Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Ruin your BOOBS!!

Have kids and nurse 'em.  Yup...they ruin you...especially the boobs!!

Yeah, I woke up this morning and I had a HICKEY on my BOOB!!  Ha...yeah, that's right...she missed the actual 'feeding' accessory and just decided to suck on something...hence, a nice big raspberry hickey mark!!  I'm so tired that we just kind of meld together and she just happily sucks away.  Guess she's not that particular as long as it's part of my boob!!

Other ways my boobs will never be the same...ummmm, let's just say they will never be PERKY again.  Unless, of course, I decide to get a boob job or something.  Oh, yeah, and there are now nice black and blue marks from her PINCHING me too!!  I guess she's the one that's going to completely destroy them!!  They weren't that bad before, but now I think they are just these horrific flotation devices:)  ha ha ha  I guess it's a badge of mommyhood??  Wonder how much they will deflate once I'm done nursing... 
Oh, and let's not forget those stretch marks on my boobs...yeah, my skin is definitely not forgiving and has some definite stretch marks.  Most of them have turned white, but I know they're know??

OK- on another subject...let's talk DJ...OK???  His behavior is getting a little just trying to keep him busy and doing things.  We write out chores and he does them while checking them off his list.  I send him up to read his books...we do some 'school' work, I put him on the computer with some learning games and I'm totally following through and not taking the 'talking' back side of him!!  So, we are getting better!! 

But, something serious about him lately- he keeps complaining that his stomach is bothering him.  Thought perhaps he was constipated and he keeps trying to poop (I know, poop always seems to come up).  And he does sometimes so thought it was getting better.  He would complain about the belly and would be up and running not 5 minutes later like nothing bothered I thought, well, maybe he's conning me and doesn't want to do certain things, you know??  Well, he was up at 3AM yesterday b/c he said his belly hurt...wound up on the couch in his play room watching tv.  He seemed off today, but I mean, who wouldn't be after being up at 3AM, right??  I thought he was just tired.  But, here is is, sitting on the couch across from me sleeping and every once in awhile sitting up b/c his stomach hurts.  I don't know what to do at this point...I have appts for the little guys on I wait and take him with me or do I call the doc tomorrow??  I'm thinking call in the morning...see if we can get in tomorrow...I just don't like seeing him like this.  He is not the child that gets sick nor is he the one who complains, I'm starting to get a bit worried now.  I don't even know what key words to use with him to try and figure out what kind of 'hurt' it is, you know??  Maybe he has reflux or something??  He also says it hurts where his chest is...

OK...gonna try for some sleep now...hopefully we will get some sort of sleep tonight!!

Random thought- that stupid pimple on my knee has moved to the corner of my mouth!!  YUCKY Pimples go away!!!


  1. Get him checked.. Could be appendix.. Ask where it hurts and if you press on it on the right side not hard or anything, but if it is uncomfortable may be that. Could be colitis also and reflux would make him feel like he is gonna puke.. Any fever? Last time he pooped? He really doesn't eat much of gassy foods so, please get it checked.. Thanks and sorry you are sooo tired give her a bottle and let her leave the boobs alone...

  2. I agree with above - especially when you said the chest thing too....bring him in right away...he has lost a lot more weight than I have ever seen him & he is not himself - he hardly smiled at all yesterday....poor little guy....hug him for us....