Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Catch Up...

Oh My- I'm writing another post AND it's still before midnight!!  Yes folks, as you know it's been a long couple of nights and I thought maybe I should just spew some things out...ha ha ha

- Franny & Max had their c/u's at the doc on friday morning.  both healthy and thriving...Max has evened out and is in the 50th % while Franny Girl is going strong at about 100th %
- Franny has some fluid still in her ear...doc will check again in a week when I bring 2 big kids back for physicals
- Doc heard a slight 'murmur' in Max and we need to go have it looked at by a specialist to make sure it's ok
- DJ DJ DJ- belly is fine...need to serve him up some benefiber to see if that helps though he's been ok this week...but, I really shouldn't bring him with me as any kind of know...he just instigates!!!

Went to a FABULOUS beach party birthday bash yesterday...It was super HOT, but what an awesome party.  My friend Melissa out-does herself on these shindigs...I mean, absolutely Ridiculous!!  And I mean that in the most bow down to her I am not worthy way!!  Every little detail is thought about from the seashells in a glass inside the house (even though we were outside) to the matching signage on the food/drink/activities/etc.  She is an amazing human being and I almost wish I had just an ounce of her creativity and organization!!  Couple pics of my kids at the 'photo' booth:

And, my Aunt Barbara was in town so we got to see her for a very short visit...was just nice to see her (she lives in NC about 4-5 hours from my Mom) and I have seen her now twice since she moved down there about 9 years ago. 

Today I got rid of that cake I made...and fell asleep on the couch for a snoozer with Franny Girl before I had to go and 'train' for a new job.  Yup, because I don't do enough to 'earn' my keep around here, I'm going to try my hand at hosting b-day parties at a local pre-school...ha ha ha. 
I can hear my husband now:  but why did you go and get something on weekends just when hunting season is I can't go hunting every single, you can't do any of these parties on weekends during hunting season...etc etc etc  Because, as you all know, I specifically target my work hours for FALL and only DURING HUNTING SEASON!!! 

And so, this brings me to now and the fact that I should really be trying to fall asleep now...Baby J is coming bright and early tomorrow morning...AND...I am going back to the GYM!!!  Oh how I need that. 

You all have a lovely evening and/or day...guess that depends on when you read this...

Random thought of the day:  All this late night baking and decorating has made my wine bottle empty a lot faster...

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  1. So glad you all came to share the day with us on Saturday. Your cookies were amazing and quickly devoured! I really enjoy your kids and you and the hubby! See you lots this week! Get some sleep you working fool!