Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cribbage Update...ha ha ha

So, today I cleaned the entire upstairs...bedrooms, vacuumed (forgot to dust though)...oh, crap...put some stuff in the toilet but forgot to scrub it...(my brain and body go from activity to activity with no rhyme or reason)...must remember to do that...I did this all in the name of putting Franny Girl in the crib and sleeping across the hall for when she wakes up. can all start laughing b/c here I sit on the couch and there she lies right next to me!!!

What is WRONG with me when it comes to this child???  Why can't I just lay her in the crib and just LET HER CRY!!!  It's like she's got me wrapped around her finger and I can't take her crying...I feel so bad for her.  She's the first baby I actually feel bad for when they cry...what's up with that??  I know she's incredibly cute (but so were my other ones)...but enough is enough, right.

And, hubby was supposed to sleep down here in the back room so that I would be able to put the TV on when I need to get up and get her (that's my light source) without feeling bad.  And, I think I just don't want her crying to wake up the other kids.  I know I know...they are on summer break so it doesn't matter but we have so many other issues with those kids right now that I just don't want to add Tiredness to it.  I mean, I'm tired...but I don't need tired kiddies!!!  

Well, hubby went upstairs to bed and Franny Girl lasted 5 minutes in the crib before crying.  Oh, and she's not going to go gentle either...another reason I think I just can't let her cry it out.  Perhaps, the hubby needs to take the 3 big kids away by himself and I can get her in the crib w/o annoying the rest of the house???  Yeah, right, b/c that would happen. 

Yeah, he took them all down the NJ today for a visit with his parents; but I just can't see him taking them on vacation for a few days w/o me.  I don't know if they would get all their meals, bathed when they need it, or sunscreened up.  Today, he came to the library so that I could feed Franny Girl before he headed to Jersey and he realized that he forgot the baked ziti I made for him to take...ha ha ha...and, he forgot the formula and bottle for Franny Girl...still laughing.  So, he had to go back home before Jersey!! 

Here is one pro for him taking the kids and me not going:
I GOT TO CLEAN MY HOUSE- yes, w/o any children up my butt...such an odd thing to do.  I kept straining my neck to see if I could hear a kid coming my way
Here's a con:
I still made dinner for the in-laws...AND...hubby didn't even bring me any for dinner!!!  So, they all ate the good stuff that I MADE!!  and I got to eat ravioli out of can (prob. could have something else, but than it would have been more of a hassle to make it for myself and than clean up AGAIN!!!)

So, now I'm afraid to put her in the long is she gonna last??  I'm soooo tired that I just want her to sleep.  I will definitely get more sleep down here but I guess we have to start somewhere again, right?? all can yell ast me!!!


  1. Put the girl in her crib and walk away... You won't get a good night's sleep until she leaves home... Do it now.. She will be fine

  2. can you put her crib in the downstairs room so she wouldn't wake the kids? You wouldn't be in your own room, but you could sleep downstairs too. We have Zachary's crib in our living room! And maybe try some white noise. Z didn't start sleeping in his crib until he was 8 months old. We did have to deal with some crying along the way though...