Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Roasted Potatoes...recipe time:)

Hi All...I think I might start posting some recipes every once and awhile...let me know if you like/dislike, okay???

Here's a simple one for potatoes you might have (any potatoes work for this...I've used them all...baking, red skinned, white skinned, etc). 

1. Cut potatoes into bite-sized pieces and place in a plastic bag  (for us, I need to use about 4 medium sized pototaes...though, as the little ones get older, we will need more...and I always make more b/c they are great for leftovers...see note below)

2. Toss in some Olive Oil

3. Toss in some seasonings ... I have a seasoning mix that I make up and can use whenever we well for a steak rub too.  It includes the following:
  • kosher salt (2.5 ounces)
  • fresh ground pepper (1/8 tsp)
  • onion powder (3/4 oz)
  • Garlic powder (3/4 oz)
  • Crushed red pepper (pinch...depending on if you like it a little spice)
  • Cayenne pepper (pinch)
  • Paprika (1/2 ounce)
  • Chipotle Chili Pepper (pinch)
Now, you can make this for your family using the spices you like.  I've also just put in Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Salt, Pepper, Garlic/Onion Powders...this one's good when you're making a roasted chicken and use the same spices on the skin...YUM)  But, I always have the above mixture pre-made for a quick seasoning.
And SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE in the bag!!
4. Now spread out on greased pan (for some reason, I always put the pampered chef stone pan to use for these but a regular cookie sheet kinda pan is also ok)
5. Bake at 425 Degrees for approx. 45 minutes!!

That's IT:)  Super Simple Side Dish!!  Hope you found this helpful. 

I also make extras b/c I can fry them with peppers and onions and make Breakfast Potatoes...or simply add them to an omelette!!
Have a GREAT Night!!

Photography and Screw Ups

So, I went to this photography class (we'll use that term lightly here) tonight and there is a f/u class next week...and I think I could have taken a nap and still know everything he taught.  Guess it was a definite beginner class but I guess it was just good to get out for 2 hours w/o kids or hubby...and I wasn't like grocery shopping or anything.  The dishes were all in exactly the same place I left them (I think there might have been more of them but really, who's counting) so I guess getting out of the house and dozing a little while trying to listen to a very boring man talk about your camera settings was a good night????  Oh, and I'll go back next week except everyone's getting pb&j for dinner so I don't have to hurry up and clean it when I get home before Franny really gets upset!!!

And here's how I screwed up today:  you know, we all talk about consistency with our children (ok, so maybe I'm the only one talking about it...that at the whole yelling thing)???  Well, I realized today why Kyra can be so whiny and cries a lot and it's not just hubby she's got wrapped around her finger!!!  I was finally able to run up to the hospital this afternoon (hubby stayed home sick today so I took advantage and showered too) to see the babies that were born earlier this week.  Well, Kyra had changed into a dress and kept hounding me to go so she could see the babies...ahhhhhhhhhh.....I just finally gave in.  I should have stuck to my guns and told her that I said NO and she has to stay home.  I mean, it really wasn't a huge deal, but by not sticking to my first answer, I gave her the impression that crying, whimpering and break-downs are the way to go in life when you don't get your way. time, I let her have the break-down and just go w/o her, right??? 

Oh, and I didn't yell too much when Max came in covered in muddy water (I totally wiped his face before I realized I should take a pic...but you could make out his eyes and lips through the mud on his face..)  Here are some pics of the mud (the pics just don't do it justice)

Yes...that's a muddy thumb in the

And, for those of you that wonder what happens to all the food I give Franny Girl...check out what was in her clothes, around her legs, up her butt (kidding, but you get the picture) ... I thought she ate all this stuff until I started to take her out of the hi-chair and shake her off...ha ha ha

Yes...this was all attached to her lower extremities in some form or other:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To crib or not to crib...tonight that is...

So, we had a pretty good day today.  The kids were ok...or at least, they got sent to their rooms a couple times for not listening and for being rude and having attitudes.  But, all in all, we had a pretty calm day.  I did not yell at them but I was very firm about what I wanted out of them today.  And so, when hubby came home tonight with some stomach/back thing going on, I was just not a happy camper.  I had made brownie pops and choc chip cookies for some new mommies to nosh on through the night tonight and was fully expecting to be able to take a shower and run them up to the hospital...yeah, guess again.  ( some extras...any takers??)

And, I really can't stand when things bother him and he's sooooooooo 'sick' that he just has to lay on the floor and not be bothered with anyone.  GO TO BED!!!  And than, he goes and eats dinner...ummmmm....cheesy kielbasas, mac & cheese and green beans will really sit well with an upset stomach...idiot!!  Yes, I think he's a moron on these days and just continue to get annoyed at all the sounds that come from him...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

OK- so this brings me to what I should be doing with Franny Girl tonight.  She's sleeping on the couch right now and I'm think I should just leave her.  I really need to be able to put her in the crib and be next door.  And I really need stupid hubby to sleep elsewhere when I do this...yes, I think he's stupid tonight...ok???  And, being that all 3 kids were in bed by 8pm b/c they lost their time today (as well as being sent to their rooms for some calm down/quiet time) and there was no way they were actually going to sleep in the same, Kyra is back in her bed (right across from the crib)...Max was in his bed...and last I did was put DJ in our bed so that Max would actually sleep.  And than of course hubby went up to bed...didn't really talk to him much tonight...I just can't when he's like this and I'm too annoyed to be nice to him.  So, up he went and down I stay with Franny Girl.  And so, we are back to the couch tonight:( 

Perhaps tomorrow we will try again!!

