Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, September 30, 2011

No School...and a flu shot

Today we had no school.  That kinda came up on me as I completely didn't  I am starting to kinda get into a routine with Max and Franny that when the other 2 are home things are a bit hectic around here...and much much louder!!!

DJ really knows how to antagonize his little brother and that little brother just screams for no reason.  Well, I'm sure there is a good reason in his little head but today he sat in t/o every time he screamed out instead of using his words.  I know, harsh, right??  But, there comes a time when I just don't know what else to do with Max.  And so, he went to time out to think about it... ha ha ha.  For the most part, though, there wasn't too much to get mad at them for and Kyra wound up at a neighbor's for part of the day and I had to work today so our day went by very quickly... and we had a doctor's appt for Max so things definitely went by quickly.

Max has a bump on his head and we couldn't figure out if it was from a bug-bite or a bang or just some weird growth.  Turns out it was 2 bug bites in one (or that's what it felt like to doc) but was right on the skull bone so it appears larger than it really is.  I also had doc look into his mouth/throat to make sure all was well b/c of the whole choking incident.  Turns out he has some sores on his throat and perhaps that's what I scraped at while trying to dislodge the lifesaver and not that I made a scratch... Also found out that Cocksackie is going around and the sores on his throat could be part of it or not.  He didn't show any other signs of it but now I know what it is in the event he gets any rashes on his hands or feet.

While there, I made doc look into Franny's ears...just to make sure nothing was brewing b/c we are flying in a few days and I know she's been restless and cranky and has had nice clear snot flowing freely.  She was fine so we decided to give her the first dose of the flu shot to get it done before the trip.  Ha ha ha... now she is sporting a 102.3 fever...yeah!!! And she's very restless and crying out lots in her sleep.  Yes, she is back down on the floor in our living room and I will most likely leaver her there again tonight.  And, I will wind up on the couch again.  But, at least she is sleeping most nights NOT ON ME!!!  Boy is she getting heavy and I really don't think I could handle that all night long again.  Anyway...she fell asleep in the car on the way home from doc and wound up sleeping on the floor (yes, I was able to transfer her...go Mom...).  AND, the boys were actually playing quietly and nicely together so she slept for about an hour!!
While she was there, I decided to throw her birthday tutu on and take another pic... gotta love unplanned sleep pics...though, when I went to put up a sheet behind her to try and make it a real pic, she decided to wake up...oooops:(
Regarding the flu is what I learned after the fact:

What are the possible side effects of the flu vaccine?

The most common side effect of the flu shot in children and adults is soreness at the injection site. Children, particularly those who haven't been exposed to the flu virus, may develop a fever and feel achy and tired. These symptoms can last for up to two days.
Less than 1 percent of people who get the flu shot report symptoms such as fever, chills, and muscle aches. Studies show that people who get a placebo injection (with no vaccine) are just as likely to report these symptoms.
Children who get the nasal spray vaccine may develop a runny nose, wheezing, headache, vomiting, muscle aches, and fever. These side effects are mild and short-lived, especially compared with the flu.
Severe allergic reactions are rare but possible with any vaccine. See what our expert says about how to tell whether your child is having an adverse reaction.

And so, by the time this 'flu' shot wears off, I will completely disrupt her again by taking her on a plane with me to a foreign country...

Here is the full link about the flu vaccine:

BTW- none of my other kids have had a reaction to the shot...guess Franny Girl needed to be different...

Good hubby- did the dishes tonight...had to ask him but he did them w/o complaint!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Life hands you a LifeSaver...Don't Give it to a 3 yr old...

Today, I had a major mommy snafu.  Yes, today I screwed up a bit.  You see, I sometimes forget that Max is just 3 and I think he can do more than he really can.  And today, I let him suck on a LifeSaver.  Yes, I gave him one and he had to stand by me while it was in his mouth and not run around.  So far so good, right??  He wouldn't even put it in his mouth whole b/c he didn't want to.  We were at the bus stop, you see, waiting for the big kids to come home...they were supposed to be early b/c of early  but it was just taking soooooo long for the bus to come.


I went to put Max in the truck and get his snack so that he was ready when the bus actually got there.  We had to take DJ to gymnastics and so we were leaving from there.  Well, I didn't realize that he actually put the whole LifeSaver into his mouth and the next thing I know, he is grasping for breath.  His eyes were terrified and you could tell that he couldn't breathe.  I tried the whole scoop the food out method (which is totally wrong) and wound up scratching his throat and pushing the LifeSaver further down his throat.  Now, he was able to breathe at this point, but he was still terrified and started to purge everything in his stomach...blood from the cut I gave him, all the food and on to the wonderful mucousy crap at the bottom of his belly.  All while hysterically crying.  I was pretty much holding him around his belly and kinda shaking him to get the stuff out of his belly and also thinking that he could actually cough up the damn thing.  Well, he never did cough up the damn thing but he was able to take a drink.  Note to self- DO NOT GIVE APPLE CIDER as that drink...It made it burn more I think.  And so, he didn't want to drink it...thankfully, I had some water and he agreed to drink that.  He finally decided that he was okay too...and he released his death grip from around my neck to sit down so I could wipe him down.  Whew...that was totally scary and I never want to experience that again in my life!!

I don't eve think I thought about how scary it was until he did release me...I also didn't break until my neighbor came over, looked me in the eye, and asked if I was ok.  Thanks neighbor!!

But, just in case I do have to try and dislodge food again, I thought I'd look up the 'proper' way to do so... Also, in the event you are ever faced with this challenge, you will have the correct knowledge to move forward:

The one thing I did wrong was try to remove the object.  It looks like I did everything else almost the right way... Lesson learned and a very thankful outcome!!  And, I will NEVER give him another Lifesaver again!!!

We still made it to gymnastics...just a little late.  These 3 had fun..  And we still made it to soccer in the rain in which ALL (but Franny of course) of my kiddies were soaking wet, muddy and dirty by the end.  We did not, however, make it to our Polish Dancing tonight.  I was wiped, it was late, we had to shower everyone, eat dinner and b/c of the rain hubby got home late.  Perhaps we'll make it next week??  Or should I say, perhaps hubby will make it there with them...ha ha ha

On another note- here are some pics of Franny getting into 'boxes' today (one of them she was 'stuck'

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shower vs Dishes vs Laundry

Yes, there are times when I must decide among the above...and sometimes I actually do win out over the dishes and laundry.  You see, I often have a hard time finding the right time to take a shower and these days we are still trying to use a little water as possible b/c everything is still so saturated with water.

