!!

To all the women out there whose husbands will be getting snipped: I pray you have a husband who isn't melodramatic about being in pain...and who, every time they say oooh or ow or eeek or whatever, you don't want to's been 5.5 days and I'm still hearing these noises of discomfort...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

And, is it really necessary to scream at the TV while watching sports??  don't they know that the coaches and players can't hear what they are screaming at them??  Although, that might be funny if they actually could (but kinda annoying for them to have the entire male population tell them how to play the game they are getting millions to play).  I'd like to see all of these men who claim to know how to play better than the professionals get out there and play...go us all how it's done!!


Okay, so my day today wasn't as bad as yesterday, but I am still doubting my skills as a parent.  My eldest son really is a rude child and has no manners.  How did he become this way and did I do something to make him that way??  He has this need to be first in everything that he does and that includes running to the door and barging through it w/o waiting for the rest of us and not caring if it hits us as we try to get through.  So, how do I stop that behavior and set him straight??
And, my youngest son (the 2 yr old), well, I guess we could just say he's 2 and go with that but he really is starting to think he can have whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  I think he has cried and broken down about 100 times each day this week.  My patience is wearing down with him and I need to stop that behavior too.
The other male child in the house seems to be my husband.  Sorry to say, but he is my 1st child.  I read about other people's husbands and how great they are and how much they help around the house and how sweet they are and blah blah blah...seriously??  Are there really men out there like that??  Mine seems to think that he works all day and that's all he should have to do.  I don't actually work in his eyes, so what's the problem in getting things done around the house???  I'll let those other moms out there stone him anytime!! 

Now, I know the females in this house are not always perfect...but we're pretty damn close (he he he).  Except of course the 6 going on 16 girl...but we'll tackle that topic another time...
And, the other little lady (or should I say, non sleeping little lady) is just perfect and is currently sleeping in the pack n play...she slept a total of 20 minutes all I'm hoping (knock on wood) that she'll sleep over there in the pack n play for awhile!! 

That's it...I'm tired.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How low can you go??

Today was supposed to be a Great Day!!  But, alas, it wasn't even close.  Today, my kids were supposed to go into the greatest musuem and see the biggest dinosaur bones.  But, they didn't.  Today, we were going to mesh as a family and all get along and listen and be on our best behavior.  But, that didn't happen either.  Today was a disaster., big, rainy, crappy day.
I guess I should have known not to attempt to go to a really big musuem during spring break and on a rainy day...but, we all make mistakes, right??  We made it into the city, no problem.  We eventually found a spot on the road (and even got my very own NYC ticket to show for it).  It had even kinda stopped raining so we could walk to the musuem...ha ha ha.  We get to the museum and there is a really long line just to get in the doors (like, around the block).  And, to all you stroller people out there, there are lots of stairs to go up and revolving doors to get through, so don't even bother setting it up if you can hold off.  And, this is NY, people, so don't expect anyone to stop and help you because they are all glad you need to go off to the side to take all your bags out of the stroller, fold the stroller up, and than try to coral the kids back into the really long line.  Did I mention that I also had a baby strapped to my chest...go on, picture can laugh at my expense.  I have already laughed about it... And than, try to get 3 kids plus the stroller, 2 bags, yourself with a baby on your chest through those revolving doors...yup, still laughing.  I think I almost had a melt down then and there...but, I didn't and on we went.  We made it as far as the lobby.  The kids saw a really big dinosaur, I took it's picture and we left.  Can you say, Mob Scene??  So, with a hungry baby, hungry kids, and a momma that needs to pee really bad, we walked back to the car (at least we did get some help on the way out and back to the see, I'm not that insane to bring 4 kids into the city by myself).  And, yup, that's when we saw the ticket...oooooops....probably should have just parked in a garage as it would have been cheaper.