Here are some pics of my kids actually getting along before they started hitting each other with the sticks:

Gave Franny Girl a jelly sandwich today...very sticky idea..he he.  Perhaps my baby was too sticky to withstand that Bounty Paper Towel??  Though, she was digging the green beans at dinner time...who knew to give her some veggies???

On a final note: this is what hubby leaves in the container and can't understand why I get angry at him b/c nobody else will make it again and they will complain about not having anything to drink until I just make the damn iced tea for them...(gonna change this too...I will not make it, I will not make it, I will not make it)

Dear Swiffer and Bounty...

I use your products and do like the following things about them:

Swiffer- your easy to pull out and I can change the dirty pads w/o having to fill my sink with soapy water and wash a mom

Bounty- the choose your size is awesome and generally works well

Here are the annoying things that look sooo great in your advertisements that just don't work for me:

Swiffer- you actually drag the dirt around my floor and I generally have to get down on my hands and knees to clean up that line of I doing it wrong or something??  That song- What About Love just doesn't attract the dirt and mud in this house like it does on your commercials:(

Bounty- It really doesn't hold up to your promises...just tried to wipe off a 9 mos. old after eating a jelly sandwich and it fell apart on me as I was wiping her down and the high-chair.  I didn't use 1 square either, like your commercials do, but 2 and it still didn't stay strong like you promised:(

And to my readers- do you have these problems??  How do you clean your floors and toddlers these days??

Night 2 of Crib...ha ha ha

OK- she went in the crib around 9:30 (after all the other kids were upstairs and in bed and quiet) and she was totally asleep.  Woke up crying around 12:15.  Now, of course I'm still awake and downstairs...(I made some brownies), windows are wide open, lights are on, and I'm just not finished with something, I go upstairs pick her up and try and rock her back to sleep., what do I do, I bring her back downstairs.  It's just that much easier, you know???  I know, I know...I'm going to just have to let her cry it out right??  I also feel so 'out of place' upstairs these days.  It's so dark up there and I can't see her face or pretty much anything.  I like the tv on but I feel like I will be disturbing hubby's sleep (and I really don't want to listen to his complaints)...I can also see things by the light of the tv.  And, there were many of those noises coming from hubby that I find really annoying so I just didn't want to listen to those all night long either!!  So, yes, we wound up back on the couch:(  I think hubby needs to sleep down here so I can do what I need to do to get her in the crib w/o waking him up...right???

So, that's all for now!!  gonna have a 'family' meeting soon with kiddies...just need to finish my coffee!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids, Hubby's and Yelling (or NOT)

Today was one of those days where I was pretty much angry at my hubby all day long.  It really didn't matter what he did...or didn't do...I was just angry with him.  I can't stand it when he yells at the kiddies...I feel like it's his knee jerk reaction to everything they do.  and when I start yelling, I hate myself for doing it but it's usually when I'm at my wits end with them. 

How many times do you do time-outs and quiet thinking time in your room???  And how many times can you take things away from them to make them realize that they need to start behaving and respecting people??  And, how or what do I need to do to make it better??

So, today I decided that my children will not be starting any of the activities I signed them up for.  Aside from the fact that I don't get paid until thursday and I have a very minimal amount of gas in my truck, it's a good learning thing for them...right??  I told them that they could not start this week b/c they need to show me that they know how to behave and listen.  Now, I know that they are not going to be perfect...nobody is (oh hubby thinks he is perfect and everything he does is especially children.  But, I do expect them to LISTEN!!! am I going to do this so that I can avoid the embarrassment that I experience when we go places??  Well, I'm not quite sure yet.  But, I do have some ideas that I know I have to stick with...and I have to get hubby on board so that we are a TEAM!!  And so, here are some of my thoughts:

- STOP YELLING...seriously, I am going to try with all my might to stop yelling at them
- Ask once and if they fail to follow directions, than I will fail to give them what they ask for next or I will pick up those shoes I continuously trip over and give them away (does this work with hubby's too??)
- Stick to my guns with punishments...even if I feel like I was too harsh after 5 minutes of telling them their punishment
- Be realistic with my expectations of them and expect delays and lots of backsteps
- Sit down with them and let them know my expectations of them and get back on track with that darn chore chart
- Put together a rough schedule of our include meals, reading time, down time, up time,  outside, movie??, school practice work, etc

OK- I think that's about all I can handle for 1 day...Let's hope I can do this and we can all start working together!!  Wish me luck...any suggestions are greatly appreciated:)

PS- put Franny Girl in the crib around 9ish tonight (she woke just after my last post)...she did open her eyes and look around and than closed them and went to sleep...still there and I was able to make some brownies without worrying about waking her!!!

Franny Girl and the crib

So, put her in the crib last night for the first time.  Of course, I waited until I knew she was absolutely asleep before doing it and she did sleep in there until about 1:30 (put her in around 9:30).  WOW...4 hours in there!!  And I, of course, passed out on the couch before making it back into my bed:(

Have no fear...hubby didn't know what to do when she started crying and absolutely had to wake me up to deal with it.  You know, because there weren't 3 kids before her or anything.  I just want 1 night where I don't have to get up with that too much to ask???  He didn't even have to work today.  And so, MOM, that's what would happen when I leave her in the crib and don't come upstairs.  He won't deal with her...he'll just come downstairs to wake me up to deal with her!!!

Got her back to sleep...after like an hour of her mouth clenched on my boob and her not exactly eating and not exactly sleeping either.  She just kept looking up at me and than around the room...she knew something was different and I think she was trying to figure out if she should go back to sleep or try to stay awake b/c she didn't know where she would end up  AND, she slept 'til about 6:20 (yes, another 4 hours) and than I just took her in with me and snuggled in our recliner chair in my room until about 8. 