Tonight, I chose ME!! dishes will sit until tomorrow and the dishwasher will not run tonight but that's ok b/c now I don't feel so itchy and skeevy anymore.  And, I smell nice right now:)  lol

I find that if I don't have my crap done for the day- you know, the dishes and laundry and sweeping and lunches made and/or coffee ready, etc- by 8pm, than I'm not going to get it done.  Once Franny girl calms down and she is nursing for that final session, I am basically stuck with her until we put her in the crib.  Oh, I know, you say "Put her in the crib right away"... but, alas, for some reason even if she falls asleep before 9, if we put her in the crib she will always wake up within an hour.  BUT, if we wait until like 10:30ish, she has a tendency to stay asleep and actually sleep the night away in her crib.  And so, we just bring her up when hubby goes to bed and that is what works for now.  But, that does nothing for me getting my shit done and it still drives me crazy but by the time we get to 10:30 and I have finally gotten her off of me, I don't have an ounce of energy to do those dishes or change out the laundry or fold that basket sitting over there laughing at me.  Yes, my unfolded laundry laughs at me...

So, what's the moral of this story??  Well, I guess it would be that your dishes and laundry and cleaning will always be there tomorrow and the next day the the day after that and so on and so forth.  Even though it drives me crazy that I can't get to it when I want to, it will still sit until I can get to it:(  And, well, I kinda like smelling good sometimes!!!

Good hubby thing:  I asked him to stop at Payless today to find out if they had rain boots for adults and he actually did w/o complaining or attitude...rare..

What makes me happy:  an empty sink at night!!!

Babies, schedules and sleep

OK, so now that I've had 4 kids I can honestly say that there are lots of types of kiddies in this world.  I only know of but there are some similarities and some differences to all of them.  With my fourth and final little bundle of joy, I have learned so much about myself and them and who I want to be as a person, friend, parent and wife.  I honestly have to say that Franny Girl was a God given gift to me.  She lights up my world right now and she has opened my eyes to life!!  And so, here is a brief history of my kids:)

DJ- oh we like to say just how very special this child is.  He has always been a bit 'cranky' at times and he was not one of those babies that liked to sleep.  As first time Mom with him, I let him lead and let him use me as his 'pacifier'.  Yup... I finally got wise to the scam and cut him off after I couldn't keep up with him while at work...but he also wasn't very big on getting himself to sleep.  And so, when he was about 10 months old (hubby was away) I basically let him 'cry it out'.  And it worked...but Wow was it hard to do.  I had no one else to worry about and hubby was away so he wasn't being disturbed either.  Since that week, he has slept in his bed like a charm.  He still has his moments outside of sleeping, but what 8 yr old boy doesn't, right??  I struggle with being embarrassed by his attitudes and competitiveness and what-not.  And, I realize that I try hard with him and that's all I can do.  People can sometimes judge you b/c of your kids and I need to know that true friends won't... I still can't believe that someone else would drop their kid/baby off with me b/c of the way my son behaves sometimes but am learning that there are those out there that really don't judge you b/c of your child and their behavior!!  The two of us are a work in progress and we are continuously learning how to get along.


Kyra- Now, she was a sleeper...loved her sleep and still does.  She came home from the hospital sleeping 6 hours at night and was sleeping through the night within 4-6 weeks.  And boy, did I force that binky into her mouth like it was nobody's business b/c there was no way I was going to let her become too attached to my boob!!  She is special in her own way too.  She is my little fashion diva and can sometimes (ok. most of the time) think the world revolves around her and her wants.  Not her needs...nope...her WANTS!!!  Sometimes I feel like I need to 'put her in her place' if you know what I mean.  And sometimes I think that I just need to stop and do girly stuff with her.  She is always looking for attention and is a bit of a personal space hog.  She has this 'claustrophobic' personality and I fear that she will push many potential friends away b/c she is just too much in you face.  So, my challenge with her right now is to try and teach her how to back off a little and how to be a friend.  Wish me luck with that:)

Max- he came out of the womb in his own time (very quickly) and had his own agenda.  He sucked his thumb early on and started playing with his belly button to relax and sleep (still does...though, now he sucks his thumb and plays with his boobs).  He, too, was this amazing sleeper and I just followed his lead.  He never cried it out and I always just put him in his crib when he was tired.  And, he just knew how to comfort himself and get himself to sleep.  He, too, is very special in his own unique way.  He will talk your ear off and will listen to everything  you say.  He is the biggest repeater and just wants to be with his big bro/sis these days.  His vocabulary is amazing and his feelings are always at the tip of exposure. He also had a very big temper when he couldn't speak...he is very insistent on how the world is (even when he's wrong...but don't tell him that) and he is very curious.  He will say it like it is and will always make you laugh.  Now, if only he would potty train The kid is a pisser and will have you laughing 'til you cry!!  He should still be napping but isn' we do quiet time...and we are starting a slightly earlier bedtime.  He fights going up to be but as soon as he's there, he is out like a long as he didn't have a nap that is.  

And that brings us to Franny Girl- she is the toughest one I've got and I really never knew what it was like to have one liker her.  Schedule you say...yeah right!!  She is totally not scheduled and I totally don't know where or when she will sleep.  Right now (after 4 nights sleeping in the crib all night) she is asleep on the floor.  She slept for about an hour this morning and fought sleep for the rest of the day...and so, she did not want to fall asleep and once she did she couldn't stay like that.  Boo!!  Perhaps it b/c I am in a different point of my life that I'm more ok with it than I was with any of the others.  Or perhaps it's b/c I really am a 'child led' parent and just go with the flow with them.  Or, she just doesn't like to sleep and I'm more tolerant b/c I'm here with her all the time and when I look at her and she looks back I am truly in love with this baby that she can do no wrong???  Who knows...but I do think that she was put on the this earth to be my final blessing and to teach me!!  Yes, b/c of her I have started to really figure out ME!!  And, b/c of her I am starting to get a feel for how my brother and his girlfriend lived with their daughter.  I could never understand how they couldn't have my niece in her crib yet and how they could possibly still be sleeping with her in their bed.  And I never really understood the whole 'family' bed.  I wish I could just plop her down in bed with me though...and all my babies slept in bed with me...but they were all in their crib by mow.  Franny is just so different.  Someone told me the other night that I just need to stick her in a crib and move that crib into another room in the house where no one would hear her cry.  I've done that before and I agree that sometimes you just need to do that.  BUT, I'm not so sure it will work with her.  B/c, you see, I've tried putting her in the crib and walking away.  And, I just had to do it the next day just to reassure myself that I am a good mom and I know what I'm doing,you know??  I put her in the crib and walked away.   And boy did she cry.  Not quiet or calm crying either.  Full blown out hysterical crying to the point where she was about to make herself sick crying.  I couldn't let her cry anymore and so I got her (she was up there for like 30 minutes without an end in sight).  But, I am a much calmer mom and a more tolerant one and so I am ok with her not sleeping naps in her crib and not knowing where she's gonna wind up at night.  And, I'm definitely not (or wasn't) going to start this huge sleep regime when I knew we were leaving for Ireland soon!!  Oh, and my schedule is never the same from day to I guess it's a good thing that she can just go with the flow, right??  And her personality is totally starting to shine through and I just LOVE it!!!