So, disappointed kids and all, we went to lunch on the way home (this was not so bad).  When I say, not so bad, I mean the 2 yr old wouldn't sit still, the 6 mos old didn't want to sit in the car seat and the 2 older ones don't really have great manners.  Oy vay...I felt like such a failure as a mother while there that all I could do was laugh at myself.  And I know that the waitstaff was going to gossip about us when we left b/c I used to do that when families left with kids like mine.  I guess it all comes back to us in the long run, right?? 
Ha...and than I really tortured myself and decided to stop for to shop for a suit for the 8 yr old.  Now, that was the most fun of the day!!  REallyy....NOT!!  I really don't think sometimes, you know.  The 2 yr old kept disappearing and I kept having to put him back in the stroller so that he would scream his head off (yup, that was my child today)...the 8 yr old would 'chase' the 2 yr old when he wasn't in the stroller, claiming he was just trying to get him.  Yeah, okay...and the 6 yr old was 'trying' on every shoe possible with the hope that I would get her a pair...NOT!!  I think I was shaking when we left and I still believe that NJ people are not the nicest (sorry to all you Jersey people out there but they were really rude in there).  On a positive note, I got a suit and shirt for the 8 yr old, matching dresses for the 2 girls, and a suit for the 2 yr old for 100 bucks.  Not bad.
So, here's to a quiet night at our house...ha ha ha...and here's to the baby actually sleeping tonight (did I mention she barely slept while we were out???  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Separation continued...Let's get sleeping

OK- night 1 went ok...even though her and I are sleeping downstairs away from everyone else.  At least she's not on my chest sleeping, right??  Well, at least she wasn't on my chest for most of the night last night.  She slept in the pack 'n play until 2:30am...she fed...she slept in there again until about 5 and than we both fell asleep on the couch.  Hopefully, tonight will be successful as well...though, I have a feeling it may not.  She is restless over there...not crying out yet, but very restless. 
And, I am definitely more tired today than I would have been had I just slept with know??  But, I know the long run is the we go...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Separating the Baby from the Booby:)

OK, so I am on my fourth kid and you would think I would have this down to a science.  Well, that obviously is not the case here.  My fourth is definitely a cutie but she is not a sleeper!!  And, she likes to sleep right on top of my chest with easy access to my boobs...which happens to be her most joyous comfort these days.  I am thinking that because she is the last, and because there is so many other things happening with the other 3 kids, that we have just gone with the flow.  She is totally not scheduled and she does not sleep much during the day.  I think she takes a few 20-30 minute catnaps and that's when she falls asleep eating.  The instant I move her off of me is the instant that she wakes up.  So, shhhhhhhhhhh, I just put her down in the pack 'n play and she is still sleeping:)  Now, it is 11pm and she does tend to 'sleep' through the night as long as she is on top of me with her easy access to the boob!!
Now, you might ask, don't I  know better than to let this continue??  Duh...of course I do.  And, a few weeks ago, we had her sleeping in another room in her crib for 6-8 hours a night.  Than, she had RSV and couldn't breathe and so she slept on my chest while I tried really hard to sleep in a recliner chair.  Fast forward 4 weeks and we are still sleeping in that chair.  I'm not sure if it's because she's the last one that I am holding onto this or what, but I know the time is now.  I must get her sleeping on her own and in her own crib so that I can sleep the entire night in my bed!!
Now, right now I'm too tired to even care about any type of intimacy with my husband...I just want to sleep in my bed again:)  But, how do you even try to get her back into her crib when she will be sharing a room with her big sister...who needs her sleep for school.  I'm still not quite sure what to do but there is spring break next week, so I need to figure it out really soon!!
For now, she sleeps apart from me over there in her pack 'n play.  For how long, I have no idea...but I think I'm gonna crash on the couch and she how long she goes...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK...I'm back

Whew...what a couple of months it's been.  I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to try and start a blog right before giving birth to my 4th baby.  But, she's now reached the 6 month mark and she does let me do things w/o her sitting on my lap occasionally.  So, here I am, writing what I can.  My older children are running around and around inside the house (sometimes, I think this house isn't big enough).  The thing I will have to stuggle with this summer, I think, is letting the older ones go outside by themselves and whether or not the 2.5 yr old can go out with them...because, there is no way I can be outside all day long with him and take care of the baby and do the dishes and the laundry and the cleaning, yadda yadda yadda. 
And why is it that we are still in a world where the woman must do all of the above...including the scheduling, gift giving (buying), card making and sending, planning b-days, etc.  Do men think about these things??  Do men think, hey, my wife works just as hard as I do (even though she's at home) so I'm gonna pitch in tonight and do some dishes...Well, I know mine doesn't...does yours??  Just because we stay home, doesn't mean we don't work.  We all work hard.  And, I did work full time after the first kid (ok, that was 8 years ago) but I still had to do the same old 'female' jobs.  Isn't marriage and parenting supposed to be team work??  So, I'm gonna have to figure out how to get my husband on board and work as a team, right??
OK than...
Am going to try and write daily:)
Sincerely, Honest Mommy