Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day of NOthing...

Yes, today was basically a day to do nothing.  Yup, I said it, I tried to do as little as possible today.  Everything was cleaned up last night (ok, not everything, but enough of everything) and so there wasn't that much left to do today.  And so, we didn't clean anything, do any laundry or go anywhere.  Shop Rite will still be there tomorrow...and so will the laundry!!! 

We still have the cousins here and Granny Rosie left this morning.  Mommy's Mommy will be here all week but she's not a 'gaggle' of women!!  Franny and Max just don't know what to do with themselves with all these extra women here.  I know that it has been wonderful having my cousin and her daughters here.  I haven't seen them in almost 7 it has been really great to see the girls all grown up and to catch up with my cousin.  The best was just like old times with my cousin and we all just kind of melded together again.  And, my kids absolutely adore her daughters!!  They are beautiful and awesome.  I am really thankful that Franny Girl came into our lives so that we had to make Devon be the Godmother and have the family travel back to NY!!  Now, we just have to make a pact to visit more often.  My entire family lives far away (except my little brother and his fiancee and daughter) so it gets really expensive and hard to try and see everyone.  These are the times when I miss having family around all the time.  Remember, when you wish you didn't have to see your family all the time...or you wish you could just come for a visit every now and then...THINK AGAIN!!!  I miss all of my family (even you MOM...but we've given up on you coming back to NY).  Tomorrow the girls leave and I will be sad.  I hope that I can make sure to visit soon instead of just saying it and not doing it.  We all do that too often and we all need to just DO IT!!!

Here is a pic of the women in the family (we do this everytime we are together...last picture included we had 4 generations of women...this pic only has 3 generations)
We love you all and will miss you lots!!!

Now, on another note, I just want to share with you how special my toddler is:   He sure does love his pink hat!!!  And, that's the bear backpack that you can attach a leash to!!!  Love Him:)

Buses- those stupid busses...I wish they showed up at the same time.  Here is how I get that Mother of the Year Award (you all voted for me, right???)  Yes, I missed the bus today.  We all fell asleep and had to scramble out of the house.  Now, you'd think I would've just driven at this point, right??  Because we never know what time this bus comes these days.  But, nope, we walked.  And, not only did we miss the bus, but my daughter was driven up to someone else's house and my son was always going to another neighbor's house (so, I didn't have to worry about him).  And so, I had no idea we had missed the bus or that my 6 year old was at someone's house.  Good Job Mommy

And so, I leave you with this: Live each day to the fullest.  We only have one life and we should really LIVE it to the fullest.  There are no do-overs here and you should really have no regrets!!

Random thought- Jerseylisious and the Bacherolette- Oh, how do I love the drama...let me count the ways!!!

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