It's 8:30 and she's asleep on my lap...thinking I should just go put her in the crib now and hope she sleeps???  She has only slept for about 45 minutes maybe???  Max is going up now so I think I'll wait a few more minutes and than bring her up!!

Update tomorrow...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The kids are alive...or should I say the sitter is alive???

Yup...we all made it out alive!!  Barely...thought the kids might actually be good but I guess I am doing something wrong.  Especially with my eldest...he really is a true instigator and has a way of dragging everyone down with him!!  And yesterday was no different:

He decided that it would be OK to go into the stream on the side of our driveway (this is the stream that is one of the main run-offs for the rest of the houses located above it's best to not disturb the rocks and stuff in there)  Now, I don't think we would have been quite so dissapointed in him if that was all he did.  BUT, he thought it would be great to dig down deep into the mud and start flinging it at his sister and brother.  AND, he got both Kyra and Max to start digging into the mud as well...guess it was an all out mud fight in my yard yesterday...there's dried mud all over the place leading all the way up to the front door.  If I was home, you'd have a picture...but also, if I was home this would NEVER had happened!!! 

Tried to call the house last night and there was no they were either outside having this wonderful mud fight OR she was giving them a bath.  Yup...they got so dirty that she put them in the tub.  Definitely something I did not want her to have to do...nor was it even discussed.  She is only 16 and should not have to bathe my children...hence the reason we left $$ for pizza.  I didn't think it would be fair for her to try and cook them something.  I totally understand how difficult it can be to make dinner and watch 4 kids..  Didn't really know how dirty they were last night until I went to give Max and Franny Girl a bath tonight.  UMMMMMMM, tub was so completely filthy that I had to scrub it before I could stick anyone in there!!!  Not something I enjoy doing and was definitely not happy about doing it at 7:30 tonight before bathing kids!! 

Oh...and my fabulous hubby thought that I could just scrub the tub with Franny Girl on the floor next to me with the door closed...yup...he didn't feel like watching her while I had to SCRUBTHEF'INGTUB!!!, instead of him watching her, he told Kyra to keep an eye on her and closed them into Kyra's room with Max walking around and going in/out of Kyra's room.  All while I was SCRUBBINGTHETUB.  And, when I asked him to put his clothes away so we could clean up the bedroom (you see, I'm thinking about actually sleeping in our bed tonight), he gave me attitude.  Seriously??  PUTYOURF'INGCLOTHESAWAYANDCLEANUPTHECRAPONTHEFLOOR!!  Do you all put your husbands clothes away??  Is it part of the job of the 'stay at home mom'??  I didn't think I had to clean up after him and put his stuff away...And, while I'm complaining about him, you'd think he might have washed the dishes this morning after I made a great big breakfast for everyone.  I had to bring my brother to pick up his car and left right after I thought maybe he's clean up or something.  NOPE...but, he was able to go outside and set up the trailer and quad to go to his hunting ground.  You know, he has to get his food plot fixed out there...doesn't matter that our own garden isn't even planted yet...gotta have the hunting spot going first.  And he's gotta have that stupid trailer/quad in our's not even ours!!  I hate that thing being in our takes up most of 1 side.  If it were my brothers stuff, he'd be complaining about it left and right...but b/c it's his brothers stuff and it's something he can use for his hunting crap, it's ok to take up the space.  I think we should be charging storage fees!!!

OK- back to the kids.  I am seriously embarassed by their behavior and seriously doubt it if she wants to come back.  Yes, I somehow managed to get the kids nobody wants to babysit b/c they are rotten kids!!  Thank goodness we don't need to do this often...or maybe it's b/c we don't do it often enough??  I don't know what to do with them...but I do know that they aren't always good for Grandma El on thursdays either.  So, what do you do??  Can we start beating them??  kidding...maybe...I mean, it worked for us, didn't it??? 

On another note, Franny Girl IS IN HER CRIB...YEAH!!! Let's see how long it lasts.  We put Kyra in the boys room so that it doesn't bother her...I'll probably end of sleeping on Kyra's I just need to not bring her in there with me.  I can do it I can do it I can do it!!!  I miss her already though.  She's a good snuggler!!!

OK...I'm done ranting.  Wedding was was great...and we had some adult time.  yeah:)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yes...I'm still body at least:)

Wow...rough couple days...not much time now but I wanted to let you all know that I actually don't sleep.  I know you have all come to that conclusion already...but I am just confirming.

I covered a cake in Fondant at about 2AM this morning and wasn't able to finish until about 4:17 AM (yes, I looked at the clock as I passed out on the couch with a sweaty Franny Girls on top of me)...But, I'm not tired...nope...not at all!!

Will write more later about the craziness (I think the last 2 days could create a full book) and will add some pics of the desserts I made for the wedding today!!

Have a great day:)

Friday, June 24, 2011

School's Out...

Oh yes...officially, school is over for the summer.  I know, some of you are sooooooo excited about this.  But, I'm really not.  You see,  when all 4 of my children are together, mayhem ensues and I always end up yelling way more than I want to.  There is lots of attitudes(Kyra), lots of competition (for everything!!), lots of screaming (Max...), lots of antagonizing (DJ), etc.  I just don't see the problem with year round you???  OK, so I like the fact that we can all sleep a little later (not much later b/c Max is not a sleep in kind of kid) and we don't have to rush out the door every morning to catch the bus.  Oh, and I don't have to make lunches in the morning for them either...or try and figure out snacks for the day. 

