Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Time...

Dear Time,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I might have to borrow some time this week.  I have a lot to do and there doesn't ever seem to be enough hours in the day.  I would especially like this time to also have some sleeping babies in it.  If the babies will sleep, I won't need as much time you see as I can get much more done:)  And hour a day seems reasonable to me.  So please, can you just throw in an extra hour each day this week??

Thanks so much.
Yours truly,  One Harried Momma with Lots to Do

Don't we all feel like that sometimes??  I am leaving for Ireland in a week  (break for me jumping up and down) and I am starting to realize how unprepared I actually am to leave.  My house is clean today, but who's to say it will be clean when I leave??  And than, who's to say it will be clean while I'm away??  Oh, and there's laundry to be done (if only this stupid rain would stop and I could get more then 1 load of laundry OR the dishwasher run in a day)...  And, if I do my laundry early in the week I'm gonna have to wear my cruddy bras and underware and stuff all week so that I can bring my good stuff... And I have to figure out what to pack for both Franny and I... Oh, and I need to leave hubby a schedule of the kiddies and make sure he gets them where they need to go.  Should probably let the teachers know I will be out of town in the event that they notice homework is NOT done or something.  I'm gonna miss's going to be weird not hearing my name called out about a million times in a day!!  I think next week will be a GREAT opportunity for hubby to work on Potty Training with Max.  I mean, there will be no other babies around during the day... hubby said he was gonna be bored next week...ha ha ha... maybe I should give him a list of household repairs to do???

If TIME comes through for me and gives me that extra hour a day, I will be ecstatic!!  ha ha ha

OK- things to get done this week:
laundry, pack, pick up camera lens, buy food stuff to bring, figure out what to actually wear to the wedding, find an international cell phone for my duration there, make apple crisp (went apple picking today and need to use the apples), buy another pair of jeans and maybe 1 more shirt?? hopefully.., grocery shop for next week (or maybe I'll leave my 90 bucks with him and he can figure out groceries and gas for the week on that), figure out my carry-on bag and stuff to take, do they sell diapers in Ireland and are they really expensive or am I gonna try and fit them in my suitcase and am I gonna have enough??, oh man, I'm tired already, I'm sure I'm forgetting about a million things.  I also need to do everything else I always do on a daily know, sit here at the computer while eating bon bons, right??

Now, because that extra hour did not happen today, I must leave you and go pass out now!!

Good hubby thing of the day- he said thank you for breakfast... ha ha

My happy thing-  kids who listen  (ha ha, does this even exist??)

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