Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jobs I Shoulda Got...

Being a 'Stay-at-Home but work for real during all your free time to make some kind of money' has it's ups and downs.  I know I complain about some things... but don't we all??  And so, trying to keep it 'light' tonight, I've decided to come up with a list of all those jobs We as Moms could totally do and why...

  1. Garbage Man- you get to drive around in a big rambling truck and no one bats an eye if you kinda smell
  2. Tow Truck Driver- ummm, yeah, do you know how much they charge for a Tow??  They must be rolling in the dough... oh, and again, they expect you to be dirty and kinda smelly...
  3. Septic Tanker Dude- again, you are expected to smell...and again, do you know how much they charge you EVERY time they pump your septic??  They prey on losers who just keep calling them to pump and dump... And it's not like we don't know what poop and stuff looks like and/or smells like, right??
  4. Chef- yeah, the hours might not be that great, but you do get paid to make each family member at each table completely different meals so that they are all happy... as far as smelling, you just smell like food..
  5. Laundress- oh, you can get paid to wash, dry and fold laundry... and you probably get extra for ironing...
  6. Weather Person- YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT AND IF YOU AREN'T IT DOESN'T MATTER, YOU WILL STILL KEEP YOUR JOB!!!   so, this isn't that different from being a mom... LOL
  7. Drill Seargant- ha ha...yelling would be FUN and you wouldn't feel GUILTY for doing it... oh, that would be a great job!!! And don't those people you're yelling at actually listen to you??  Now, that would be worth it just for that:)
  8. Book Reader Person-  How cool would it be to get paid for reading??  I might actually find more time to read and not feel guilty about it b/c I'd be 'making' money for every line I read!!
  9. Beer and/or Wine Taster-  Yeah, that would be a totally cool job to have and I wouldn't have to spend money on buying it... so, how do I become one of these???
  10. Ice-cream Truck Driver- you get to play obnoxious annoying music but your 'customers' still come running when they hear you... and once they PAY you for your goods and services, they GO AWAY happy!!
What job would you want to have if you could??

Random Max quote from today:  Mom, can I have some booby milk when Franny is done??  I want some booby milk mommy...please???  

Good Hubby thing:  today he stopped at shoprite on his way home b/c we have not had ketchup in this house in over a week... do you know how much ketchup is missed when it's not there???  Oh, and he made the kids dinner so that I could take a shower once we got home from soccer tonight!!!

What makes me happy: Reality TV  (I can get lost in it w/o thinking too much...actually, I don't have to think at all and I can feel better about my life while watching it)

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