And so, I guess the point of this is to say that every kid is different and every kid has different needs!!  How boring would life be if they were all the same, right??  Ha ha...though sometimes I wish they

Good hubby for the day- he got the kids ready for school today and let me sleep until 7:30...yeah!!

What makes me happy- taking walks with my kiddies...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Time...

Dear Time,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I might have to borrow some time this week.  I have a lot to do and there doesn't ever seem to be enough hours in the day.  I would especially like this time to also have some sleeping babies in it.  If the babies will sleep, I won't need as much time you see as I can get much more done:)  And hour a day seems reasonable to me.  So please, can you just throw in an extra hour each day this week??

Thanks so much.
Yours truly,  One Harried Momma with Lots to Do

Don't we all feel like that sometimes??  I am leaving for Ireland in a week  (break for me jumping up and down) and I am starting to realize how unprepared I actually am to leave.  My house is clean today, but who's to say it will be clean when I leave??  And than, who's to say it will be clean while I'm away??  Oh, and there's laundry to be done (if only this stupid rain would stop and I could get more then 1 load of laundry OR the dishwasher run in a day)...  And, if I do my laundry early in the week I'm gonna have to wear my cruddy bras and underware and stuff all week so that I can bring my good stuff... And I have to figure out what to pack for both Franny and I... Oh, and I need to leave hubby a schedule of the kiddies and make sure he gets them where they need to go.  Should probably let the teachers know I will be out of town in the event that they notice homework is NOT done or something.  I'm gonna miss's going to be weird not hearing my name called out about a million times in a day!!  I think next week will be a GREAT opportunity for hubby to work on Potty Training with Max.  I mean, there will be no other babies around during the day... hubby said he was gonna be bored next week...ha ha ha... maybe I should give him a list of household repairs to do???

If TIME comes through for me and gives me that extra hour a day, I will be ecstatic!!  ha ha ha

OK- things to get done this week:
laundry, pack, pick up camera lens, buy food stuff to bring, figure out what to actually wear to the wedding, find an international cell phone for my duration there, make apple crisp (went apple picking today and need to use the apples), buy another pair of jeans and maybe 1 more shirt?? hopefully.., grocery shop for next week (or maybe I'll leave my 90 bucks with him and he can figure out groceries and gas for the week on that), figure out my carry-on bag and stuff to take, do they sell diapers in Ireland and are they really expensive or am I gonna try and fit them in my suitcase and am I gonna have enough??, oh man, I'm tired already, I'm sure I'm forgetting about a million things.  I also need to do everything else I always do on a daily know, sit here at the computer while eating bon bons, right??

Now, because that extra hour did not happen today, I must leave you and go pass out now!!

Good hubby thing of the day- he said thank you for breakfast... ha ha

My happy thing-  kids who listen  (ha ha, does this even exist??)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hot Apple Cider- Adult Style

My girlfriend over at The Joys of Home Educating (love her and her information...even for those of you not homeschooling she puts up a ton of stuff for the pre-schoolers) is doing a Reipe Link Up so that all great minds can share some GREAT fall recipes.  And so, here is my new favorite drink for the fall!!

Hot Apple Cider- Adult Style made in the CrockPot
1 gallon apple cider
Cinnamon Sticks
Whole Clover
Pinch of Ginger
Pinch of Nutmeg
1/5 of Spicy Rum (I used Captain Morgan)
1/2 cup of Butterscotch Schnapps

Sugar in the Raw and Cinnamon for glass

Place all ingredients in the crockpot and let cook on high for 4 hours or on low all day!!  Not only is it a delicious drink, but your house will small amazing!!

To put sugar/cinnamon on the rim of the glass (first mist sugar in the raw with some cinnamon and place in a small bowl ...make sure the top of the glass will fit in the bowl).

Now, that was easy...would be great for parties:)

When life hands you crumbs, make a parfait!!

Literally...that's what I did:)  My apply bundt cakes were not cooperating last night and they were all just falling apart coming out of the pans...I probably rushed them a bit b/c it was so late into the night...but, alas, I made it work!  And it certainly worked out well I think:)  I put a layer of the crumbs on the bottom, topped with a caramel cream cheese frosting and drizzled with some chocolate ganache!!

Another dessert I had concocted for the night (it was official Mom's Night In at my house tonight)
I found this 'candy corn' look alike mousse dessert at Glorious Treats.  Of course, hers looks better but that doesn't matter b/c it tasted Great!!!  I added some chocolate chips on the bottom for added flavor:)

I also make a warm apple cider drink with some rum and stuff in it!!  Yeah, that was AWESOME too.

On another note- Mom's Night In was a big huge flop as far as people (mom's) not coming.  Let's just say I was pretty bummed and disappointed that pretty much EVERYONE cancelled within an hour or two of the evening starting.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to organize your hubby taking all 4 of your kids out of the house for an extended period of time??  On top of that, there's the 'house' preparations, the food you've already made and the delicious drink brewing in the crock pot.  Had I known a little earlier, perhaps I wouldn't have made so much, you know.  But, on the bright side, I was able to eat several of my little goat cheese/steak appies, a lot of yummy warm chicken dip, and I didn't have to worry about the wine and sharing it with too many people!!!  AND, we decided on watching a movie (great movie: Bridesmaids...loved it).  And so, still had a good time and glad my good friend and her Mom were still able to come!!  Peaceful, good food, funny movie, great conversation and some 'Mommy' drinks!!

Hope everyone had a good night!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So little time... and a Mom's Night

Whew...what a couple days it's  been.  I really can't remember much of it really but here's the gist starting with Thursday morning...

Got the kids off to school...hubby stayed home so I didn't have to take the littles to the bus stop (always a good thing)... had to make up some cake pops b/c I was donating them to our school for selling (they are having a FarmAid for the local farms that lost crops)... now, try that with 2 clingy littles:(  Not so much fun.  I think I got a load of laundry in the washer (thanks hubby for remembering to bring downstairs to the dryer).  Get to the school to drop off said cake pops, pick up Kyra and head to work.  Work for an hour, bring Kyra to dance, go back to work for 2 hours, pick up dinner, pick up Kyra, drop off Kyra at home, pick up hubster, head to Back to School Night while scarfing down said dinner, head home, tired cranky Franny Girl, messy house, finish dinner, cover text books, go through DJ's homework (yes, he did forget something), fill out  missing paperwork for school, drink some wine and literally pass out on couch.  Franny girl was in her crib (silent cheers from this momma) and she slept all night!!  Yes, and I slept kinda passed out on the couch w/o