But...can't we all just get along???  (ewwww, I sound like my you mom)  I am going to have to put my foot down and let them know who's boss in this house.  Yes, I AM THE BOSS!!!  Really, I am!!  And, I have to figure out a game plan for  keeping them busy, right??  Isn't that what we should do...some school work in the summer??  Well, we have them signed up for lots of activities, but now I have to figure out some 'paper' work for them to do.  We are signed up for reading books and library stuff, cheerleading, soccer, track, jazz, know, gotta drain their energy somehow.  And, we will still have Baby J 3 times a, what else are we gonna do??  I need to organize their bins, map out our activities and figure out what we're gonna do.  I also need to make a basket of some "quiet" activities for them (the older 2) to do b/c we have quiet time these days.  DJ doesn't quite know what quiet time is...never really has either.  I have a feeling he will be spending his quiet time in his room!!  Oh, and than perhaps we should do a few playdates or something??  I think they will be busier this summer than past summers!!

The 'Moving Up' ceremony was good...though we had to get into the school in the monsooning rains this afternoon (before and after it was torrential downpour).  Got out of the car to run in with the baby and they weren't letting anyone in yet...that was fun.  So, we are soaking wet going in but dry off in less than 5 minutes due to the lovely temperature in the gym.  Yes, you all know I am a sweater, right??  Well, today was just gross.  Good thing I was soaked from the rain b/c you would just think all the wetness all over my body was from the rain.  Yes, it was definitely from the rain and I definitely was not sweating like a pig from orafaces you don't even want to hear about!!!  GROSS!!!   Get the kiddies back home, make some cake pops for a b-day, feed baby and rush back out...drop off kiddies at neighbors house (I LOVE THIS NEIGHBOR...) so hubby can 'work' from home w/o the distractions, drop off cupcake samples and go to work!!  Busy night at work tonight...lots of kiddies coming in to register for the summer programs:) 

Now, let's talk hubby and why I don't have my pictures in here yet...yes, I can blame him.  He was going into the computer room to do some 'work' (not really sure what kind of work he does at 9 at night, but he was also watching something on the computer non-work related...guess he was working hard back there..) and I ask him to start uploading the pics.  So, you know, I think he's actually doing that for me while he's back there.  But, we would all be wrong.  I asked him if he did the pics for me and guess what...THE CARD WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  I mean, how hard is it to remember to do this for me and how hard is it to actually keep track of the card with the pics on it??  Obviously, it's not an easy task!!  And, you know if I had forgotten to do something for him and lost the main component of actually completing said task, I would be getting shit for it.  But, I quietly left him be to find the card and let him berate himself for not being able to figure out what he did with it.  I did express that I was not happy and couldn't understand how you actually lose something like that...but, I think he doesn't understand my need to have my pictures!!    Well, he finally found it but it wasn't until  after midnight and well, I'm too tired to try and go through them.  And, of course, Franny Girl is on my lap...yeah...not gonna be a good night. 

Random thought- Must get Franny Girl in her crib...or not...I need sleep...or not...I want my bed back...well, this couch is pretty comfortable...or not...ha ha ha 

(will post some pics tomorrow and make some sentimental blabbings about my kids getting older and how I can't believe it and blah blah blah...ok...)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Babysitters babysitters and babysitters...

Wow...finding, hiring and keeping a even does that work??  And how much is this even going to cost me??  And, do they make more money than I do these days??  Will anyone be able to care for FOUR children??  What about Franny Girl??  Why am I so concerned about this??  Who knows!! 

We have either been very lucky or we are just a loser couple b/c we have not had to hire a babysitter (one who we don't already know as part of the family) EVER!!  Yup, you heard me...DJ is 8.5 years old and we've always been able to get a sitter from within.  You know, the relative who's free or the really cheap kid of your best friend (she did it when we only had 2 so it wasn't so bad and she was just starting out and she was really really cheap!!).  We had one of these types of watchers set up for this weekend...BUT...she had to cancel and we just had to bite the bullet and hire a babysitter.  The kind that you just don't know that well and that you actually have to pay the going rate...

And so, in my quest to hire a babysitter, I've had to follow procedure and figure out just how we do it!!  I know, most people don't give up their sitters name and info for fear that you will steal them away from you.  Trust me when I tell you this...I WILL NOT STEAL YOUR BABYSITTER B/C I CANNOT AFFORD ONE EVER!!  And, I had a very nice neighbor who probably knows this about me and recommended the girl next door.  So, I did what every parent would do..I e-mailed her to find out her availability and comfort level.  Seriously...I did e-mail her.  I also had her come over today to meet the kids and gage how Franny Girl reacts to her, okay???  Of course, I didn't ask her if she knew CPR or First-aid...duh...why didn't I think of that!!  Perhaps I should have e-mailed her a there's an idea!!!

Kids seemed receptive and Franny Girl smiled at her and let her hold her...I also sent them outside for a bit to see how things went down.  Of course, DJ was the daredevil to see what he could get away with...Max was just Max and he screamed a few times, Kyra was up her butt, and Franny Girl seemed ok being held by her and watching the action.  OK...must remember to show her first aid kit for DJ b/c I just know he's going to be a crazy lunatic and fall on his face or something!!! 

Now, while looking at things I should have asked, I keep reading that we need to stress the safety of our children...DUH...isn't that a given and if you think the babysitter is not going to keep your children safe than why the hell are you hiring them!!! 
Oh, and don't worry about the stranger thing b/c the child molestors are most likely related to you anyway!!  Yup...this was stressed several times in my on-line search!!  Ummmmm...yeah...thanks!!   
Oh, and they say to interview the babysitter w/o the children present...hmmmmmm....what should I do, hire a sitter while I interview a sitter???  Yeah, sure, okay..

