Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, September 2, 2011

Addictive Personality

OK, so, I just wanted to let you all know that I have an addictive personality.  Especially to those addictive subtances (not drugs here people...ok??)  My worse addiction would be those nasty little things called cigarettes...yup, I was a smoker and not a day goes by that I don't want one again.

I admit, I bought a pack of cigarettes while on vacation and I smoked the whole thing over the course of the week.  Wow...that was like meeting up with an old friend for a week.  How awful does that sound??  I only started smoking when I was like 25 and did it to 'fit in' with my co-workers, you know??  I was 8 years out of high school and I was trying to be one of the 'cool' kids at work.  Geez, what a loser and what a horrible addiction to start with!!  I am my own person you know and I really didn't need to start the whole smoking thing.  But, alas, we are all dumb and stupid at some point right??  At the time, the cost was bearable and I was single and childless.  It's those BC and BH days ... Oh, I remember them and sometimes I get lost in those memories.  But, then again, look what I have now??

OK- back to those pesky addicting white sticks that are just gross and disgusting.  You know, growing up I couldn't stand the smell of smoke??  My Aunt smokes and I used to get some of her clothes and they would always smell so gross... smoke mixed in with her laundry soap..  And so, last week was a blast from the past and I thoroughly enjoyed every last one.

I'm also addicted to stupid reality shows, a glass of wine at night, not sleeping, stupid computer games, picking fights with my hubby, anything fried, etc.  You know, the bad stuff...LOL  Why can't we become addicted to good things in life??  You know, like drinking water, watching CNN or documentaries meant to make us smarter, salad, being nice, etc.  Geez, can you imagine how boring life would be if you only did good stuff??  Or maybe those people addicted to the good stuff can't stand it and want to do some of the bad stuff??  Grass is always

And so, I am going to try and become addicted to the 'good' stuff...or at least some of it.  I can't get rid of all the 'bad', now can I??  And so, if you see me randomly drop and do 20 push-ups just ignore me as  I just wanted a 'bad' thing.  Ha ha ha... perhaps I should change it up and do sit-ups a long with push ups...I'd be in great shape!!

Speaking of great shape: went back to the gym today... OUCH!!!

Good 'hubby' thing of the day:  he changes diapers!!

What makes me happy: the smile on Franny girls face when I walk into the house (the other 3 have long lost that smile)


  1. I only met you once, I have read a few of your blogs. not bad, I can relate. And I can convince you to move forward in that happy good state. I say go for it! Take it ALL by the horns and ride it OUT! peace

  2. I always get asked "why don't you smoke and why don't you drink?" I tell them it is my choice not to do that stuff and some people think I am a loser.. Imagine that cause I don't smoke or drink.. You can be a really good person and you set the examples for your kids in the smoking area.. Guess I did a bad job... LOL
    You can do it.. I have faith.. and I agree, Frannie girl does light up a room and Max does say some nice things that make you say ahhhh and DJ is special and Kyra a diva, so ya got it all.. Enjoy

  3. your mom is awesome - go momma Kat!!!