Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long Distance Families...

So, ok...I like live far away from all of  my family and it's like really hard to visit them as often as I'd like...ok??  Jeez, so I sound like a teenager or what???  ha ha ha

I miss my family!!  I miss having dinner at Aunt Barbara's and dropping in on my Mom and whatever hubby she's with at the time.  I wish my older brothers lived nearby so I could drop by randomly at their homes.  And I wish my cousins lived closer (and of course Cousin Sandy's family needs to live closer with her...duh).  I always feel guilty for not being able to go visit one part of my family b/c this person wants you to visit and that person needs you to visit and if you visit one, you really can't afford to visit the others and who do you actually choose???  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 

That's it...I demand that all of my living relatives move to the North East IMMEDIATELY!!! we all know that's not going to happen.  But, we can dream, can't we??  I do have my little (ok...he's younger but really not smaller) brother only a few minutes away.  But sometimes we both seem to forget know??  I really need to just drop in or something...though I am often tired and overwhelmed by the things that need to get done in this house.  I do have to say, though, we did get together for like 3 weeks straight and maybe b/c we missed this past weekend I am feeling a little lull???  Miss you already:(

I am often angry at my Mom b/c she moved down south with her now husband...and I hate it when she says, I'm gonna move back north and I'm looking and yadda yadda yadda.  We all know she's not coming back...but I do often wonder what in the world drove her to move down there.  Her kids were still in NY and she had absolutely no family in or near the town she moved to.  So, why??  Running away??  Maybe from memories or something, who knows??  But, man, how I wish she was up here and just around the corner.  Aside from the fact that it would make life a little easier with 4 kids, but my kids would be able to see her on a more regular basis, you know??  Anyone else have a parent long distance??  How do you deal with it or is the long distance ok with you??  The anger is not as prominent as it used to I think I'm just a little (ok, who am I kidding...a lot) sad that she's not here.  She'll never come back up here.. She has other priorities and the cost of living is so much different that it would be a culture shock..  Wow, perhaps I just accepted that??  Maybe??  Even though there is always that glimmer of hope in the back of my brain, I know it will never happen...oh well.

We do have my step-father who lives about 25 minutes away.  His wife helps us out with the kiddies and babysits that once a week I need!!  Sometimes, though, I think she must re-think that decision.  My kids have a tendency to wear out even the best of the best.  You will always leave my house 100% more exhausted then when you entered.  Even if you aren't babysitting...ha ha's all the running, screaming, yelling, and stuff that really gets you going.  Oh, and the need to be patient with them really takes a toll on you!!!

Well, I guess we should say we also have hubby's parents about 50 minutes away as well as his 2 brothers.  Ummmmm, that's a story for another day!!!  One day, I will talk about the in-laws and the fun things we all do together...  And of course, the brother in law with a family and then the brother in law w/o a family.  We'll save that for when I've had 1 too many glasses of wine...

Random thought #1: I pity those that have in-law families like or worse then mine...and I pity those that don't have the family support like I don't.  But, I must say, I am also very jealous of those with great in-laws and a tight family circuit.

Random thought #2: FUN DAY TOMORROW!!!!  Carnival for a Cause;)  Bunch of moms put together this wonderful fundraising event for school supply donations and for our kids to have a great time playing carnival games!!  Can't wait...come get your Face Art by Dawn

Kids and Restaurants/Planes/Stores/etc

You know, I never was a fan of children in restaurants...remember those days when you could actually go out to a restaurant and not have a little half-pint attached to you??  They seem a bit foggy in my mind these days.

But, when you do get that chance to get out of the house with no kids and you decide to go to a 'nice' restaurant, there always seems to be that token kid right next to your table.  And of course, that token kid is not a well-behaved kid either!!!  I have no problem with loud, obnoxious, crying children as long as they are in those 'kid' friendly know, like Chuckee Cheese's and Friendly's??

Flying without kids...have you ever done it??  I used to fly a lot know, pre-kids... and I always wound up with that kid kicking your seat the whole trip and picking his nose and wiping it on your seat kind of kid...and then, I had one of those kids myself.  My whole view on kids and planes changed and I was a bit more tolerable... but when I did happen to fly w/o my kiddies, I still got angry that there were loud screaming kids on the plane...I mean, who let them on when I was trying to get away??  Can we ban them??  Oh wait, they are working on that now, aren't they??  The kidfree flight...ha ha ha...let's see if that really goes through!!

Grocery Stores- this kind of store is completely ok to bring your kiddies into.  Just please try and come in during the day so that those of us that like to shop w/o kids (and go at 9 o'clock at night to avoid bringing kids).  I cannot stand the parents who thinks it's ok to bring your young kids grocery shopping after 9pm (sometimes it's a lot later know, like midnight) when they should be home sleeping!!  Ever been in a Walmart late at night???

Malls- yeah, I guess kids are ok here too...b/c of course there are lots of kid friendly stores and rides that rip us off (ummmm, $1/ride now...seriously??  did the rent of those rides go up??).  But please, if at all possible, try not to bring them into Victoria Secrets...ok??  I know, I've had to do it too, but I would prefer not to.  Besides, they just don't make it easy for strollers in there, do they??  Well, actually, most mall stores don't make it very easy to get strollers through the racks of crap they're trying to sell..ha ha, I have to leave the stroller in the middle of the store and wander w/o them.  ha ha ha

Oh, and going out to any one of these locations is definitely a hit or miss with your kids.  How rare is it that you can get all of your kids to behave at the same time??  It's like that once in a million thing...right??  Especially with do you keep them all occupied and quiet and stuff??  APPARENTLY IN MY FAMILY, SEND THEM ALL OUT TO DINNER WITH THE IN-LAWS!
Yup...according to hubby, my children were well-behaved little rugrats in the restaurant last night.  Seriously??  Do you know how many times I've taken them out and they are like little heathens??  How fair is it that that 1 in a million happens with hubby and the in-laws??

OK- let's re-cap:
1. Leave your 'well-behaved' child at home when going to a nice restaurant.  If you can't afford a sitter, duct tape them to their beds and go...or have a nice candle-lit picnic on your living room floor after they go to bed!!!  PLEASE!!  Order in from that nice restaurant!!

2. Go to a 'kid' friendly place with your kids!!  Just remember that there are other kids there too and you will most likely have a severe headache when you leave...bring a flask b/c these 'kid' friendly places often don't serve alcohol...seriously??  That's when we need it the most!!!

3. DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO WALMART AFTER 9PM!!!  Seriously, shop during the day like the rest of us with kids!!  Kid time is during waking hours...put your child to bed at a normal hour please!!

4. Definitely go grocery shopping during the day if you tend to bring your children...go during senior citizen time and no one will be able to hear your child's whines, complains and demands!!!

5. DO NOT FLY WITH YOUR CHILDREN...OK???  Just get in the car and drive there.  Don't you know it will be a lot cheaper in the long run!!  If you're unwilling to to this, drug your child so they are quiet and bring a flask you can offer to the surrounding, you don't get to drink if you are bringing the child(ren) need the surrounding support so don't be selfish with this one!!

6. Try to stay out of lingerie stores/areas with your children.  Aside from not being able to get around very easily, you child will inevitably be running in and around the bras, lace panties, and teddy's.  They may even walk around with a bra on their head and think it's cute (not that this has EVER happened to me).  It's not cute!!  Please, just try and avoid it??

7. When all else fails, just leave...walk out the door...go on now go!!  Everyone around you will be most appreciative...

8. Just a heads up for those that think bringing activities will help- they don't!!  No matter how many activities you have planned or how many 'distractions' you bring, you will ALWAYS run out!!  Your child will ALWAYS get bored.  And sometimes, they will take those 'activities' and it will feel like they've eaten them they go through them so fast!!!  drugs drugs drugs... (but try it out first...or you will inevitably have the reverse reaction and your child will be bouncing off the walls instead of sleeping)

9. You will NEVER EVER pack enough snacks/food/drink to keep you children satisfied.  This is a most definite for long car rides.  Just sayin'...oh, and they will need to pee/poop ALOT!!  Put a diaper on them and just keep going!!!