OK- so than I got to thinking about leaving the sitter a know, a list of those important #'s they should have (not sure where I can even put this w/o it getting lost in the cluster F%$K that is my cluttered house)...b/c you know I will forget to write something important down for her.  So, I found some really pretty 'free' printable babysitter forms:

Another link that has some common-sense info and a printable check-list:

Oh, and here's a Blue's Clues one...just in case you want a character page:) now we know what info to leave the sitter...but do we know what to pay the sitter??  Yeah...I had to look this up too and will probably ask a few people before Saturday so that I can figure out what to pay this girl.  I charge a very small fee for Baby J...and I can guarantee I will be paying a lot more for the teenager!!  Why is that??  I earned $3/4 per hour when I babysat kids.  I know, that was a looooong time ago, but do they really need to make more money than we do as grown moms working???  Seriously!!

Oh, and all these web-sites suggest keeping snacks your sitter likes in your house, sending them thank-you notes and giving them bonuses throughout the year...sorry...can't stop laughing at this!!  I think they can eat what's in my house and I probably won't be sending a thank-you card to them anytime soon (especially since it takes me too long to get regular thank-you notes out in the mail) and as for a bonus...sure...I'll get right on that!!  I am barely going to be able to pay her for this saturday (hence the reason we don't or haven't hired a sitter...and yes, we are the loser couple who doens't go out much unless one of those said free one's is available)...ha ha ha  I had a friend call earlier and say how nice it was that we were getting out together...yeah, that's the nice part...but I would prefer to have the 'free' part too!!  At least we don't have to give a monetary wedding is where making desserts comes in handy b/c I am making the 'cake' for saturday...will post pics b/c it's not a real cake:)

And so, she came, I liked her, the kids liked her, and we will only be gone for like 5 or 6 hours.  I guess this is the test and will good to know she's there in the event we will need to do this again!!  Now, I can only hope that she can handle my very special kiddies and that when I need her again, she won't cringe and make excuses for not being able to do it!!

OK- that's all I have to say about that!!

Random thought- Franny Girl loves ice-cream!!!

Out of the mouths of Babes...

So, Max has this infatuation relationship with his boobies...he likes to 'play' with them while sucking his thumb when he gets tired.  Yeah...kinda crazy I used to be his belly button, but he discovered his 'boobies' and that was the end of the belly:)  And, he must be able to get to we were never really able to put onesies on him and he needs to unzip certain pj's to reach them!!, he came around the corner and told me that I needed to drink his boobie milk!!  Ummmm, yeah, sure Max...where in the world does this kid come up with this stuff??  I told him that I didn't drink that anymore and he was very insistent that I drink milk from his boobie...even pulled up his shirt to show me that he had boobies!!  I love that kid:)  You just never know what's gonna come out of his mouth. 

So, while we are talking about Max and what comes out of his mouth, I am also sad today that he is starting to correct himself with his words:(  So, as a tribute to Max, here are some of my favorite words that we loved hearing him say (along with a translation for you)

Mogolego                                                      Motorcycle
Dicks                                                             Sticks  (and sometimes they were big 'sticks')
Anareca                                                         Francesca
D day                                                            DJ
Rearra                                                           Kyra
vroom vroom                                                Car
Big vroom vroom                                          Truck

I know there's a lot more...but my brain is already falling asleep:)  I hope he never loses his cuteness and the fact that when he gives hugs and kisses it is always a hug on each side with a kiss in the middle...and I hope he will always climb up and want to snuggle with me!!  And, I really enjoy the fact that he puts on his winter hat when it's super hot outside along with crocs that are on the wrong feet!!  His personality will reach out and grab you and draw you into his little world!!  His curiosity is awesome (even though I may get tired of his continuous questions) and so is his compassion!! 

OK...enough about him...even though he's just an awesome kid!!  Laugh mommy, laugh.  OK Max, I'm stop Mommy...ok, Max (chuckle chuckle) MOM...stop laughing...sure Max:)

On another note- today I was able to bake 2 more kinds of cake, 2 kinds of frosting, decorate some mini cupcakes, make some letters with chocolate, mush up all 3 kinds of pops (chocolate w/pb shell, spice cake with red shell to look like apples, and vanilla w/white choc shell) and put together the pop bouquets!!  Oh, yeah, and do the dishes, sweep up Franny's mess (yeah...when I'm busy, Max takes over and decided that Franny Girl needed like 100 puffs, 100 cheesey crackers, 100 cheese doodles, etc), pick up the tornado that Franny left, do some more dishes, oh no, the napkins are all over the floor (thx Franny),  ooooops, there goes the tomato plant on the floor again (thx Max), etc!  And, kids were registered for Soccer, Cheerleading and Track (the free stuff).  Speaking of which, why in the world do they have to hold sign-ups for all this stuff at 3 different locations???  It's all part of the Rec Programs, so can't they just pick a location and all be there???  Don't they realize that we, as parents, are busy and our time is limited???  HA

Random thought- If you start to doubt yourself, the real world will eat you alive   (Henry Rollins)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Franny took a Header!!!

Yes, folks, she's off and running (ok...not running yet, but I can guarantee it's close) and today, she took a header into the mud!!  ha ha ha
And, into the mud no less...but I guess that's what happens when you try to stand up in a baby pool with no water to hold it down...(don't worry, no baby was hurt in the taking of this picture)

That was at a playdate today!!  Great day for a playdate and great idea got to wash their bikes and ride them through the carwash.  Max was timid at first about getting wet...he actually carried the bike to the water and gingerly placed it under so he wouldn't get wet.  Don't worry...he eventually got into it!! 