Friday morning- it's pouring and hubby went to work (usually home on Friday's) AND I had to wake Franny up!!!  That NEVER happens... boo!!  Go back home, feed littles and get my dishes done (kitchen still a mess from night before).  Oh, did I mention that first thing this morning I dumped Crushed Red Pepper Flakes into my coffee instead of Cinnamon???  We've started sprinkling cinnamon in the coffee grinds before it's brewed and both bottles look the same... no worries, I was able to scoop them out... ha ha   Baby Chase came for the day and we played the poop, feed, cry, sleep cycle for all of them!!  (see note below about Franny and crying it out..)  Chase leaves and the littles and I must get ready to go to bus (of course, this is when Max decides he wants to sit on the potty and try know, when we really don't have the time).  Still pouring!!  Go to bus-stop and decide while standing in the rain in my aqua sweats and red tank that we will just go from bus-stop to dance.  Did I mention that Franny hasn't slept all day at this point??  Hahahaha... left the littles buckled in the car while I stood under neighbors umbrella and low and behold both littles fell asleep!!  And so, they just re-affirmed my decision to leave everyone in the car while I run back into the house to change and grab everything we need!!  Kids put a movie on in the truck (see, those DVD players come in handy sometimes) and I wasted some time on way to dance.  Dj takes a jazz class (which he absolutely LOVES)  Hubby met us there (YEAH) and the rest of us went for pizza...hubby and kids go home and DJ and I have an hour break in between his classes.  Yes, he is taking a ballet class people and yes, I am NOT allowed to tell any of his friends.  So far, he has come out of those classes happy and excited and wants to show me what he's learning.  Love it!! 

Head to grocery store after all that...had to pick up some stuff for Mom's Night In...DJ completely off the wall...I think the aisles might topple over as he bounced back and forth on them!!  Get home and unload everything...try and figure out what to get done... ha ha... I started making stuff after 11pm last night (yes, I made 2 different desserts and was up 'til like 3:00...sleep is totally over-rated!!)

Up at 8 and off to work for a few hours.  Now, I should probably write a list of what I need to do when I get home!!  Hubby taking all 4 kiddies to see MIL tonight so that there are no distractions at the house when my Momma Friends get there.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Good hubby stuff- ummmmm, did you read above??  need I say more??

What makes me happy- Mom's Night!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Babies Babies and Babies...

How to walk 4 babies w/one stroller...
Oh, how do I love babies, let me count the ways... but boy, is it tough to watch yours plus someone else's. There are so many things you have to take into consideration when you do watch another baby.  I can already notice some things from my own kids... aside from school starting for the big kids, I started watching a new baby (he's almost 3 mos) 3 days a week.  Baby J doesn't come regularly and/or as often as he used to so the kiddies were getting used to no other baby...
New Baby... so cute!!
Max- aside from trying to get his throwing/hitting/not listening crap under control (oh, yeah, he's definitely 3), we now have a kid who basically cries at the drop of a hat, throws himself down on the ground b/c he's not getting his way, and has become EXTREMELY clingy...  It's like taking the normal 3 year old reactions and multiplying them by 100 and you have Max.  AND, he's exhausted just like the 2 big kids... this whole getting up early regularly and actually having to get motivated and do something puts a damper on our schedule.  And so, he fights his 'rest' time during the day, stays up too late in bed, and is miserable!!  And he's so darn sensitive these days!!  And, he really doesn't want to SHARE anything... ha ha ha... gotta love 3 year olds who think the world revolves around them.  Definitely need to keep him in line..

Francesca- Oh, Franny little lover girl.  She has regressed back to infancy sleep patterns and has stopped sleeping in the crib for longer than an hour or two.  Every night I don't know where the 2 of us will wind up sleeping.  Currently, she's sleeping on the floor while I sit here and type this.  Perhaps she just isn't going to sleep in that darn crib and will just graduate to a bed soon... too bad we just don't have room in there just yet for one or I might try it (with a side rail of course)... kidding... I know she's way too young for it even though we think she's older than she is!!  She is prone to crying at my feet loudly when she doesn't want me to be doing anything else but pay attention to her or just hold her.  Silly girl!!  Her personality is totally starting to shine through and she is going to be one mischievious (sp is def wrong) little girl!!  She likes remotes and tends to put the spanish channel on when you're not looking.  I'm waiting for her to call China with the phone too:)  And she really doesn't like it when I have to hold the new baby and feed him.  Hey, who am I kidding, she doesn't like it when I cuddle with Max either...ha ha ha

DJ/Kyra- aside from their school schedule adjustment, they really don't feel the new baby b/c they aren't around when he's here.  So, we are still dealing with them getting used to school and all of their after school stuff.  Both are tired and will also cry at the drop of a hat.  DJ is resistant but starting to realize that I mean business.  He forgot his math homework at school and his science stuff for studying... he failed the first test of the year and the teacher is re-testing the whole class tomorrow.  Let's just hope that the studying we've been doing with him every other night helps him tomorrow.

But, alas, times call for Mommy to bring in some kind of income, so watching others babies and/or kids is one of those options.  It just affects us all!!  One day, it might get easier??????

Oh, and some other I am making up some cake pops to donate for a local cause tomorrow.  Thankfully I do Not have any other kiddies other than my own and can hopefully bang them out in the morning.   Pops for a Cause...perhaps I'll get some more business with this:)

Moms Night In- yes, I am hosting and I really have no idea who all is coming.  Sent a message out earlier this week and I think 2, maybe 3, are coming.  Cool- we will have a yummy sounding chicken dip and some raisin bars... at least, that's what I know...ha ha... now to figure out what I should make?? An appetizer or a solid main dish so that it will absorb some of the cocktails that will be consumed!!  Think I should make a decision soon:)  I have my 'mommy' drink finalized just not my dish.  Can't wait to sit outside and chill with some other mom's!!

Nutcracker- both big kids auditioned on Sunday for the parts in their age range... still don't know if either one of them will be in it.  I know I will be in it as a parent in the party scene.  We'll see...hopefully by friday??

Good hubby thing of the day- he did dinner dishes while I gave the littles tubby's tonight... TEAMWORK!!!  Go on Wonder Pets with your bad self...

What makes me happy- IRELAND...yeah...10/11 days until I leave:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jobs I Shoulda Got...

Being a 'Stay-at-Home but work for real during all your free time to make some kind of money' has it's ups and downs.  I know I complain about some things... but don't we all??  And so, trying to keep it 'light' tonight, I've decided to come up with a list of all those jobs We as Moms could totally do and why...

