Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Years ago (part 1)

Where were you 10 years ago today??  That was a very common question asked around 3 days ago.  But, I can tell you what was happening in my life 10 years ago today (or any day leading up to tomorrow) b/c I was getting ready to marry my hubby.

And so, today, 10 years ago today, I was wondering who was going to make it to NY and how many people were not going to be there.  Perhaps I was being selfish 10 years ago, but I basically 'ignored' the outside world and instead chose to concentrate on my little world for that week.  If I sat down and watched any of the footage on tv, I would just sit dazedly at the tv and cry.  And so, I needed to block it out and figure out what I needed to do in order to continue with my wedding.  And so, I am still a little 'removed' from the whole 9/11 thing.  I totally feel for the people in the towers and the friends and families of those who died... but, I am not 100% connected to it.  Hubby, on the other hand, will watch everything that comes on regarding this catastrophic event in our country.

And so, 10 years ago today, I was elated to hear that my Dad had gotten on a plane and was headed to the East Coast.  Him and his wife managed to get on the one and only flight leaving Colorado and arriving to NY on that particular day.  My brother Mike was not so lucky.  He had slept in the airport Thursday night in order to make sure he didn't miss his flight to Ohio on Friday.  He was unable to get a flight all the way out the NY so he was going to rent a car and drive from Ohio.  Unfortunately, his plane has some malfunctions and they wound up landing somewhere else.  Wow, I think I would have been terrified if they came across the speaking and said there were issues with the plane and they would need to make an emergency landing...especially after what had just happened.  My bro said that most of the people on the plane were just drinking to get through the flight!!  Yeah, I totally would have been right there with them!!  Turns out this was a good thing as he was able to take a flight the next morning to NY and would not have to rent a car and drive 8 more hours!!  Because I worked in the meetings industry and we used a car service, I was able to book him a car from the airport directly to the church the next day.

Whew... all of my brothers, my father and my mother were going to make it to my wedding!!!

Rehearsal at church...moment of silence about 30 minutes after the rest of the world (the church was on a schedule) for the fallen, and onto our dinner.  Ahhhh, the restaurant where our first date was held and soon after became a Rite Aid.  ha ha ha  (did I mention the venue where our courtship began was torn down and made into a Borders... we really know how to bring some businesses down).  As far as we know, the actual wedding venue is still in business!!  Perhaps we should bring our own bottle of champagne and revisit these places...ha ha ha Do you think they'd let us bowl down some books and eat some Italian food in the middle of the 'seasonal aisle'...

Well, that's enough about that...

Good hubby deed of the day- he did the dishes this morning... yeah!!!  And, I was able to take a shower before Baby Chase got here:)

What makes me happy- pedicures...I could use a pedicure...or perhaps someone can just cut my toe-nails for me??  ha ha  I suck at cutting them!!  Oh, and maybe take off the horrible polish that's been on them since I can't remember and maybe put on a new color???  ha ha ha

Here's what's coming:


  1. Lovely pic...Happy 10 years to you and the hubby!

  2. That was a very emotional week for you and I am sorry that I could not get there sooner than I did.. Glad we all made it so you guys could get married and give us 4 beautiful grand children.. Happy Anniversary.. P.S. Will send you some fundage for pedicure so you can have pretty feet for your trip..

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