I love how he is so sensitive and cautious!!  I don't Franny Girl is going to be that way at all...she is just going to jump in head first to things...I'm really going to have to be on my toes with her:)  Aside from the fact that she just started crawling, she is also standing up and today she started to try and cruise on the couch...I am soooooooooo NOT ready for this!!  She's not supposed to be doing this yet, so I've decided that I need to just keep pushing her back down on her butt.  Do you think she'll get the message to stop trying to grow up???  Yeah, I didn't think so...:(  At least she's not sensitive to the feel of muddy grass:

And here's a few more of my 'dirty' Franny:

Max would have been flipping out sitting on the wet and muddy grass...and he would have needed to be wiped immediately.  Not my Franny Girl!!

Oh, here's one more...take a good look at the cute outfit b/c she gives new meaning to tight shorts and belly shirts!!!  (let's just say we won't be putting these on her again)

Yup...I think that's about all I have to say for tonight!!  I'm tired...long day (we had Baby J all day today too).

Random Thought of the day: Moms Rock!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stupid Things We do as Parents

Everyone does stupid things in their lives…and some of them we do as parents.  Right??  Well, I thought we’d get this out there and you all can have a good laugh at the stupid things I’ve done and than feel better about yourself (or worse…depending on your own stupidity)…or we can just laugh together, right??  Right?? 

So, here it is folks, 10 (ok...there are 11 and I'm sure I could keep going...but...we'll stop there) things I’ve done as a parent that I consider an act of stupidity:

  1. Put my first born on the couch next to me (sitting up) and did not duct tape him to the couch or use any form of entrapment as he proceeded to launch himself off the couch head first onto the floor…  (we had to take him to the emergency room later that day b/c he spontaneously spewed puke all over the table and floor at a restaurant and we were freaked out by it…and yes, it was my birthday)

  1. Drove a car to grocery store (not my car) just after my second baby was born…went to go home and the car wouldn’t start…ha ha…turns out, I got into a similar car and tried to start it up but when it didn’t work, I freaked out…started leaking from my eyes and boobs, freaked out some more and than realized I was in the wrong car!!!  Go on, laugh…it was a long time agoJ

  1. Managed to lock myself out of the main part of our house while my 2 toddlers were in the bathroom playing with the water in the sink.  Yup…it happened and I freaked a lot!!  Somehow, the basement door locked as I was bringing the laundry down to the dryer (yes, my washer is upstairs and my dryer in the basement…fun fun fun).  After I assessed and could not get the kids to answer me (what 3 yr old would actually want to hear their mom when they are playing in water and no one is yelling at them) I figured out that a box cutter would cut a hold in the door and I would be able to reach through and unlock the lock…yes, we than had a hole in our basement door but my kids didn’t drown in the 1 inch of water in the sink they were playing with!!!

  1. Left a sippy cup on the back of the truck…and for some reason, said sippy cup is still there when you get to your destination…

  1. Left the house without the diaper bag…have your kid poop in their diaper and not be able to change it until you get home…(sorry to all those parents who had to smell it that day…)

  1. Climbed into a tube to ‘rescue’ your child b/c they climbed up but were too scared to continue or to get down…and man are those things tiny for parents…

  1. Let my children fend for themselves for breakfast (just the older 2) when they were about 2 and 3…usually after a night of bartending.  Was never a big deal and I usually came downstairs to find that they ate some chips and crackers and made a huge mess.  One morning, my very smart 3 yr old was trying to open the box of the yogurts and couldn’t, so he proceeded to bring chair over to counter to reach the knives…tried to use the knife to open box, missed, and cut right next to his eye…AND, before he came up to tell me, had the smarts to put the chair and knife away b/c he didn’t want to get into trouble…Geez… emergency room visit followed by doctor ‘glueing’ the cut shut…that was not a good dayL

  1. Accidentally pinching the skin under the chins while buckling the seat belt…and the bike helmet (yes, did it on more than one kid)

  1. Let my daughter push my son in the stroller and she proceeded to let him go…down a hill and into a bush…stroller fell over and he wasn’t buckled in so he tumbled out…  (ha ha…this actually wasn’t me as a mother, but I was the daughter…love you mom)

  1. Locked the family inside of Kyra’s room.  Yes, we were all locked inside her room with no one else in the house and no phone of any sort with us.  This happened b/c the lock on the door was on the outside (something we did so that Kyra would stay in her bed when she first started with the bed…another long story) and the door was somehow shut while locked.  Thankfully there was a screw driver in the room b/c we were still fixing it up and we were able to take the door off…

  1. Leaving kid in bouncy seat without buckling…kids are pretty squirmy little suckers and have a way of sliding out of the seat…and yes, I’ve done this with more than just the first (ha ha ha)

I’m sure I could continue on with more acts of stupidity…but I think you all can get the gist of it…We all do stupid things!!  What have you done as a parent that’s made you feel like an idiot…I’d love to hear about your adventures of parenting!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Day...The SHOW!! (or should I say shows)

Wow...what a week and now it's all over!!!  My kids were awesome, beautiful and I am sooooooo proud of them.  DJ rocked his solo, Kyra came through with ballet and she didn't look as lost as she did all week, and her tap really came together!!  And, now, they are both tucked safely in their beds and will hopefully sleep in tomorrow!!  Though, we all know Max can't seem to stay in bed past 6:30 or 7 these days!!

So, yeah...this new location for the recital was a little (OK...ALOT) chaotic this year.  Drop off was long and hot.  You had to stand in a really long line and give your info in case of emergency and than leave your kid.  I think they needed a few more people there (and perhaps set up the tables outside so they had more room???) for check-in.  It might have gone quicker.  I also went in with my kids to make sure they were settled and knew where their stuff was!! 