  1. Garbage Man- you get to drive around in a big rambling truck and no one bats an eye if you kinda smell
  2. Tow Truck Driver- ummm, yeah, do you know how much they charge for a Tow??  They must be rolling in the dough... oh, and again, they expect you to be dirty and kinda smelly...
  3. Septic Tanker Dude- again, you are expected to smell...and again, do you know how much they charge you EVERY time they pump your septic??  They prey on losers who just keep calling them to pump and dump... And it's not like we don't know what poop and stuff looks like and/or smells like, right??
  4. Chef- yeah, the hours might not be that great, but you do get paid to make each family member at each table completely different meals so that they are all happy... as far as smelling, you just smell like food..
  5. Laundress- oh, you can get paid to wash, dry and fold laundry... and you probably get extra for ironing...
  6. Weather Person- YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT AND IF YOU AREN'T IT DOESN'T MATTER, YOU WILL STILL KEEP YOUR JOB!!!   so, this isn't that different from being a mom... LOL
  7. Drill Seargant- ha ha...yelling would be FUN and you wouldn't feel GUILTY for doing it... oh, that would be a great job!!! And don't those people you're yelling at actually listen to you??  Now, that would be worth it just for that:)
  8. Book Reader Person-  How cool would it be to get paid for reading??  I might actually find more time to read and not feel guilty about it b/c I'd be 'making' money for every line I read!!
  9. Beer and/or Wine Taster-  Yeah, that would be a totally cool job to have and I wouldn't have to spend money on buying it... so, how do I become one of these???
  10. Ice-cream Truck Driver- you get to play obnoxious annoying music but your 'customers' still come running when they hear you... and once they PAY you for your goods and services, they GO AWAY happy!!
What job would you want to have if you could??

Random Max quote from today:  Mom, can I have some booby milk when Franny is done??  I want some booby milk mommy...please???  

Good Hubby thing:  today he stopped at shoprite on his way home b/c we have not had ketchup in this house in over a week... do you know how much ketchup is missed when it's not there???  Oh, and he made the kids dinner so that I could take a shower once we got home from soccer tonight!!!

What makes me happy: Reality TV  (I can get lost in it w/o thinking too much...actually, I don't have to think at all and I can feel better about my life while watching it)

Mommy Tattles I go about to make some people think I am solely writing about them... BUT I'M NOT!!  OK??

So, we all know I have issues with my eldest son DJ, right??  I often wonder, if I had done a better job at mothering him would he be a better kid??  And not really better, just calmer and more focused??  Or is he just made this way??  If I didn't have any other children, would I be able to put more attention towards him and helping him figure himself out??  Am I meant for this??  I have never understood this kid and I'm really not sure I ever will.  He is everything I'm not and a lot of his traits just annoy the hell out of me.  Is that ok to say as his mom??  I love the kid to death, but boy does he just know how to push my buttons.  And boy, do I have some crazy mental breakdowns after dealing with him sometimes.

He can have the biggest heart and will be the first to find out if  you are okay.  He will empathize with you like he knows exactly what's wrong and he will take everything to heart.  I also think he just holds everything inside and gets frustrated with things very easily.  OK, so we do have some things in common!!

This brings me to the things he does that I know he can't help right now.  He tends to react first and think later.  He also has problem focusing on things and/or re-focusing if he's lost it.  He also can't sit still and gets easily distracted.  Homework time is a catch 22 here... I need to keep him where I can keep an eye on him but I also need to keep all distractions away from him... LOL... ummmmmm, did you know there are 3 other kids in this house??  ha ha ha... it's like DJ is my quarterback and I'm his blocker trying to keep all those distractions away while he gets it done!!

OK- back to the subject at hand.  Mommy Tattling.  Have you ever done it??  You know, you see someone else's kid doing something wrong and the parent doesn't and you feel the need to let that parent know what their kid is doing wrong??  Have you ever done it??  YES!!  I have... but, do you know why you do it??  Um, yeah, b/c it's finally not your kid that's misbehaving and you need someone else to know that their kid is the one making trouble this time and not yours!!!    I think we all need to relax and look within before we start judging others.  I know that I am starting to realize that I don't need anyone else's approval on how I deal with my kids.  I also know I often am embarrassed by my sons behavior.  Behavior that some moms assure me is perfectly normal for boys.  But, alas, I am still dealing with that  and have to fight the urge to make him just sit still all the time,  you know??

So, if you should have any complaints about my son, please know that we are already working on it but thanks for the info.  Next time just call 1-800- fuck you.  Wow, that's harsh, I know.  But, we are a work in progress as I'm sure all of you are, right??  No one's perfect...certainly not me or my kids.  I just don't need anyone else calling me or telling me to my face the things my son is doing wrong.  I also don't need any advise on his diet, schedule, exercise, tv/video time, etc.  Unless, of course, if I ask you.  That's what friends are for, right??  Listening w/o judging.  I am blessed to have a few of these to combat the others!!  I hope you all look within before you judge and speak!!

I LOVE MY SON and together we are a work in progress!!  Love us or leave...just don't judge us!!

Now, I think I actually feel better.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pondering Blogging...

So, took a couple days off this weekend.  Let's just say I have been a tad bit busy.  Last week was the first full week of school, first week of watching new baby and first week of dance/gymnastics (after school crap).  To top it off, I also had an order of cake pops to make for saturday morning.

Yeah, making cake and pops takes time that I didn't have last week until the wee hours of the night...and so, Friday night was a very very very late night!!  Add in to that mix, a baby who went back to infantdom sleep patterns this weekend, a birthday party, a nonkid friendly evening party, a wake up early Sunday morning (like 5AM) to drive to airport, nutcracker auditions for kids, work at library, shopping for dress, fight w/hubby, geez...I think you get it.

And so, I have been a little quiet this weekend.  But, alas, Franny Girl has made it up to her crib (if the patterns of the past couple nights hold true, she'll be up in about an hour and we will be back in our 'recliner' bed together) and I now have a few moments to myself w/o having to do anything.  Although, I could think of a million things to do right now, I'm just gonna sit and write to you all.

Blogging... I have been thinking about this a lot too.  I call myself Honest Mommy...but I have felt like I need to hold back on what I write these days.  People think I am writing about them or they think they know who/what I am writing about and some of you take these things personally.  I write from my heart about what I am feeling and how I deal with my kids and hubby and all that fun stuff.  But, I have so much to say that I just can't how honest can I possibly be??  Can I really write about the difficulties I have with my oldest son??  Can I write about how we are trying to work with him on certain things in life w/o getting judged b/c we are having these issues??  If I write about how Max is going through a hitting/throwing phase am I going to get people telling me every time he throws something at somebody??  And if I write about Kyra's attitudes and backtalk sometimes, is she going to be judged??  And so, how honest is honest??  I don't know anymore.  I am having difficulties trying to figure out what to write w/o pissing anyone off or w/o you all thinking I am writing about YOU!!  Most of the time, I am NOT writing about YOU... I may have gotten an idea about what to write based on a conversation or something, but it is just that.  OK???  I have soooooo much to say about the issues we as moms face in the world and I would like to just be able to say it!!