10. Screw it...just stay home and do nothing and go no where.   Until your children have left the house for good!!!   ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Saturday, July 30, 2011

I think I'm tired...or something like that... brain has been a little muddled lately and I just can't seem to think straight.  So, I'd like to tell you what I've been up to aside from baking and not sleeping.  I have also decided to try and hit parked cars, break pull-out couches, and knock the wine over on to the keyboard of my laptop...can we all say OOOOPS!!!  I think I'm falling apart.

Friday afternoon, I go to pull out of the driveway in our truck and smack right into our car...yes, you got it, our car by our truck by ME!!!  Guess it's a good thing we never really fixed that part of the truck from the last time something like this happened (nope, it wasn't me last time either...)  But, I did break the door in the back of the, no one will be able to open it from the outside.  Guess it's a good thing hubby doesn't really do any entertaining in the shit car anyway...and, hey, it still turns on and runs so it's not like I really 'broke' the car.  He can still get to/fro work in it...we just have to add a little more duct tape so the handle stays will blend in naturally with the rest of the car...ha ha ha

Friday night, went to a friend house for this most spectacular dinner party that she hosted for the ladies.  Let me tell you that it was one of the best nights I've had in a long long time!!  The food was deliscious, and the company even better.  We laughed so hard our sides hurt and I was crying!!  And, of course, you know I have to get up and 'dance' a little once we changed the music...yup...old classics from the 80's...hip grinding, sandwiching, the running man, oh man, what a night.  I even got my split on...though, I think if I put that picture up here people would come after me a shoot me down... at the very end (well, when I forced myself to actually leave b/c I still had some cupcakes to bake...crazy, I know) we all hugged (all 3 of us left) and fell onto the pull-out bed that was set-up...and OOOOOOOPS...the frame bent at the end...O M G !!!  And we could do nothing but laugh...yup, we laughed about how the Mom sleeping on that bed was gonna be on the floor at a pile by the end of the bed b/c it just curved all the way down to the floor.  I hope they were able to 'hammer' it back up!!!    And yes, I got those little sucker cupcakes baked and was in bed (you know, that couch I call bed) by 2AM.

And so, that leads me to today...had to be at work today for a long 9-5 shift...don't do many of these but they do come my way every now and again.  Of course, the next one is in 2 weeks and I will be at the same house having a 'sleep over' camp-out...yeah, these early morning shifts are not fun to get to!!  I had to keep myself moving b/c it was a pretty quiet day and I think I could have laid my head down on the computer and drifted off to neverland and dreamt of sugar plum fairies and all that crap...but, alas, I didn't fall asleep and I made it home in 1 piece.  But, because we needed to round this out and make it a '3' thing, I decided that we should knock into the table that holds my laptop and my glass of wine...and that wine should just topple over and onto the keyboard.  Yup...fried that sucker right up.  Lost some of my writing and now I can't sit up and play stupid facebook games while I wait for Franny Girl to wake up and want to nurse.  Geez...what should I do??  Ohhhhhhh, I know...I'll put her in the crib and JUST GO TO SLEEP!!!  Hmmmmmmmmm, what do you think??  I'm just pissed that I wasted that glass of wine...but at least the glass didn't break!!!  Cheap, stolen glasses from hotel rooms really are un-breakable!!  Oh no, I lost some of my 'writings' know, the ramblings that I have on the ready for a quick post?? I'm gonna have to start those all over again...sippy cups and granny panties will have to be re-written...

I'm gonna miss my Franny Girl...that is, if I actually follow through and put her in the crib...we all know how much success I've had with that. 

Random thought- I hate those drivers who are so close they could smell your pits, b/c you forgot to put deodorant on, when you are in a small town and doing the slow speed limit to avoid getting another ticket; but when you speed up on the outskirts of town they are no where to be found b/c you've left them in your smelly dust b/c they really only have 1 speed.  speaking of cars only driving 1 speed...I really hate those drivers that do 35 in a 55 and stay at 35 in a 35 and continue to do 35 in a 20...


Ahhh...the sweet smell of failure..

So, you all know, I went in for the Cupcake Wars on K104 on friday...some of you cheered me on and encouraged me and I thank you for all of that!!  But, wow, what a whirlwind of emotions I went through in that 24 hours.  You know, making the the cherry mousse b/c the first batch didn't come out and I wanted it to be perfect, the not sleeping the night before b/c of nervous energy, getting to the station 45 minutes early (yes, I was the first one there), sitting in a conference room listening to all the other cupcake makers be judges, wondering will they like mine just as much as the ones they are tasting now or am I a goner??, and then it's my turn (mine was the 10th cupcake they all had to try that morning)...I was nervous...they didn't ask any questions except what kind of cupcake were they eating...and, the reactions. deflation.  All that nervous energy and excitement was dashed in a matter of know, like when you pop a balloon and squeeze the air out of???  Yup, that was me.  This one had an aversion to cherries, that one doesn't like fruit in their cake, the one over there just couldn't take another bite of a cupcake, yadda yadda yadda...oh, but the cake was moist!!   Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha...moist cake...that's what I got out of it.  And so, I left, got in the car and drove away.  All the way home I kept thinking about how disappointed I was in the whole experience,you know??  I wanted to prove something with my know, like I make pretty good ones??  But, I guess only those radio people just weren't going to cooperate with my plan to win the money and take over as the Hudson Valley's Greatest Baker.  Oh well...I went, I tried and I walked away with my tail between my legs.  The best part of the whole experience was coming home to see my kiddies waiting in the driveway with their home-made signs:

(They were standing out of order which made it so much cuter and definitely put a tear in my eye...btw, Franny girl is just to the right in a stroller...she didn't make it into the pic)  This is what made it worth it.  Perhaps I've taught my kids a greater lesson in know, that you should go out there a try and it's ok if you fail...  ah, who am I sucks and K104 sucks and they shouldn't have had so many f'ing cupcakes on the same day and if you don't like certain flavors, than don't be judge...seriously you morons!!  whew, I feel a little better...ha hah a
And hey, at least I know that it wasn't like on American Idol when we all know the person singing just can't sing...but they truly believe they are like the bomb diggity and so does their trailer trash momma with no teeth and the baby daddy cheering you on thinking you can definitely sing and the judges don't know what they are talking about.  Right???  I really do make good cupcakes and you guys aren't just saying that and/or humoring me be bashing K104 now, are you?? 

Anyway- here are a few more pics:
 These were the pile-up of cupcakes...yeah, see mine in the back...the jerk barely licked it before he gave his educated opinion!!
 This guy was cool...very flamingly nice!!
This was the jerkwad DJ...yes, I've started cursing here, okay???  Jerks!!

That's all for this post...but don't worry, I've got more writing in me yet...look for another one...It's just been a great 'failingly' beautiful weekend...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nervous but ready!! I sit here with nervous trepidation for the unknown.  I have no idea what to expect tomorrow...none.  All I know is that I have to bring in a dozen cupcakes at 8:30 tomorrow morning. 

Will I be there when they taste them?? 
Will I be on-air with the DJ's?? 
Are they gonna make fun of me b/c I'm a mom??  or b/c they can just to make listeners laugh??
Will they hate my cupcakes?? 

Whew, I'm putting it out there and it's scary but exciting all at the same time!!   I need to do this b/c I need to show my children that I can do it.  I know, you will say that I need to do this for myself, right??  And I am...but I also need my children to know that they can do what they put their minds too as well!! 