Franny Girl and Max went to Uncle Kevin's house during the first show.  Had a good time there!!  Hopefully FrannyGirl was good for them...she's so out of sorts these days...rosy cheeks, heat rash, teething, ear aches...oh, and she's stll not sleeping well!!!  The countdown has begun for her crib...I'm gonna cry longer and harder than she will:(

And, the parents seemed more out of control then usual.  Is it really ok to stand up in the middle of the theater and wave to your kid while they are on stage??  While there is someone trying to videotape the show in the back!!  And, I can't tell you how many little kids were in the audience and how many strollers came in and out of the theater with babies in them.  Now, is it really necessary to bring the little ones to a recital??? Or, if you have to bring them, don't try and actually sit in your seat b/c you inevitably will need to get up more than once with that me!!  And, the ones that aren't babies just dance and kick and knock into you while they are sitting behind you.  Oh, and let's not forget all the talking that went on while girls were performing.  Come on...have some respect for the dancers.  Just because your kid is done doesn't mean you can carry on a conversation with Aunt Dot and Grandpa Joe 2 rows up!!!  And when they say no taking pictures or videotaping, please NO PICTURES OR VIDEOTAPING!!  It's distracting to those around you who actually want to watch the little girs!!  They really are cute!!OK...I think that's about all I have to say about the first show:)

No wait...when they say they only want 1 person from each family to go pick up the dancers, they really do mean that!!

Oh yeah...forgot to mention that I had to escort MIL into ladies room today and help her with pants/girdle and stuff...ummmm, uncomfortable!!  Did I mention that she broke her arm in 4 different places???

OK- show 1 is over (about an hour late) and we are supposed to leave the kids for the next show in there.  Ummmmmm, what's going on for 2nd show...nobody knows!!  Ha...take her out for some air and than go grab her some pizza!!  DJ and I get to hang out know, I sat on the steps eating like a normal human being while he chomped some pizza, climbed a wall, slid down the pole on the stairs, took another bite, threw some rocks, almost went through the water...gotta love that kid!!!

Doug comes back to 2nd show with Franny Girl...she wanted nothing to do with the in-laws (sorry, but I can't really blame her on this one).  She is miserable to begin with and for some reason she just doesn't like MIL.  And, MIL can't even pick her up these days and I have no idea if FIL is even willing to change a diaper.  So, she got to see the show...ha ha ha...from the lobby that is!!!  But, at least I got to see Kyra do her tap on stage and than hubby took DJ and FrannyGirl home to relieve in-laws of Max duty!!  Of course Kyra's tap dance is like 4th from the he was there for most of the show...

I think that's about the extent of it...I'm tired and need some's hoping FrannyGirl sleeps tonight:)  Well, let's hope she sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time b/c I could use longer than 2 hrs at a time!!!

Random thought- Enjoy your kiddies up on that stage while you can and quit complaining about the NO AC in the theater!!  (ha ha ha)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5...the End is near!!

So, tonight was Day 5 of recital week for us.  Not as bad as it could have been but very draining on Mommy none the less.  Of course it was a long day in this house-hold...would you think it could possibly be any other way??

Get big kiddies to the bus on time (my kids were the only ones on the bus this morning...think I didn't get the memo to drive kids to school today???) and they have Field Day!!  Bummed that I couldn't go and help out and maybe see them in their element, but alas, had to make some money with Baby J.  No, I didn't pimp him out, I promise...he just came to play.  And, he decided today was a good day to Christen Me with his pee...yup...came out of his diaper while I was holding him!!  Franny Girl is turning into a 'bully' too...she goes right up to him and takes his binky out of his mouth and than starts chewing on it...I think she's gonna start taking his lunch soon too (of course, she does have bottle envy too...she's always trying to take those away from him too).  Max had someone to play with today too:)

Oh, and Franny Girl continues to Christen me with her medicine...check out the splatter of pink stuff on my face (good thing I was wearing glasses...)...though, my face is so red/pink, you might miss it...
Max's friend left and Baby J finally left (40 minutes late...there goes my shower).  Rush upstairs so I could remember to put that deodorant on (forgot that didn't want to stand too close) and get my teeth brushed (yup...forgot to do that before I left the house yesterday so you defnitely didn't want to stand too close..) 

Get to school...drag kiddies away from Field Day Fun (which was inside due to impending thunder storm) rush to Quick Check for that big soda to make it through rehearsal...and, oh crap, who is that screaming little girl looking for her mother (you see, I left my kids in the car while I ran in) and is screaming and crying and saying she wants to go home...oh, yeah, it is mine.   Guess I shouldn't have left her in the car with that sever thunder storm about the start??  I bet those people in the store were either laughing with me or just feeling sorry for that little girl!!  And than, of course, DJ has to come barrelling into the store (don't worry, Max and Franny are in the safest place to be in a storm...the to say how awesome it is and maybe it will be a tornado or hurricane b/c don't you see the eye of it and the dark clouds??  And, there go the waterworks's just thunder, right??? 

Get to stage...almost raining again but we actually make it into the school before it rains...YEAH!!!  They only start 40 minutes late (I know, they were doing soooooooo well this week)!!  And, of course, my kids are in numbers towards the end of the, we have to be there the entire time...yup...all 5 of us.  Not so bad...didn't lose it until we got back to the car at 6:45 and than I just had to yell...and the puddles...did you jump in so many puddles when you were young??  I guess I just don't remember the need to walk through every puddle and/or jump through them!!

I also don't remember getting yelled at quite as much as my kids do.  Perhaps my parents would say otherwise, but I just don't remember getting rambunctious in the theater.  Or, perhaps it b/c my mother put a curse on me...she wished upon me a Baker's Dozen just like me.  Well, I obviously don't have 13 I guess they are all rolled up into the 4 I got.  So, if I do the same to my children, will each generation get progessively worse and will our society just go to Hell in a Handbag???  (is that the right way of saying that???)  Doing these things with my kids always makes me feel so inadequate as a's like they save all the bad behavior and lack of listening skills for when we are out...or, it could just be that we, as parents, notice it more b/c we feel like when our kids misbehave the whole world is looking down on us???

Ah are some xtra pics from at the theater:

Random thought- The sun will come out tomorrow...(did I make you start singing???)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4 of Recital Week... was a very long day but we persevered and made it to the end!!  Whew...though, Max and Franny Girl both fell asleep twice in the car today and Franny Girl was soooooooooo tired tonight that it took over an hour to get her to sleep:(  Thank goodness hubby went to bed early too, b/c he tends to be loud and his voice wakes her up!!!

Excited to do some cake pops, mini cupcakes, and a small cake and maybe some other things for a wedding next week!  Now, I just have to figure out pricing that works for both of us...I hate pricing things out!!  I really need someone else to price and tell people the price b/c I always feel bad for that crazy???    Check out some new pops on a stick:

Met up with some great friends today for lunch.  I haven't seen them in forever so it was really nice to catch up!!  One of my girlfriends is having a baby in the fall (not planned, like Franny Girl) but we are happy for her!!  She is getting more and more excited as well!!  I love babies:)

Made it to pick up the kiddies in time and we got to the theater on time!!  AND- they started right on time tonight.  The schedule didn't get too far behind and we made it out with plenty of time to get DJ to his baseball game...Yup...this is the first time in my history with the dance studio that the dress rehearsal went so quickly and smoothly!  I am still speechless about this so perhaps I'll have more to say later:)

DJ played in his last baseball game of the season.  It's kinda bittersweet in that I can't believe it's over and how quickly it went...and yet IAMSOGLADTHESEGAMESAREOVER!!!  Yes, is that horrible to say?? I think we had a great season and the boys played great and learned a lot this year!!  Though, my son needs to learn a little humility...he thinks he is the best hitter on the team.  And, he asks constantly if we saw his doubles (yes, he hits them frequently) and didn't he hit the ball far, etc.  I absolutely think he's a great hitter...but I don't tell him all the time b/c I think he needs to stop saying it...does that make sense??  He needs to realize that there is more to baseball than just hitting and that he still needs to work on the rest of the game.  And, he needs to realize that he has a team and that they also play Great!!!

And, while at the game, the rest of the kiddies decided to have some fun with glasses:

 And now, perhaps I'll go to sleep!!  Though, I am determined to finish my adult beverage before I fall asleep tonight!!  It's been a really long day and I deserve it:)  Thought, a piece of that chocolate cake from BJ's would be awesome too...ha ha ha

Random thought: Expect the unexpected and you might be pleasantly surprised!!

Pleasantly Surprised

Wow...Day 3 of recital week and it was a good day!!  I have a wonderful neighbor who willingly took the 3 kiddies who didn't have to go and they were as close to on-time as I've ever seen them!!!  And, without any other kiddies with me, I took some pics and video!!!!  AND- Kyra got to watch some of the bigger girls b/c I knew hubby was on his way to pick up kiddies!!

Can you guess what she is???

Went to Michael's to pick up some miscellaneous crap for pops...and stopped at Taco Bell (yup...had to be done...must stop there everytime am in middletown...yum...)  As we were leaving, we saw this:

Beautiful rainbow to end a great rehearsal!!

On a sadder(is this even a word???) note, my neice is going back to Texas today.  They stopped by last night to say good-bye and the girls couldn't get enough of each other.  If I wasn't holding a clingy baby, you might have a picture here...and then Kyra had a break-down.  After her cousin left, Kyra just lost it.  I think it's been a long few weeks with so many family coming to visit and then leaving that she just couldn't handle it.  And, she's tired...and so, the tears and heaving shoulders came and went!!

Long day ahead of us...finish cake pops and drop off, cake pop consult, lunch with some friends I haven't seen in ages, pick up kiddies by 2:30, dress rehearsal at stage for both, baseball game for DJ and maybe Kyra will make it to her Girl Scout end of year meeting with all the GS.  Wish us luck for today...will most likely fall asleep again tonight...we'll see:)

Random thought (or better yet, here is a picture that I have no words for...check out the 'shorts' on him)

(can you guess who's 'pants' those are???)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Blabbings...

I made iced-tea this morning so the kids would have something to drink at school today besides water...because my kids would rather drink nothing than water (crazy kids) and neither one of them wanted it!!!  So, they go 2 days with being told it's not made and there's nothing to drink and the complaints that came from it and thentheydon'twantitthesekidsaregoingtobethedeathofme!!!

Franny Girl and MackeyMo are wearing the same size diapers these days!!  ha ha ha haha  chubalub  Speaking of is why every shirt become a belly shirt on Franny Girls (just got to stick with the onesies with her so that her belly stops sticking out...)
Oh, and trying to get this damn medicine down her throat is not an easy task...check out all the pink on her face and up her nose...(my pants also got some and I think the couch when she spit it out)

Went to Author Day today at Kyra's school for her class...she is AWESOME!!!

And one final picture for now...when in doubt, climb in a take a rest...maybe someone will zip you up and take you with them:)

Here's hoping you all have a FABULOUS afternoon!!  Let's hope tonight's rehearsal goes well.

Random thought: I wish upon you all Great Neighbors and Friends...for with them, life is much more pleasant!!!