I guess I can just write and go from there??  

Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Years ago, Part 2... Then and Now

On this day, 10 years ago, I married the man I claimed to be madly in love with.  We were young and very much in love!!  And here we are 10 years later... and so, I thought now would be a great time to do a "Then and Now" comparison in our lives together... I hope you enjoy (along with some pics of our wedding day)



  1. Just entering into the marriage with a lot of love and a lot of naivety to life and marriage
  2. A "real" job with a "real" income
  3. A clean house
  4. Ability to drink all night, get up and go to work, repeat several times during the week and still feel refreshed
  5. A nice thin, svelte figure... ha ha... like 20 pounds lighter and stuff
  6. 4 Less Appendages
  7. Quiet Sunday Mornings
  8. Lots and Lots of SEX anytime and anywhere (in our house of course)
  9. Bathroom 'alone' time
  10. Social life with Hubby
  1. 10 years later we are hip to each others scams and know each others 'hot' buttons... lol... though we still love each other unconditionally, we are at a completely different level
  2. A "not-real" job of staying home with my children in which my "real" income consists of daily kisses, hugs, hates, items chucked at my head, bite/pinch marks, tears, laughter, meltdowns, time-outs, smiles, etc.
  3. A very cluttered and never clean home... please don't take your shoes off when you come in as I'd hate to send you home with dirty socks (must invent a 'guest' sock that can be worn to clean your floors as you go...give to all guests in home and you will have a super clean floor during your party... not before or after though)
  4. Ability to stay up late folding laundry, doing dishes, making lunches, babbling on Facebook, etc,  and proceed to get up early and continue going all day long... also may have several interruptions once your head hits the pillow (I often wonder why I even bother to sleep these days)...   NOTE- you will not be able to keep this up indefinitely and will always feel like you need to crash
  5. 20 or so additional pounds, bigger boobs, wider feet, stretch marks (I had very big babies), inches you'd rather not discuss, chin hairs, white hairs, yadda yadda yadda 
  6. No, they're not appendages, they're real live little beings... oy vay- we've got FOUR little creatures we've pro-created...What were we thinking??
  7. Never a dull moment... and never a quiet one... and if you are driving without anyone else in the car with you it feels eerily strange to not hear your name, some bickering and a little crying 
  8. Sex??  What the hell is  that again??  Oh, that's right, we did that to get those little things running around our house... and occasionally partake in some time during the middle of the night and barely remember it in the morning... ha ha ha
  9. No time alone in the bathroom...EVER...even if the door is locked...they somehow manage to open the door even when it's locked.  Not uncommon to be opening something, writing a note, combing someone's hair, putting on deodorant, etc while sitting on the bowl..
  10. Social life is based solely on those little 2 legged creatures we've made.  My life is so wrapped up in these people, that I often forget what hubby looks like until he walks up to me and actually has one or two of kiddies with him and I think, Wow, he looks vaguely familiar and then it hits me that it's hubby...

DJ's Baptism (1 kid in)
Kyra's Baptsim (2 kids in)
Max's Baptism (3 kids in)
DJ's Communion (forgot to do Franny's Baptism... see what happens when you have 4, you forget these things)

And so, I leave you with this good hubby thing of the day:  while I was at work today, hubby stopped by and left me some chocolates and a card in my car.  Now, this is probably the first card or 'little' thing he's done for me in quite a while...card made me laugh out loud and chocolate made me smile big!!

Things that make me happy:  today, hubby made me happy!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Years ago (part 1)

Where were you 10 years ago today??  That was a very common question asked around 3 days ago.  But, I can tell you what was happening in my life 10 years ago today (or any day leading up to tomorrow) b/c I was getting ready to marry my hubby.

And so, today, 10 years ago today, I was wondering who was going to make it to NY and how many people were not going to be there.  Perhaps I was being selfish 10 years ago, but I basically 'ignored' the outside world and instead chose to concentrate on my little world for that week.  If I sat down and watched any of the footage on tv, I would just sit dazedly at the tv and cry.  And so, I needed to block it out and figure out what I needed to do in order to continue with my wedding.  And so, I am still a little 'removed' from the whole 9/11 thing.  I totally feel for the people in the towers and the friends and families of those who died... but, I am not 100% connected to it.  Hubby, on the other hand, will watch everything that comes on regarding this catastrophic event in our country.

And so, 10 years ago today, I was elated to hear that my Dad had gotten on a plane and was headed to the East Coast.  Him and his wife managed to get on the one and only flight leaving Colorado and arriving to NY on that particular day.  My brother Mike was not so lucky.  He had slept in the airport Thursday night in order to make sure he didn't miss his flight to Ohio on Friday.  He was unable to get a flight all the way out the NY so he was going to rent a car and drive from Ohio.  Unfortunately, his plane has some malfunctions and they wound up landing somewhere else.  Wow, I think I would have been terrified if they came across the speaking and said there were issues with the plane and they would need to make an emergency landing...especially after what had just happened.  My bro said that most of the people on the plane were just drinking to get through the flight!!  Yeah, I totally would have been right there with them!!  Turns out this was a good thing as he was able to take a flight the next morning to NY and would not have to rent a car and drive 8 more hours!!  Because I worked in the meetings industry and we used a car service, I was able to book him a car from the airport directly to the church the next day.

Whew... all of my brothers, my father and my mother were going to make it to my wedding!!!

Rehearsal at church...moment of silence about 30 minutes after the rest of the world (the church was on a schedule) for the fallen, and onto our dinner.  Ahhhh, the restaurant where our first date was held and soon after became a Rite Aid.  ha ha ha  (did I mention the venue where our courtship began was torn down and made into a Borders... we really know how to bring some businesses down).  As far as we know, the actual wedding venue is still in business!!  Perhaps we should bring our own bottle of champagne and revisit these places...ha ha ha Do you think they'd let us bowl down some books and eat some Italian food in the middle of the 'seasonal aisle'...

Well, that's enough about that...

Good hubby deed of the day- he did the dishes this morning... yeah!!!  And, I was able to take a shower before Baby Chase got here:)

What makes me happy- pedicures...I could use a pedicure...or perhaps someone can just cut my toe-nails for me??  ha ha  I suck at cutting them!!  Oh, and maybe take off the horrible polish that's been on them since I can't remember and maybe put on a new color???  ha ha ha

Here's what's coming:

Morning Ramblings

After a day like yesterday you would think today might get a little better???  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Woke up late, almost missed the bus.  Kyra was pretty much galloping to catch the bus b/c her sneaker was tied and she couldn't get it she runs with one shoe on and one shoe half on... oh, that was funny.

