Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, September 9, 2011

Business 101 - Cake Pops..

OK, so, for those of you who don't know, I have a very small by order only baking business on the side.  I really can't do any more than the small jobs I get b/c I really just don't have the time, you know??  Four kids and a hubby take up a lot of time (and the extra kiddies I take on during the

Well, my pediatricians office is having a Grand Opening of their new office and I was talking to the lady who basically runs the show over there.  I do love her and think she's great.  But, now I'm just kinda annoyed.  We talked and she said that she wanted 200 cake pops and to send her the price.  So, I did and I never heard from her.  I called this morning (thankfully before I started baking anything) and she informed me that they just can't buy them as they had already overspent for this Grand Event of know, on the face painting, bouncy houses and stuff.  This event is on Saturday (2 days from when I called to confirm).  I'm not annoyed that they don't want to buy them b/c you see, I was completely willing to donate some along with my cards just for the free marketing.  It's fall and school's in session and people are gonna need some cake pops, you know??? But, she was very adamant about paying for them and I was ok with that b/c she wanted 200 of them.  (I was only gonna give them like 2 or 3 dozen pops along with pics and stuff)  What I'm more pissed about is that she didn't respond earlier this week to let me know they wouldn't be able to buy them.  AND I wasn't even going to charge full price for them...(I gave her a quote for 1/2 price even though hubby was adamant about getting more than that).  Just tell me you don't want them, you know???  Hubby had already made the stop at BJ's to buy me more supplies with the assumption that I would be able to pay him back for them... guess I have to tell him I can't pay for the supplies... You see, I can't just whip up 200 cake pops as I am currently buying the basics as I get orders these days.  I will definitely use the materials bought, but I most definitely wouldn't have bought them this week had I known I wasn't going to be selling them.

So, the moral of the story is this- get a deposit on any big orders!!  This way, you can cover the cost of what you need and what you buy in the event there is a cancellation.  Good thing I actually didn't buy the sticks and bags and ribbon yet, right??  That's where it gets pricey too!!  And these darn pops really are time consuming...but look how great they can look:

I guess we will have to chalk this one up to lesson learned for Mommy...don't do business with the Pediatrician unless it has to do with your childs health!!  ha ha ha

Good hubby thought of the day: today he thanked me for making his lunch while he was siphoning out the water in our basement and 'working' from home...and he even gave me a nice little kiss.  Oh, it's these little things that make us feel as though we are not being taken for granted, right??

What makes me happy:  school...please have school please have school please have school... lol...  oh, and empty septic tanks so I can flush the toilet, wash my dishes and take a shower!!!

KYRA Fever Update: Woke up this morning with 102.8...glad school was cancelled so I didn't have to force motrin down her throat and send her in.  I know, mean mommy... but this is NOT a contagious thing and so she goes to school with a shot of motrin.  If I didn't do that, she would miss about 3 days of school on average every month.  And, once she gets that fever reducer going into her little body, she perks up and eats and is normal until it wears off...


  1. I agree that stinks about the cancelled order 8( Sorry Kyra is going thru this...praying for quick healing!

  2. Wow, those cake pops turned out so cool! I tried making them once and it didn't turn out so well :( They tasted good but didn't look so great. You're right to be annoyed yet thankful you didn't start baking them! Out of courtesy, she should have called you to let you know.

    How much water did you get? Is that why school was cancelled?

  3. I still made a couple dozen to bring out there for the opening... But, yes, she should have let me know earlier in the week and not wait until I called her!! I will absolutely use the ingredients I bought so it's not a total loss either.

    We got A LOT of rain... not sure exactly how much but out town was flooded again and lots of roads were closed b/c of all the added rain...hence the school closure:(

    Cake pops are tough...I still don't have it down 100%...sometimes they fall off and sometimes they don't..ha ha..I'm still working on the ratio of cake to frosting..