Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mommy struggles

Yes, we all have out struggles as moms and women.  And yes, it's always nice to hear that there are other women out there who experience the same things you do.  You know, getting more help from hubby, staying home with kiddies vs going back to work, dinner/cleaning/laundry/etc. 

There are some women who you meet and see and you think, WOW, they have it all together and get it all done.  And you wonder...HOW???  But then you start talking to them and realize that they don't quite have everything together all the time and you somehow feel a little better about yourself.  Is that bad??  And of course, you sometimes find a little bit of jealousy for other things that they do/have.  But, alas, that would bring us back to the whole 'the grass is always greener' scenario, right??

So, when you are picking up that dish, yet again to wash (b/c there is a never-ending stream of's another one of my Harry Potter things...they just magically appear randomly even when you think they are all done for the night) or those magnets from the fridge, or leaving your child with a sitter or daycare, or nagging your hubby to help, or trying to get your children to get along/clean up their mess/make beds/stop whining/etc... KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

OK...that's all for now!!  Have a great HOT day.  Gonna go try and set up a small pool for the kiddies today:)

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  1. so friggin' true!!! thanks for blogging my thoughts for me - kinda scary sometimes......