BOOK SOCKS- so, what the hell are they and why were they NOT on the dam school lists??  At least let us know that we will need to cover X amount of books and be prepared.  I mean, they want us to save the environment and use our own grocery bags so how are we getting brown paper bags??  And, when you do get a brown paper bag for your groceries, they are made so cheaply these days that it is usually ripped before you even leave the store.  And so, when the stores re-stock on those book sock thingy's please let me know b/c I can't find them anywhere!!

TOW TRUCKS- I am going to be a tow truck driver and/or mechanic in my next life.  Aside from being a septic pumper outer, this seems like a lucrative business and the amounts they charge is ridiculous!!!

YES, I WORK DAMMIT!!!-  And no, I cannot take the baby I'm watching on a joy ride to NJ so that a key can be left at the broken down car that is locked AND has the emergency brake on...  ha ha ha

SHOWERS- A nice HOT shower and a good clean shave (using your good razor you've reserved for just such an occassion) can totally change your outlook on the day!!  Well, at least for a moment!!

PLAYGROUNDS- Watch those littles... ha, you never know what they might put in their mouths... yeah, I have no idea what this black stuff was in her mouth, on her hands and all over her feet/legs... and it wasn't just dirt either!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broken bones, Broken cars and Broken dreams...'s only Tuesday night, right???  It seems like forever ago that hubby and I had our date day with another couple at a local winery (now that was fun and unexpected and a rarity in our world)

On the same day, my MIL was brought to the hospital b/c she "fell" in the grocery store and it turns out she broke her hip, shoulder and re-injured her wrist.  And so, she had her surgery today to fix everything... they had to wait until her blood count was what it needed to be before they did the surgery.  Oh, and the FIL (big huge jack-ass that he is...yes, I wrote that) is also in the hospital... ha ha, he decided that he was going to take some pills (not enough to commit suicide, but enough for him to be able to call 911 and be Woe is Me 'ish' about his wife)  Oh geez, is hubby gonna not like me writing this...but that FIL is really a complete and utter lots of words I really shouldn't say.  I mean, can't we all agree that he is what he is and actually talk about it and/or say something??  I'm tired of explaining to my kids what certain words mean after he leaves my  house and I'm tired of the things he says to his wife.  I am a firm believer that this man is a verbal abuser of his wife... and, I think verbal abuse is just as bad as physical if not worse.  Can you imagine the mentality to take it???   I know he's been 'put' on his ass before and I truly hope that MIL does it again, sells her house and comes here so she can be taken care of (yes, I did say that... but her well-being is important).

And so, now we have to figure out how to address this to our kids and what to say to them when they are constantly asking about PopPop and where he is.  Ooooof... do we tell them the truth or do we sugar coat it??  My kids are very intelligent beings and they can sense things.  They already know PopPop is not or has not been a very nice person and that they shouldn't listen to some of the words that come out of his mouth.  But, why can't we just say he's a jerk and leave it at that??

So, BROKEN CARS!!!  ha ha ha... bound to happen and I am going to assume my car may have reached it's last day in this world.  Poor Poor car:(  My first car that I bought out of college and paid off and stuff.  Hubby has been using it to commute a very far drive every day and it has accumulated over 300,000 miles.  And so, on this day, it decided to stop working while on it's way to the hospital.  And so, we get the call as the kiddies are about to get dropped off at the after school library program, groceries are still in the truck and there is absolutely no room for hubby... (I have bags/boxes of clothes on seat from this morning)... oh, and did I mention that the littles and I have been out since the big ones got on the bus this morning... but, Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off the get daddy we go!!!  Oh, and we have NO gas in the truck (lol).   Decide to have car towed to MIL and meet hubby there... we (me and the 4 kiddies) arrive about an hour and a half before hubby does (his story about the tow truck could be a whole separate entry here).  AND, there is no key to get into MIL's we sit in the car outside her house doing homework and, that was FUN!!!

OK- will keep you updated on her status...we saw her eventually and she looks as well as you can after major surgery!!

I also found out this week that one of my 'Mommy Group' friends had a major loss earlier this week.  An unexpected pregnancy turned into an unexpected joy which was dashed unexpectedly.  I do not know exactly what happened, but I do know that a small joy was dashed this week and I feel so much for the mom!!  I know so many people who have suffered from all different kinds of losses- miscarriages, invitro failures, loss of 1 embryo and than the twin, aborting halfway through b/c of difficulties, still birth, etc.  A loss is a loss is a loss.  It doesn't matter what kind of loss it is, it is still heartbreaking and heartwrenching.  I try not to cry every time I think about it as I have a bit of empathy for her...and a bit of understanding on what she's going through.  Not 100%, but enough to know that she and her family are hurting in ways you cannot imagine!!  My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family this week!!  I pray for some peace for them.

Now, I know this was a long one, but I have 3 more small things to say:

10 years ago on this day: My mother finally arrived along with my brother Dan, Aunt/Uncle/Cousin from Illinois, and my Cousin's family from Michigan.  We still did not know if my father and my brother Mike would be making it to NY.

Positive hubby thing- he is my designated driver always when we go out together!!  thx babe

What makes me happy- Goffle Grille (um, YUM)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to tell if you have a Chub-a-Lub Cutie Baby

All of my kids have been little chunky monkeys as babies and I absolutely LOVE it!!  And so, I thought I would share a couple things you might want to look out for if your child is also a cute little Chub-a-lub, Pork Chop, Fatty Patatty, Chunky MOnkey (whatever you call it)   This is told through photos today and I hope you enjoy it!!

1.The ever present fuzz lining under the neck folds (this may also appear in the rolls on wrists and thighs)
2. Ummm, just look at those thighs and 'milk' belly...
3. Every shirt automatically becomes a BELLY shirt... stick to the onesies (oh, and shorts tend to be eaten by thighs)
4. Double Chin
5. Baby Boobies and another 'milk' belly
6. A nice round head that needs continuous support...
7. Stay Puff Marshmallow Man Arms...  look at all those rolls (and the baby boobies...he he he)
8. You have to put a girdle on them just to zip the dress and you don't ever put the dress back on them b/c they couldn't breathe in it... (note how tight this dress is across the chest)
9. Oh, My, are those double cheeks and double chins??  ha ha... she's so fat she can't go no where...
10. Falls asleep after every meal... yup, they eat A LOT and tend to fall asleep while eating... ha ha ha

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leftover Chicken Crock Pot Chili

So, I have a friend who writes a blog, The Joys of Home Educating, all about Home Schooling adventures.  And for the fall, she is having a 'recipe link' thingy... So, here is my attempt at linking her page to mine and adding the following recipe... ha ha ha

I love the cool crisp days/nights of fall.  I also love making my Crock Pot Chili using leftover chicken.  It's super easy and tastes yummy...and you don't have to do much...  So, here it is:

Leftover Chicken Chili
The only directions I have:  dump everything in a crock pot and cook on love all day (you cannot overcook this meal)


