Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nervous Anticipation...(oh, and a Bugtastic Birthday Bash)

OK, so I sent an e-mail in to a contest a couple weeks ago and I finally got a response today.  They want to taste my cupcakes and see if I can move on to the next round!!!  How cool is that???  How nervous am I???  And, of course, I have to bring them in this Friday, now I have to put on my thinking cap and figure out what to do with the 4 kiddies...and whether or not they can make it to their check-ups Friday morning and if I actually trust Doug to tell the doc what's up with DJ and get the next steps...f/u with Franny Girls fluid...see about what we can do for Kyra b/c I think she gets swimmers ear...etc.  And, of course, Jack will be at the house around 10:30...hopefully I will be back in time for his arrival...

The skinny on the competition:  A local radio station is holding their own version of Cupcake Wars.  Each week, they have people come in with their cupcakes and they get judged.  So, I don't actually have to bake their...just bring them in a dozen cupcakes.  Once they taste, it is decided who moves on to the next round.  Now, I'm pretty sure I'll make it to the next round (3 people each week move on).  There will be a big 'judging' once all the people are selected to come back and 1 cupcake will be chosen as the best cupcake in the Hudson Valley...and, they will see it at a restaurant in which the proceeds will go to charity.  Pretty Cool, right??  So, I am making the 'Chocolate Covered Cherry' cupcake...see pics:

And so, aside from being nervous (I mean, am I really going to talk on the radio and stuff??), now I have to figure out when I'm going to get everything done.  Because, I also have to make cake pops for a High School Reunion this weekend!!!  I really am going to have to budget my time this week...I am already exhausted from last weeks baking stuff...At least with cake pops, there is no fancy decorating skills involved (ha ha ha).  It's gonna be a loooooooong week!!

On another note, we had our Bugaliscious Birthday Playdate for Max today...he loved it!!  I love Max for being the great kid that he is.  He is so excited about everything he gets...I am excited that he really doesn't know any better yet and I hope he stays that way.  Now, the older 2, I definitely did something wrong there b/c all they think about are themselves and what are they going to get out of it...We had a rough start this morning and I barely got things finished before 11AM...Kyra's hands started hurting her after she made 2 sandwiches and DJ just wanted to stir the pot and get Max running around like a lunatic...but, we got things under control and we got things done.  Max got stung by a Wasp outside and so we decided not to do anything in the back yard (I don't know where they all are and where the nests are...didn't want anyone else to get stung)...Kyra was a big girl and hid the bugs for the bug hunt and DJ gave up some of his bugs so that little Sammie could get some more for her jar!!  OK, so I had to coerce them to do it, but it's a start in getting them to think of others before themselves...right????  OK- it's almost 11 and I need to get some's hoping I can actually fall asleep tonight and get some rest!!  Got some long days ahead and lots to do!! 

Pics of party and party food (sometimes I do good

 The 'Worm' kids loved it!!!
 Ants on a log and some tulip shaped cucumbers...
 Max catching his bugs...
 The Bugcatching Crew!!
 Happy Birthday to Max!!

Max is 'flying' on my feet and the other 2 are on either side...this was the end to our day...flying, tickling and lots of laughing...Franny even got in on it and she kept trying to crawl over me!!

Random thought of the day:  When uploading pictures to Facebook you should rotate them's really hard to look at pictures on their sides...and very annoying!!!


  1. Looks like y'all had a good day.. Loved the pictures..

  2. We had a buggin' good time yesterfday!