I don't think I've ever been really great at any one thing in my life. And I always have that thought: is is better to Awesome at that 1 thing...or just Good at several things??  I think I have that 'good at several things' but not really Awesome at that 1 thing going for me...what about you??  and what do you think is better??  I guess, if we are all pretty good at several things, then we can choose from those things in life to make a living??  It definitely has come in handy thus far...I do what I can when I can in order to make some kind of income for our household...but it does take it's toll.  too much, here's hoping that I can make a go of this baking stuff and make something of, I just need to keep pushing myself and not back away (something I always do for fear of failure).  If I don't put myslef out there, I will never know what could have been...does that make sense??

OK- off to bed and cupcake out the picture of the finished product:

Random thought: If you start to doubt yourself, the real world will eat you alive!!  (this is a saying from Henry Rollands...and I need to keep saying this to myself)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Bother...

You's been a really long day today and the next 3 days are gonna be even longer!!  And so, I ask, why bother...a question I always seem to ask when I try and do stuff for myself.  And not just fun stuff, you know, but workish kind of stuff.  I mean, I do what I can on the side to try and make some extra money so that we aren't taking from savings all the time...but I still have to wonder if it's worth it sometimes.  Four kids and summer time is just a lot of work...and today was not a fun day.  I know, being a mom isn't all about fun...but come on, when can I really truly enjoy them???  It's so hard to even enjoy the little ones these days when the 2 big ones are home. 

My skills as referee and moderator are definitely put to the test these days and I'm really getting tired of Mom...MA...he said, she said, he threw this and she touched that and I can do it better and give me back MY toy and you can't do this b/c I'm older and you're not and blah blah blah blah!!!  My hours increase, the work gets tougher and the pay gets worse in the summer time:(  lol

I always feel like there is nothing but yelling going on in this house.  I can get through about 2/3 of the day before I get really frustrated...these kids (all of them) have hearing issues I think.  How many times do you have to call their names and how many times do you have to tell them to do something before it gets done??  DJ stops listening after you say 2 words so he only completes about 1/2 of what you want him to do.  Kyra just gives me an attitude and a smirk.  Max is starting to not listen and he often puts himself in time-outs...which leads me to think it's just not working.  Franny Girl...please stay cute and innocent:)  ha ha ha ha

I think the Super Nanny would have a field day with some of the things we've done and do...seriously, she makes all her little methods seem like they work so awesomely that all the 'real' parents in the world want to puke when they try her stuff only to fail...We tried the whole put the kid back into bed thing with Kyra and the time it took us to get her to sleep never decreased...even following her 'no talking' know what worked??  We put a door on her room (there was no door at the time) and locked it!!  That method took 1 your heart out Super Nanny!!!  Oh, and these stupid time-outs...really??  I'm starting to think my husband might be right and we should just beat them when they don't listen, throw cars at each other, hit/bite/kick, lie, play with food at the table, blow bubbles in our milk, talk back to us, etc ... I think those problems would become null and void, don't you??  I mom used to hit me with a wooden a days they'd lock the parent up for abuse!!  On second thought...hmmmmmm....would they really lock me up??  Could I really get a night's sleep??  Hold on, let me go get a kid and ... no, I'm kidding.  Now, I'm not opposed to that occasional smack on the back of the head or on the leg every once in awhile...I mean, it's the shock factor that gets 'em, you know!! But, I don't agree with it on a daily basis.  I also don't agree with the whole yelling thing on a daily basis and I really need to figure out how to STOP!!!  How does one become a 'child whisperer' these days??  How do we start to control our children and teach them manners and make them aware that there are people out there who are not as well off as they are??  When I tell the big ones that our vacation this year is about Max and Franny, I'm kind of serious.  They have been given everything they've ever wanted...ok, not every single thing...but they don't really want or need anything.  And, I don't think I'd have a huge problem with that except that now they've come to expect this stuff to be handed to them on a silver platter.  Max...well, he's still awesome and just appreciated everything he gets.  His simple little house party/playdate for his b-day was so exciting for him.  I don't know if DJ/Kyra would have been happy with just know??

OK- I really didn't start this post to be a rambling about my kids...was gonna talk about why I bother to try and do a baking business when I have 4 kids and a hubby to take care of...but, you get what you get and you don't get upset, right???  ha ha ha  Back to the basics with that one...kindergarten 101!!

So- tough couple nights ahead of me...baking stuff you know:)

Random thought-  I love my children I love my children I love my children I love my children I love my children (do you think if I keep repeating this I will stop yelling...perhaps I should just breathe and drink more wine...ha ha)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nervous Anticipation...(oh, and a Bugtastic Birthday Bash)

OK, so I sent an e-mail in to a contest a couple weeks ago and I finally got a response today.  They want to taste my cupcakes and see if I can move on to the next round!!!  How cool is that???  How nervous am I???  And, of course, I have to bring them in this Friday, now I have to put on my thinking cap and figure out what to do with the 4 kiddies...and whether or not they can make it to their check-ups Friday morning and if I actually trust Doug to tell the doc what's up with DJ and get the next steps...f/u with Franny Girls fluid...see about what we can do for Kyra b/c I think she gets swimmers ear...etc.  And, of course, Jack will be at the house around 10:30...hopefully I will be back in time for his arrival...

The skinny on the competition:  A local radio station is holding their own version of Cupcake Wars.  Each week, they have people come in with their cupcakes and they get judged.  So, I don't actually have to bake their...just bring them in a dozen cupcakes.  Once they taste, it is decided who moves on to the next round.  Now, I'm pretty sure I'll make it to the next round (3 people each week move on).  There will be a big 'judging' once all the people are selected to come back and 1 cupcake will be chosen as the best cupcake in the Hudson Valley...and, they will see it at a restaurant in which the proceeds will go to charity.  Pretty Cool, right??  So, I am making the 'Chocolate Covered Cherry' cupcake...see pics:

And so, aside from being nervous (I mean, am I really going to talk on the radio and stuff??), now I have to figure out when I'm going to get everything done.  Because, I also have to make cake pops for a High School Reunion this weekend!!!  I really am going to have to budget my time this week...I am already exhausted from last weeks baking stuff...At least with cake pops, there is no fancy decorating skills involved (ha ha ha).  It's gonna be a loooooooong week!!

On another note, we had our Bugaliscious Birthday Playdate for Max today...he loved it!!  I love Max for being the great kid that he is.  He is so excited about everything he gets...I am excited that he really doesn't know any better yet and I hope he stays that way.  Now, the older 2, I definitely did something wrong there b/c all they think about are themselves and what are they going to get out of it...We had a rough start this morning and I barely got things finished before 11AM...Kyra's hands started hurting her after she made 2 sandwiches and DJ just wanted to stir the pot and get Max running around like a lunatic...but, we got things under control and we got things done.  Max got stung by a Wasp outside and so we decided not to do anything in the back yard (I don't know where they all are and where the nests are...didn't want anyone else to get stung)...Kyra was a big girl and hid the bugs for the bug hunt and DJ gave up some of his bugs so that little Sammie could get some more for her jar!!  OK, so I had to coerce them to do it, but it's a start in getting them to think of others before themselves...right????  OK- it's almost 11 and I need to get some's hoping I can actually fall asleep tonight and get some rest!!  Got some long days ahead and lots to do!! 

Pics of party and party food (sometimes I do good

 The 'Worm' kids loved it!!!
 Ants on a log and some tulip shaped cucumbers...
 Max catching his bugs...
 The Bugcatching Crew!!
 Happy Birthday to Max!!

Max is 'flying' on my feet and the other 2 are on either side...this was the end to our day...flying, tickling and lots of laughing...Franny even got in on it and she kept trying to crawl over me!!

Random thought of the day:  When uploading pictures to Facebook you should rotate them's really hard to look at pictures on their sides...and very annoying!!!

Time Flies...

So, I got up an hour and a half ago to see what I could accomplish tonight that wasn't too  noisy and wouldn't wake Franny Girl up...ha ha ha...time sure does fly when you're having fun:)  We are having a Bugaliscious Birthday Bash for my 3 year old tomorrow.  Nothing big...but I did buy some crafty things for the kiddies to do and wanted to make it all look cohesive so that it doesn't just seem like a 'playdate'...even if that's what it is...

My house isn't the, I need to set-up stuff outside for tomorrow...I will most definitely be putting the older kids to work in the morning b/c hubby will be at work.  But, I got the craft table stuff together, put out the 'candy' stuff, figured out what the chips/pretzels will go in, made the ckn/tuna salad for the moms, and I think that's it.  When you write it out, it doesn't seem like a lot, does it...ha ha

Here's my to-do list for the AM:  make buttercream frosting (yeah, I know, should have just bought the damn pre-made crap for tomorrow...but I didn't), frost and decorate the cake, clean table, sweep, set up extra table outside, wipe off tables outside, fill a bucket with water for water guns, set-up slip and slide, blow up pool for Franny, make pb&j sandwiches for kiddies, slice tomatoes/lettuce for moms, set up bubble stuff (maybe), wipe down bathroom surfaces, ummmmm, I can't think of anything else.  I know, you are all thinking, why didn't I do any of that today???  Oh, let me tell you I really do have all the time in the world...I just choose to sit around on my ass eating bon bons all day and playing computer games!!!  No, seriously, I don't do anything at all.  OK...I do stuff...and we had a lot going on, we will run around tomorrow morning looking like chickens with our heads cut off (yes, I will be forcing the childhood slavery issue tomorrow and making the older kiddies help out so they, too, will be just like me)...but, it's not a big deal if most of this stuff doesn't get done 100 % and/or on time.  Why, you ask...b/c everyone coming is a friend and doesn't care...the kids will have fun and that's all that matters.  And, Max will think this is his special day no matter what my house looks like!!!

Gym-  Yeah...I went back to the gym today!!  Now, I just have to keep it up.  Took a Pilates class...good class...lots of ball crap that I couldnt' really do...but I tried.  My abs and stomach area need A LOT of work...he he he

Random thought- you resent things and/or people??  How do you get over it??

Go ahead MOm- spell check me...I dare you...(it's 1AM and I am one-handedly writing this...)  sing that song: Give it to me Baby...ah ah ah ah... Love you!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Catch Up...

Oh My- I'm writing another post AND it's still before midnight!!  Yes folks, as you know it's been a long couple of nights and I thought maybe I should just spew some things out...ha ha ha

- Franny & Max had their c/u's at the doc on friday morning.  both healthy and thriving...Max has evened out and is in the 50th % while Franny Girl is going strong at about 100th %
- Franny has some fluid still in her ear...doc will check again in a week when I bring 2 big kids back for physicals
- Doc heard a slight 'murmur' in Max and we need to go have it looked at by a specialist to make sure it's ok
- DJ DJ DJ- belly is fine...need to serve him up some benefiber to see if that helps though he's been ok this week...but, I really shouldn't bring him with me as any kind of know...he just instigates!!!

Went to a FABULOUS beach party birthday bash yesterday...It was super HOT, but what an awesome party.  My friend Melissa out-does herself on these shindigs...I mean, absolutely Ridiculous!!  And I mean that in the most bow down to her I am not worthy way!!  Every little detail is thought about from the seashells in a glass inside the house (even though we were outside) to the matching signage on the food/drink/activities/etc.  She is an amazing human being and I almost wish I had just an ounce of her creativity and organization!!  Couple pics of my kids at the 'photo' booth:

And, my Aunt Barbara was in town so we got to see her for a very short visit...was just nice to see her (she lives in NC about 4-5 hours from my Mom) and I have seen her now twice since she moved down there about 9 years ago. 

Today I got rid of that cake I made...and fell asleep on the couch for a snoozer with Franny Girl before I had to go and 'train' for a new job.  Yup, because I don't do enough to 'earn' my keep around here, I'm going to try my hand at hosting b-day parties at a local pre-school...ha ha ha. 
I can hear my husband now:  but why did you go and get something on weekends just when hunting season is I can't go hunting every single, you can't do any of these parties on weekends during hunting season...etc etc etc  Because, as you all know, I specifically target my work hours for FALL and only DURING HUNTING SEASON!!! 

And so, this brings me to now and the fact that I should really be trying to fall asleep now...Baby J is coming bright and early tomorrow morning...AND...I am going back to the GYM!!!  Oh how I need that. 

You all have a lovely evening and/or day...guess that depends on when you read this...

Random thought of the day:  All this late night baking and decorating has made my wine bottle empty a lot faster...

Closet Perfectionist and Baking...

Whew...this weekend is finally over...perhaps I should go pass out on the couch with Franny Girl...not sure why I haven't yet, but I think I have a sleeping problem.  You know, where you just don't sleep???  Got to sleep around 4:30 this morning after baking, cooling, baking, frosting, chilling, smoothing, decorating and chilling again...I still don't know why I do this, other then the fact that I do love to bake.  I just wish I had more time and money to experiment and/or take classed to better myself with all those tools out there.  I guess, with no formal education in the 'baking/decorating' world, I do ok.  But, I just wish I knew more!!  I totally don't like to do the big any time someone asks me to do something, I always try and make them order a cupcake cake or now cake pops or mini cupcakes with just a small cake to 'cut' or for decor.  I am much better at the small stuff!!  Check out the cake I did...I don't know how I feel about it yet...opinions???  Be honest...(but can only learn from my mistakes and grow from there:
(oh yeah, and you can never have too much powdered sugar in your house...wasn't sure I was going to have enough butter cream to finish it off and had a sinking feeling I was going to have to run out and buy some...yeah, at 3AM...ha ha ha she laughs hysterically to Franny girl who looks at her with drooopy eyes)

It's definitely not your typical Baby Shower cake...and I'm sure someone liked it and some hated it.  Again, I think I'm still on the fence with this one...just wish I had had more time to get it together!!  But, I will say, whether you like the look or not, you will LOVE the taste...and that's the most important part, right??  Perhaps I should start calling myself- Ugly Cakes with the tagline- "Imperfect looking cake, but the most PERFECT tasting"  LOL
Oh, but there were mini cupcakes to go along with it...they just look sooooooo much better, I think anyway:

And, on a high note, my FlipFlop & Sunglasses Cookies were the Bomb yesterday!!  Check 'em out:

And oh so yummy!!! 

So, this weekend we had (in my eyes) a 50/50 success rate!!  I am a Closet Perfectionist and when I don't make something perfect the first time, I beat my self up for it.  But, at least I learned some valuable baking lessons this weekend:)

-you can never have too much powdered sugar in your house...wasn't sure I was going to have enough butter cream to finish it off and had a sinking feeling I was going to have to run out and buy some...yeah, at 3AM...ha ha ha she laughs hysterically to Franny girl who looks at her with drooopy eyes)
-try and make sure your cake is completely cooled...throw it in the freezer if you can to make cake a little more solid when you are layering...thus avoiding a big crack in the middle forcing you to figure out a way to make it look normal...
-don't try a new 'writing' method for writing on the cake...the 'writing frosting' you bought just might run...again forcing you to try and recover
-just run with it...if they don't like the look of it, they can go somewhere else, right???
-stock up on powdered just never know when you'll need it
-white frosting on a chocolate cake will never be perfect...repeat several times so that I can finally understand this and push people to do a 'colored' or chocolate frosting
-keep that heavy cream in the fridge always...when all else fails, just cover the cake in chocolate ganache and move on...(totally what I should have done had I actually not broken this rule of mine and had heavy cream in the house)

See, I learned a few things this weekend too:)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Late Night w/ME

Yeah, I know, you're all jealous that it's 3AM and your asleep while I am NOT!!!  Nope, I'm awake.  Would you like to know why??  Ha...I bet you would.  Ok...I'll tell's b/c I don't have enough time in any day to get anything done that I would like to get done.  There, is that good enough??

OK- I was asked to make some cookies for a birthday party tomorrow and of course I said yes...I love making stuff for other people (this is said with absolutely no sarcasm in it...).  I especially love to BAKE!!  Yup, I am crazy and I like to bake.  ha ha ha.. and of course, today was one of THE HOTTEST DAYS thus far.  Trust me, though, that is not the reason why I waited until about 9pm tonight to start making the cookies.  I absolutely love waiting until the very last minute to do this stuff (this is definitely dripping with sarcasm)...however, it just always seems like life always comes before baking!!

OK- probably not going to make any more sense (am I making any at all...not really sure..) so I'm gonna end this one short and sweet.  But, alas, have no fear...I will be here in about 24 hours b/c tomorrow I bake and decorate a big cake!!

Random babbling (this is longer then a thought): Have you ever gone a certain back way hoping that you think you know where you're going and you think to yourself, oh, look, there are lots of cars turning here...maybe one of them will be going where I need to go and I can follow them.  But you have no way of knowing which one, if any, is going where you need to go so you don't know who to follow and all of a sudden all the cars in front of you have turned off somewhere and you are in the front with no one to follow???  Yeah, me neither...just a thought...perhaps we should have a megaphone system to communicate with other drivers to figure out if they are going where you are going so you can follow them...ha ha ha...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Max's Story

3 Years ago, right about now, I had already given birth and was trying to find some food to eat in the hospital...I do believe I found some Fig Newtons at the nurses station and nice cold apple juice in the fridge!!

Yes, Max was born 3 years ago today.  7/21 at 7:21pm...he was my smallest weighing in at 8 pounds 1 ounce and he was 8 days early.  It was a Monday night and I was trying to hold off until Tuesday b/c DJ and Kyra were both born on a Tuesday...but, Max would wait for nothing!!  He barely waited until we got to the hospital...I'll never forget the utter chaos in the room as the doctor realized he really was coming out and there was nothing prepared!!  Nurses running around like lunatics and the bed being broken down...I think I got the epidural in my back and he was born before I could even feel it...the little booger was on his own time table and still is!!  I also remember making stuffed shells while writing down the contractions but really not paying attention to the timing...just knew that I had to get those meals done, wrapped up and in the freezer...ha ha ha

Wow...three years already!!  I just can't believe it.  So, here is how Max came into our lives:

DJ was first in 2003...pregnant with Kyra before the year was up (thankfully...otherwise I may have just stopped at and she was born in 2004.  We took a little break (not a long one) and got prego in 2005...found out sometime in September that we were expecting another bundle of joy.  Had some complications, found out this baby was very sick and we decided to terminate the pregnancy.  Very hard decision and it took me a looooooong time to actually accept it.  I was 16 weeks and 4 days when the procedure took place.  A few months after that, my father (who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer) passed away. 

With all this going on, we did decide to keep trying for another baby.  It seemed to take forever (the 3 previous pregnancies came so easy to us) and I kept getting dejected and wondering what was going on.  Did something happen to me in that procedure??  Did they nick something they weren't supposed to??  Was hubby not as fertile as he was??  Even made him have a test to check his 'count'...ha ha  Yeah, doc told him he could populate a 3rd world country there were so many in there...geez, I think hubby's head exploded after that:)  Hindsight, I think it was my body's way of saying we weren't ready...God was making sure I was emotionally ready after mourning the lost angel and my dad in the same year...duh...Oh, and did I say that Max has his own agenda???

Low and behold, I finally got prego in 2007 with Max due out July '08.  Long pregnancy...worked on my feet a lot with him.  Feet were swollen to the point of having cankles (yeah, you now, when you have no ankle and your calf kinda runs down to your foot) and lots of back pain.  Bartending and hostessing and baking are not meant for the prego body, that's for sure!!  But, we made it through and he came rip roaring into this world on Monday night, July 21, 2008 @ 7:21pm.  Did I mention that I got to the hospital at about 6:30pm??  And I wasn't a registered patient when he popped out...ha ha ha!!!

And now, here he is, my little pint sized old man...he talks a lot, asks why a lot, and is very free with his love.  Max came into my life for a reason and I love every ounce of his little body!!  I hope he never changes and keeps his big open heart!!  He gives new meaning to the saying: Good things come to those who wait (is that how it goes??  I always get sayings wrong..)

I'll close with some pics of him through the years...all 3 of them!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr. Bill, how do I love thee...

Let's talk money...and bills...and Me...  ok, now laugh really really hard...breathe...and here goes..

I have no money sense and I really suck with bills and paying them and/or sending stuff, let's all be greatful that I don't handle the majority of our money and how the bills get paid b/c we might not be living in our wonderfully money pitted house right now!!  I know, you all are shaking your heads at me thinking- girl, learn what's going on in the money world and what you have and don't have.  And I say, yeah yeah, I know...But hey, at least I am admitting that I have a problem.  I know, it's only 1 of many problems, but I have taken the FIRST STEP in the road to RECOVERY in many aspects of my just really never goes any further then step 1!!

I, also, tend to procrastinate...and say, I'll get to it but I never do get to it in time and I am always late.  For some reason, time just gets away from me.  I think about sending in that payment and say to myself, I really need to go through that stuff later (b/c I always think about this stuff while I'm out) but as soon as I get back into my house, I generally forget about this really important stuff and deal with the every day know, kids, meals, cleaning, dishes, cleaning kids, making kids clean, etc etc. 

And so, my newest challenge (come on, cheer me on in the hopes that I will keep this alive) is to figure out what we still owe the hospital (don't worry, it's only from Franny's birth...not any others...ha ha ha) and actually pay it!!!  Oh, and here's another for those damn school pictures (they did come out really cute), see about ordering recital videos from June and pay for them, and send in the soccer money that I already registered for. 

Now, this habit doesn't just take over my money habits and paying bills oozes into every aspect of my life.  I have every intention of sending you that gift I already purchased, put into a box, addressed the box and just don't mail it.  Those thank-you cards I make my children write out are still sitting on my island with all my other crap...just need to buy stamps and actually mail them.  Those CD/Movie clubs loved me...I just kept the stuff and eventually paid for it all (I have lots of CD's and Movies...yes VHS ones too, that have never been opened).  Those dishes you brought food over in are still sitting on the table waiting to give back to you (and yes, they are all clean...I just can't get it together to actually give it back)...

And so, the moral of this story is this- don't 'lend' me money, bring food in disposable containers and if I hand you a thank-you card instead of mailing it, be happy that you got one!!

OK- that's about all I have to say about that topic:)

Random thought of the day- I LOVE POLISH DANCING AND I AM A GEEK!!! 

How to Ruin your BOOBS!!

Have kids and nurse 'em.  Yup...they ruin you...especially the boobs!!

Yeah, I woke up this morning and I had a HICKEY on my BOOB!!  Ha...yeah, that's right...she missed the actual 'feeding' accessory and just decided to suck on something...hence, a nice big raspberry hickey mark!!  I'm so tired that we just kind of meld together and she just happily sucks away.  Guess she's not that particular as long as it's part of my boob!!

Other ways my boobs will never be the same...ummmm, let's just say they will never be PERKY again.  Unless, of course, I decide to get a boob job or something.  Oh, yeah, and there are now nice black and blue marks from her PINCHING me too!!  I guess she's the one that's going to completely destroy them!!  They weren't that bad before, but now I think they are just these horrific flotation devices:)  ha ha ha  I guess it's a badge of mommyhood??  Wonder how much they will deflate once I'm done nursing... 
Oh, and let's not forget those stretch marks on my boobs...yeah, my skin is definitely not forgiving and has some definite stretch marks.  Most of them have turned white, but I know they're know??

OK- on another subject...let's talk DJ...OK???  His behavior is getting a little just trying to keep him busy and doing things.  We write out chores and he does them while checking them off his list.  I send him up to read his books...we do some 'school' work, I put him on the computer with some learning games and I'm totally following through and not taking the 'talking' back side of him!!  So, we are getting better!! 

But, something serious about him lately- he keeps complaining that his stomach is bothering him.  Thought perhaps he was constipated and he keeps trying to poop (I know, poop always seems to come up).  And he does sometimes so thought it was getting better.  He would complain about the belly and would be up and running not 5 minutes later like nothing bothered I thought, well, maybe he's conning me and doesn't want to do certain things, you know??  Well, he was up at 3AM yesterday b/c he said his belly hurt...wound up on the couch in his play room watching tv.  He seemed off today, but I mean, who wouldn't be after being up at 3AM, right??  I thought he was just tired.  But, here is is, sitting on the couch across from me sleeping and every once in awhile sitting up b/c his stomach hurts.  I don't know what to do at this point...I have appts for the little guys on I wait and take him with me or do I call the doc tomorrow??  I'm thinking call in the morning...see if we can get in tomorrow...I just don't like seeing him like this.  He is not the child that gets sick nor is he the one who complains, I'm starting to get a bit worried now.  I don't even know what key words to use with him to try and figure out what kind of 'hurt' it is, you know??  Maybe he has reflux or something??  He also says it hurts where his chest is...

OK...gonna try for some sleep now...hopefully we will get some sort of sleep tonight!!

Random thought- that stupid pimple on my knee has moved to the corner of my mouth!!  YUCKY Pimples go away!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

What Parents Should Stock Up On...(a fun one)

Things to start stocking up on once you have kids:

Are you expecting??  Do you have kids??  Do you want to know some good things to have in your house in case you will be expecting little 2 legged critters in your home??  Here is a list of some things you should begin to hoard  or just keep on hand:

1. Batteries   AA are the most common kind so keep an endless supply of these kind    If you receive a toy that requires another type of battery and the gift giver did not supply said batteries, don’t open…simply re-wrap and give to an unsuspecting familyJ (they can also be used for most adult toys…love AA battery operated thingsJ

2. Wipes:  yes, just keep buying them because you will always need them…even when your kids are out of diapers.  You can use them to make the little critters wash walls and/or floors!!  You can also use them to wipe your kitchen table.  And of course, wipe their sticky hands/faces with them but think about it…there are so many other possibilities for using wipes!!  Wipe the public toilet down with them!!  And, if you don’t have a ‘wipe’ container, throw some in a zip loc baggie and carry them around with you!!

3.  Sponges and rubberbands:  these come in handy during the crawling years…you can put the sponges on the knees, attached with the rubberbands…if you have more than 1 kids, attach some paper towels to the next kid and they can dry the floor as they crawl after the first (ha ha ha)

4. PATIENCE:  Yes, you will need every ounce of patience you can muster up and than a whole lot more…and than you will lose it.  And, the more kids you have and the less sleep you get will drain that supply quicker than normal…so stock up if you can.  And, you won’t just need this for the kiddies…in-laws and ‘rents get worse when you have kids!!!

5. Napkins: I would say buy some stock in napkins too b/c you will go through them so fast you will think your children are eating them…seriously!!  I don’t know where they all go but I guess I should start looking at the output??  EWWWWWWWW

6. Bandaids:  Um, yeah, you’ll definitely need these.  And, sometimes, you will need to apply one even if there is no blood…yes, it is just easier to give them a bandaid than to argue as to why they don’t need one…trust me…just put it on!!

7. Balls: Yup, even you mommies out there need to grow a set so that you can stick up for your kiddies…and there will come a time where you will want to stand up and let it be known that you’re kid is AWESOME, even if someone else doesn’t!!!

8. Socks:  put them everywhere…in your purse, car, diaper bag, etc.  b/c you just never know when you will need them…and you will always lose them somewhere so it’s always handy to have an extra pair.  And you never know when you will be stopping by a McDonalds Playland!!

9.Drugs:  no, not those drugs silly…the kid kind of drugs.  Tylenol, Motrin (must have both so that you can alternate during feverish episodes), gas drops (a must for newbies), vapor crap for babies that can’t take meds, cough medicine for big kids (dad’s too.. mine is my 5th child) etc.  You will always need this stuff so always have it in your cabinet.  Oh, and always bring it with you on long trips b/c you never know when you will need it.  I have a portable first aid kit that I made and we carry this along for every long road trip.  My philosophy is- if you don’t have it, you will need it…if you have it, you won’t need it!!

10. Wine:  well, that’s my stocked up stuff…but you may want to make sure you have some whiskey or spiced rum or beer or whatever you drink on hand.  And then, have back-ups of something else you like to drink.   This way, when you just want to grab a drink after a LONG day, you will always have it!! 

11. Cloth diapers:  but, don’t use them as diapers silly.  Use them as burp cloths.  And than, keep them around b/c they come in handy for spills with the big kids…and yes, they spill.  A LOT!!!

12. Ear plugs…for the screams and yelling (trust me…even out of the infant stage you will still want ear plugs…)

13. Diapers...yes, just keep buying them b/c you will always need them.  Size 5 works for us and my kids are always in this size...just think- my 9 mos old and my almost 3 yr old are both wearing size 5's!!

Ok, I think that’s it for now…I’m sure there are other really important things for you to keep in mind.  You know, like safety locks and stuff…but, keep these items handy and you’ll do well!! 


I watched a movie last night about Cyber-bullying on Family Channel...anyone else catch it?? disturbing and am I not looking forward to my children entering the cyber-world!!  So, not only do I have to worry about my kids with 'in-person' bullies, we will now have to worry about the computer.  And, at what age is it appropriate for them to join social networks??  They have them for kids,you know...Club Penguin by Disney is one...anyone have any experience with this one??  What age did you start you kids on it if you did??  Would you let your kids join and monitor it??  This could actually be a learning tool as to how to communicate with your friends on-line...but I'm sure there are parents out there who sign their kids up and just let them go...with limited or no supervision.  Those are the kids I worry about.

And, let's talk Facebook.  What age would you let your kids join??  I really can't stand it when my friends kids try and friend me on Facebook...these are kids that are like 10...what are they doing on this social network anyway??  Being 'friends' with a younger crew would force you to limit what you post, right??  I am 'friends' with my MIL and I find myself editing some stuff...just in case, you know?

Bullying happens all the time and at all ages.  My FIL is a 'bully' to my MIL...and that sucks.  Kids are bullied on the bus, playground and lunchroom.  Kids can be soooo mean to each other...why??  Where does it come from??  OK, so I know it most likely comes from their family environment and the way they are treated...but, do we really need to put down others just to make ourselves feel better??

I guess I would say, start now with an open communication with your kids.  Take time to get to know them (all of their moods) so that you can figure out if there really is a problem.  Talk to them!!  And if you can't connect to them, find another trustworthy adult that they might be able to open up to. 

I know kids can be mean to each other...not just in a 'bullying' way.  But, we can only hope that we lay down the canvas for them to learn what not to do and what to do when there is a problem!!

I found this great page about bullying in case you want more info:

On another note, here is my very random thought of the day:  How in the world does one get a pimple on your knee...ouch!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Me Time...

Last night, I went out without any of my children or my hubby.  And, I wasn't going food shopping, or looking for a new dress I actually need for an occasion, or running an errand...Nope, I went out and had a few glasses of wine and some yummy appetizer thingy (I don't actually know what was in it, but it sure did taste good...probably could've eaten another one...)   Yeah Me!!!

I don't care if you go out all by yourself, with 1 friend, 2 friends or many friends.  You NEED it.  And you will feel soooooooooooooooo great to be there without having a worry (at least for a few hours...ha ha ha).  Conversation was awesome, got some great ideas, laughed about our kids and the things they do and just had a good time.

Things to remember for my future outings:
1. Don't say you will be gone for a couple hours as hubby will automatically assume 2 hours.

2. If hubby should call/text while you're still out wanting to know how much longer, just remember that baby will always fall asleep before you walk in the door...even if you say you are 2 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour from being home...the crying child will always be asleep when you get there!!

3. Always say good-bye to your older children as they will wait up in bed until you get home (I snuck out last night b/c I didn't want Franny Girl to see me)

4. Make sure you lay out pajamas where hubby can find them...and make sure you let them know where the Desitin

5. Screw it and just have fun...expect the unexpected and go with the know, all that crap!!

Today...almost done working, then home to feed Franny (am positive she hasn't had any milk or formula while I've been here) and off to a BBQ and my brothers house:)

Hope you are all having a GREAT Weekend!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poop... read correctly, I said POOP!!!  You know what it means, right???  Well, there are several ways to use this word:

The man stood on the Poop deck.
Gosh, I sure am pooped.
I got all the poop about the office party from my co-worker.
Don't be a pooper (party pooper that is).
You are a nincomPoop...idiot!!
Oh, I think I have to poop...

So, with all these ways to use this word, why is it that we all are embarrassed to use it???  Especially when we are talking about the Poop that leaves our body.  It's a natural thing, right??  And we all do it, don't we??  It's like sex or something...a taboo subject that people (well, most people) just don't discuss with each other.

Now, kids on the other hand, are excited about Poop!!  They love it and love to talk to you about what kind of poop they are having and/or how long it is this time and how much of it there is.  ha ha ha...yeah, we love kids, don't we??  If you don't have kids, you might freak out by conversations including me and just ask my  Yes, we were discussing poop with my then 5yr old in the middle of a Pub in Ireland (we were the only people in this pub at the time) and my bro freaked out b/c we were discussing poop with, I know, he will most likely have many discussions with his daughter regarding this subject matter.

So, let's talk about Poop...and what kind of day you're having.  My kids have been having very poopy days...though DJ was having a day of no poop yesterday, I think he's back on track today.  And who's to say what's regular and what's not??  Long, short, messy, airy, watery, hard, too much or nonexistant...we all have it!! 

There should be a book called Poopiliscious...ha ha ha (that's our nickname for Franny Girl some days...)
I found this link that I thought was kinda fun...enjoy...or not...but, yes, I just talked poop...
Go get your poop on!!  And, from my experience, if you are having trouble with it, just walk into a Shop-rite or like a charm!!  Must be the lighting or something that triggers the Poop:)

Have great night!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High Expectations???

So, today was an ok day in this household.  Aside from the fact that DJ is overly dramatic (thanks hubby for passing on that trait), Kyra mentioned nothing about yesterday, Max screamed a lot and Franny didn't get much sleep...things were pretty normal.

OK- that is, until we get to Polish Dancing this evening.  I was, yet again, the mom who had no control over her children again.  DJ (who was up all night so he was gonna be cranky today...his words, not mine) has been complaining that his belly hurts him...and when it benefits him, it REALLY HURT and he couldn't possibly do anything.  For instance, DJ go on up and dance...No, my belly hurts..ok, go sit on the bench with your book.  Not 30 seconds later, he's running around like a lunatic high on crack enticing his little brother in and out of the downpour that began as we got there.  Ummmmm, how's that belly???  Of course, I don't have the stroller under the pavillion b/c of the downpour and am holding Franny Girl...trying unsuccessfully to get Max to stop running through the puddles, in the rain, through the dancers, yadda yadda yadda.  He saw me coming and would bolt in the opposite direction.  Now, had I actually ran after him, you all know I would have gone down for the count b/c I was wearing cheap flipflops and they are very slippery when wet and on concrete.  Now, there were people who were telling me to let him run and have their fun...but, my boys have a tendency to take that fun to the next level and I fear for their safety and the safety of others!!!  DJ gets a bit out of control and Max starts thinking it's ok.  He was throwing cars, rocks, grass, anything, etc.  And, he was soaking wet on top of it.  I think I was thoroughly and utterly embarrassed (sp??) by my children this evening.  I finally did manage to get a hold of the situation and make them settle down.  Yup, had to take the flip flops off, drop Franny Girl on someone elses lap, hold the swaying boobs in place and run after Max!! 

And on that note, I am thinking that my children will now need to earn any extra activities for the rest of the summer...including those fun activities while in Myrtle Beach that they love soooooo much.  Now, the question is posed by my husband...are my expectations too high for them???  Am I setting them up for failure on a daily basis??  How are children supposed to behave??  Shouldn't they have some kind of respect for the rules??  How do I make them earn these things and what's really reasonable for 7 and 8 year olds???  HELP!!!  Am I destined to make them feel like they aren't good enough for me??  I think they are great kids most of the time and they are smart, funny, talented kids.  But, how do I make them feel, that is the million dollar question of the day!!

Anyway...some pics from tonight...ha ha ha

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stairs, Franny Girl and Scares...

I say stairs and perhaps you all are thinking, oh no, she hasn't put the gate up on her stairs yet...ha...I haven't, but that's not what I'm talking about.  I'm here to tell you that you can tell your older children to make sure they close the basement door 'til your blue in the face and they just don't get it.  Well, I think that was a very intense lesson to learn today!  Yup...the basement door was left wide open (not even an attempt to close it and it didn't close all the way...she just didn't close it at all) and Yes, Franny Girl took that as her opportunity to explore the open space.  And yes, she took a long header down about 7 stairs towards the very hard cement basement floor.  I think I'm still a little angry and this happened about 10 hours ago.

Now, have you ever wanted to strangle a child??  I think I did horrible it is to feel that way.  But I also think my heart just about came out of my throat as I lunged down those steps.  Yes, I was right there in the kitchen but my back was to the door and I was holding Baby J at the time trying to make his bottle when this all happened.  Now, I know she realized she had made a mistake when she looked up from the bottom step and saw her baby sister tumbling down the steps towards her b/c she caught her before she went any further.  But, can you imagine what would have happened if she didn't realize her mistake and Franny went all the way down to the hard cement floor???  I don't even want to think about that!!!  I didn't even yell at Kyra.  I don't think I even knew what I wanted to do at that moment other than make sure Franny was ok (and strangle Kyra...but I restrained myself).  Kyra started crying and ran up to her room while I delegated Baby J to DJ for feeding and I held Franny Girl to try and calm her down and make sure there was not bumps, bruises or blood. 

The worst part of it all- I had no car big enough to fit all of these kids in it had things gone worse than they did.  How in the world would I have gotten her to the hospital??  I would have had to call 911...a parents worst nightmare, I think.  I don't ever want to have to rush my child to the ER or have to call. 

Kyra's reaction to this- cry for like 30 seconds, change her clothes and come downstairs ready to continue in her day.  Yeah, it was like nothing happened in her mind.  And so, I sent her back to her room and told her she was not allowed down except for the bathroom and meals.  She had a lot of thinking to do about this.  I also made her write an apology, why we close basement doors, and she had to write 'I will close the basement door' 50 times.  And, when I caught her playing in room, I made her stop.  And, I didn't even turn the AC on for her...just her fan.  I am a mean mean mean mommy...but I am hoping that she realizes the consequences of the fall could have been life threatening. 

DJ was a big help to me today...on a high note!!  Though, it did take him about 7 hours of very interrupted time to complete a word find...oh, I am soooooooo looking forward to homework time come september: NOT!!

Max, on the other hand, has just been absolutely horrific these days too.  I can't tell you how many times that kid gets put in time out.  Today, I got so tired of being calm and putting him in time out that I lost the battle and slapped him on his leg...yeah, it was pretty hard too.  I think all the 'excitement' from the day finally got to me???  But man, is this kid starting to behave poorly and is just not listening these days.  I know it's his age and b/c of DJ/Kyra being home...but it's pretty bad.  I really didn't need it today!!

But, Franny Girl is ok.  Thank goodness.  She didn't sleep much after the fall (which is probably a good thing) but is fast alseep now.  Hopefully she will get a good nights sleep???

Oh, and case you didn't hear me earlier b/c I had to say it for like the 1,000th time and quite loudly:  FRANCESCA IS NOT A DOLL...SHE IS A REAL LIVE BABY..

So, today, I am thankful for my Franny Girl and I am thankful that she is OK!!  My heart still beats loud and fast...but is has started to descend back to it's rightful place and out of my throat.

Mommy struggles

Yes, we all have out struggles as moms and women.  And yes, it's always nice to hear that there are other women out there who experience the same things you do.  You know, getting more help from hubby, staying home with kiddies vs going back to work, dinner/cleaning/laundry/etc. 

There are some women who you meet and see and you think, WOW, they have it all together and get it all done.  And you wonder...HOW???  But then you start talking to them and realize that they don't quite have everything together all the time and you somehow feel a little better about yourself.  Is that bad??  And of course, you sometimes find a little bit of jealousy for other things that they do/have.  But, alas, that would bring us back to the whole 'the grass is always greener' scenario, right??

So, when you are picking up that dish, yet again to wash (b/c there is a never-ending stream of's another one of my Harry Potter things...they just magically appear randomly even when you think they are all done for the night) or those magnets from the fridge, or leaving your child with a sitter or daycare, or nagging your hubby to help, or trying to get your children to get along/clean up their mess/make beds/stop whining/etc... KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

OK...that's all for now!!  Have a great HOT day.  Gonna go try and set up a small pool for the kiddies today:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

On being Honest...

You know, let's be honest honest can one be?/  Especially when I probably know all of you reading this blog...right??  So, let me tell you some things about myself, okay??  I can be honest with myself...ha ha ha

I hate to be wrong...ever.  I don't take a shower everyday...and sometimes I can't remember when I took one last...I have pimples in my head (yuck...they suck) and sometimes on my face.  Ummmmm, really???  Didn't we all go through puberty, now I have to do it again???  I hate bullshit and I don't bullshit back!!

I love my kids and my husband...even when they get on my nerves.  I will always love my kids matter what they do.  My husband...I will always love him even if I can't stand him sometimes, if that makes any sense???  He is a great dad to his kids and occasionally he can surprise me as a hubby too:)

I like my wine and I miss my cigarettes.  I love to bake and make other people happy eating my stuff!!  I try my hand at cooking and am pretty good at it...I just don't know how to chop and dice and stuff.  All in all, my kids should consider themselves lucky to have me as their chef!!

I have a very low self-esteem on most days but cover it up well with my stand-offishness or bitchiness.  Though, I've discovered that I really don't care what anyone else thinks these days and am starting to really like myself.   Wow, that only took like 36's hoping I can instill confidence in my children.

Friendships- yes, I am always learning how to be a good friend.  I was always shy in high school (Ok, so I wasn't allowed to do anything other than school stuff and work so why bother, right).  I think I started to blossom in college but I am still figuring out and learning who I want to be.

I am a mess when it comes to fashion and hair and make-up.  I just don't know how to really do any of it.  I hate the 'natural' red on my face...I hate my 'big' lips (my nickname in middle school was Fish Lips... soooooo, it may be hip now, I was made fun of for them at a very vulnerable age, ok????)

I don't always connect with DJ even though I try.  I get frustrated when all of them want dadyy all the time and would rather have daddy do stuff with them...jealous, perhap???  But, maybe it's just a feeling of not being wanted??  Does that make sense??

I am a very sensitive person and sometimes jump to the wrong conclusions.  I will cry like a baby, laugh like a hyena, and walk like a soldier when I have too...

Some days I look in the mirror and I think, wow- I am pretty and not as fat/big as I thought.  And then, there are those days where I just don't want to look in the mirror for fear of what I'll see.

I learned today that we all need to Laugh, Listen and Look!!  I'd also add in there- Love, Live and Learn.  Oh, and going back to my college's what I always insisted to everyone I met- You must get 3 hugs daily so that you feel loved and someone feels loved back.  More is better...but no less than 3.  I am lucky b/c I can always get at least 4 a day (see, there is a definite plus to having several children).  And, with Max and Franny girls around, I pretty much get an unlimited supply of snuggles!!!

And so, here is my final thought of this entry (my random thought):  don't let your almost 3 year old take a box of wipes out of your sight...he will take them all out, try to wipe the butt of an American Girl doll and put them all back in the, they will all be ripped in half so that when I go to wipe his butt, I only have 1/2 a wipe to do it with...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

OUCH!!! I want those...

My nipples that is...yes, she's still biting and biting hard.  It feels like she could actual bit the nipple right off the boob!!!  Ummm, can you say a big OUCH!!!  And, she doesn't just bite nipples.  Nope...she bites any exposed skin she name it, she bites it.  Let's see, she's taken a bit out of the following: toes, heels, knees, inner thighs, palms, fingers, stomach, shoulder, inner arms...and, it all hurts.  She leaves marks.    And, when you pull her away and say sternly 'NO...that biting' she looks up at you and gives you this big shit-eating grin that is sooooooooo cute that it's hard to stay mad.  And, the NO doesn't seem to work.  As far as her biting my boobs, I take her off immediately and put her on the floor.  Let's just say she doesn't like that so I'm hoping she gets the point sooner rather than later.  Otherwise, she may be weaned sooner rather than later!!!

So, if you are holding Franny Girl or she happens to crawl near you and pull herself up...BEWARE of the BITE!!!  Consider yourself warned:)
oh...and she's started sucking on my stomach now...strange kid...

Max...on the starting to act out more and more these days.  I understand that he's still adjusting to DJ/Kyra being home, but how long is this adjustment period??  I am definitely ready for them to go back to school...I know summer will fly by and I will wonder where the time went...but I just can't stand the things Max is learning b/c of his older siblings.  Tonight, he was going to chop Franny in half and cook her up.  He goes from loving Franny to rolling things over her fingers intentionally.  He throws everything (at people too...not just throwing randomly), jumps off my couch constantly, cries immediately when I tell him no or 'yell' at him (my yelling these days is a dull roar and basically a stern voice...but to him, I am yelling at him), still screams when he doesn't get his way, takes 'his' toys away from Franny Girl, etc.  Terrible Toys just started and he'll be 3 years old in 2 weeks...ha ha they have a name for the Threes??  Thrashing Threes??   

Kyra- how do I love whining, let me count the way.  And when I call her on it and want her to leave the table, Daddy comes to the her the idea that if she breaks out and cries while daddy is there, she won't have to do what I tell her to do!!  I love parental undermining!!  If it was just me tonight, she would have cried but left the table like I asked her to and not looked up at daddy...

DJ- since we've got all the kids, might as well throw him out there too, right???  Somedays, I like to call him Mr. Sour Puss...he does love to stir up trouble and get Max into trouble.  I guess that's what big brothers are for??  But it sure is frustrating on the parental side to try and get him to 'do the right' thing when it comes to Max.  Other than that, he was pretty good this weekend...

And so, while I did absolutely  nothing but play pacifier to Franny Girl today (ok...did the dishes, made dinner and did some more dishes...but nothing else really) the following went on around me:
Franny bit everything in her path
Max fell down hysterically sobbing randomly throughout the day
Kyra punched DJ in the arm this morning and with an attitude blamed the punch on him...that was funny
Franny fell on her face a couple times...and sometimes rolled while falling and fell on her back
Max helped Franny 'learn' which pots and pans were his and which ones she could play
Kyra broke down and didn't eat her dinner b/c it had crumbs on it (home-made mac & cheese...who doesn't love that...Kyra apparently)
Max started getting out of his bed b/c he is starting to use stall tactics (smart kid says he has a poop when he really doesn't...he just knows that it's something we'll come upstairs for...)

Now, aren't you all jealous that you weren't here to experience it all.  Oh, and BTW, I am embarrassed to admit that we are back on the couch.  I get more sleep down here!!!  I know that I will have to put her in the crib and walk me, I know.  I just don't think I'm ready either!!!  I've never been this bonded with any of my other that wrong to say??  I don't know.  But, I do know what has to be done.  Admittedly, I'm choosing not to do it right now.  Okay???

Random thought- if you try to separate frozen hotdogs with a knife, don't wiggle it back and will most definitely break the tip off of the knife  (one of my favorite knives too..)