  • Leftover Chicken (I have also done this with turkey)  -  I always make this dish when I make an oven stuffer and tend to have leftover chicken   
  • 2 cans of any kind of beans (I always have cans of beans in my storage and use what I have.)  Since it is a chicken chili, I try to use the lighter colored beans- Cannellini Beans, White Kidney, Light Pink Kidney        I also love black beans so I will throw them in there too..
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes (buy the flavored tomatoes...some of them have jalepenos in them...I like those for chili)
  • 1 jar and/or can of tomato sauce
  • 1 can of corn   (or, I might have some fresh corn on the cob that was frozen...oxymoron I know, Fresh it off the ear and throw it in)
  • 1 small can of mushroom pieces
  • Minced Garlic  (yes, I do have the kind in the fridge already minced and in the jar)
  • Jalepenos (again, I use the jars of them already cut up and ready to be thrown in)
  • Mixture of the following seasonings: Onion Powder and/or minced onion, Southwestern style seasoning, Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Salt/Pepper
  • Hot Sauce- I use Tobasco Sauce, Wing Sauce and some Sweet Red Chili Sauce (this is in the Asian Food Aisle)
And that's it.  You can also make it more complicated by using all 'fresh' ingredients.  If you want, sautee some onions, peppers and mushrooms the night before and add them to the mix.  Basically, this is a Pot of Chili you can make your own.  I like it a bit spicy so I may add more of the spicy crap.

I serve with Shredded Cheddar or just plain old American cheese (usually depends on what's in the fridge), Italian Bread with butter (or, just plain old bread if you don't have the Italian), Sour Cream (if we got it in the fridge), and/or tortilla chips:)

The leftovers freeze awesomely!!  I will actually put 1 or 2 servings in a freezer bag and that works great.  Hubby and I are usually the only ones who eat Chili so it's great to take out for just us:)

Hope you enjoy and here's hoping I actually link everything up the right way:)

Have a good one!!

Positive Hubby thought-  after 7 years of working from home on Friday, he finally listened and went upstairs to work... you know, away from the noise that this house creates with kids...  ha ha... I guess it only takes 7 years for him to actually listen to something I tell him and for him to agree that I'm right???  

My happy thing for today- Friendships

Friday, September 9, 2011

Business 101 - Cake Pops..

OK, so, for those of you who don't know, I have a very small by order only baking business on the side.  I really can't do any more than the small jobs I get b/c I really just don't have the time, you know??  Four kids and a hubby take up a lot of time (and the extra kiddies I take on during the

Well, my pediatricians office is having a Grand Opening of their new office and I was talking to the lady who basically runs the show over there.  I do love her and think she's great.  But, now I'm just kinda annoyed.  We talked and she said that she wanted 200 cake pops and to send her the price.  So, I did and I never heard from her.  I called this morning (thankfully before I started baking anything) and she informed me that they just can't buy them as they had already overspent for this Grand Event of know, on the face painting, bouncy houses and stuff.  This event is on Saturday (2 days from when I called to confirm).  I'm not annoyed that they don't want to buy them b/c you see, I was completely willing to donate some along with my cards just for the free marketing.  It's fall and school's in session and people are gonna need some cake pops, you know??? But, she was very adamant about paying for them and I was ok with that b/c she wanted 200 of them.  (I was only gonna give them like 2 or 3 dozen pops along with pics and stuff)  What I'm more pissed about is that she didn't respond earlier this week to let me know they wouldn't be able to buy them.  AND I wasn't even going to charge full price for them...(I gave her a quote for 1/2 price even though hubby was adamant about getting more than that).  Just tell me you don't want them, you know???  Hubby had already made the stop at BJ's to buy me more supplies with the assumption that I would be able to pay him back for them... guess I have to tell him I can't pay for the supplies... You see, I can't just whip up 200 cake pops as I am currently buying the basics as I get orders these days.  I will definitely use the materials bought, but I most definitely wouldn't have bought them this week had I known I wasn't going to be selling them.

So, the moral of the story is this- get a deposit on any big orders!!  This way, you can cover the cost of what you need and what you buy in the event there is a cancellation.  Good thing I actually didn't buy the sticks and bags and ribbon yet, right??  That's where it gets pricey too!!  And these darn pops really are time consuming...but look how great they can look:

I guess we will have to chalk this one up to lesson learned for Mommy...don't do business with the Pediatrician unless it has to do with your childs health!!  ha ha ha

Good hubby thought of the day: today he thanked me for making his lunch while he was siphoning out the water in our basement and 'working' from home...and he even gave me a nice little kiss.  Oh, it's these little things that make us feel as though we are not being taken for granted, right??

What makes me happy:  school...please have school please have school please have school... lol...  oh, and empty septic tanks so I can flush the toilet, wash my dishes and take a shower!!!

KYRA Fever Update: Woke up this morning with 102.8...glad school was cancelled so I didn't have to force motrin down her throat and send her in.  I know, mean mommy... but this is NOT a contagious thing and so she goes to school with a shot of motrin.  If I didn't do that, she would miss about 3 days of school on average every month.  And, once she gets that fever reducer going into her little body, she perks up and eats and is normal until it wears off...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to do when rained in...

Yes, we have had rain now for 4 days straight.  And yes, this comes only a week after being hit by Hurricane Irene.  And so, we have lots of water around here; inside and out!!  Today brings us no school b/c the roads are too flooded to get through safely.  And so, I have compiled a list of things you and your children can do while stranded in your oasis (posted most of this on FB earlier but here is a more comprehensive list)...

  1. Take a tube ride down your now raging river along your property (bring your own tubes)
  2. Go Mud sliding down your dirt (now watery mess) road using a mat ... Challenge your neighbors ... don't have a mat, use a cardboard box
  3. Go to top of hill and send down rubber duckies to see which one will hit the bottom of the hill first...don't have rubber duckies??  Use the bath toys that float
  4. Gather household items and try to build a boat
  5. Kiddie pool is now open... (babies will need tubes)  or you can make your toys go
  6. Make Mud Pies and throw them at each other... wash off in the raging river
  7. Siphonator Game- give each kid a straw and a very large bucket...make them suck the water and spit into buckets..  whoever fills it first wins..  if they pass out, put 'em to bed
  8. Dig a ditch Game- give each kid a shovel and see who can make the biggest pile of mud (make sure you rope off where you want your ditch to be dug so they stay there)
  9. Water Hopscotch- no chalk or driveway necessary for this one... use the puddles as your board
  10. Rock Skipping   -  No previous lake should now have one in your backyard!!
The duck wins...sorry submarine(

Raging River (normally this is bone dry)

surfing buddies in the basement...

If we do this every 30 minutes, the pool will be closed...
Rock skipping time

When all else fails, make 'em take a nap or just drink!!!

Hope you are all having a great day!!  Enjoy your extra time with your kiddies...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha