Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, June 13, 2011

Recitals...and Fevers

Oh yes, it's that time of year again...yup...the dreaded Recital Week is here.  It has definitely not started out with any high know, when you hope and pray that they will be on time and actually respect your time???  ha ha ha

So, Baby J came and went, hubby and I and the little ones went to the DUMP and through out some stuff... and than it was off to the beginning of the end!!  Get the big kiddies off the bus and start driving like a mad woman only to realize that I forgot DJ's costume for his dress rehearsal...turn around and continue to drive like a mad woman to get back to the house, grab said costume and continue on our merry way.  Yes, we tried like heck to get to our rehearsal on time because we, as parents, respect the time and energy (and effort) the teachers and volunteers go to so that they can teach our kids to dance!!  And yes, we do make it in time...with minutes to spare...only to realize they are already 30 minutes behind.  DJ's class is in the 2nd group to be called in.  I don't even know how long he was up there, but it was way long.  So, he finally comes group goes in and we wait for Kyra's class to be called in.  And we wait...and wait...and wait some more...oh, yeah, they are being called upstairs into the "holding" room.  And we wait some more... and wait...and wait...and, oh, no not their turn yet...oh crap, Kyra is definitely not going to make it on time to her Bridging Ceremony...oh, ok, there they go into the big room.  She looks beautiful...they do the dance...let's go...nope, let's do the dance one more time.  And so, I rip her out of the room, strip her down in the hallway and get her dressed in girlscout stuff and run out the door...we were 50 minutes late and I am wondering if anyone is still there.  Drive like mad crazy woman (you see, these are the days the cops should be on the look-out) to get there and the troop is still there...whew...troop leader has girls go over bridge so they can all 'receive'  her and she's over.  Officially a Brownie now!!!  Eat ice-cream...and get the heck home.  Only to find Franny Girl with a 101.6 fever...ooooof...poor Franny:(  She finally passed out about 20 minutes ago...let's hope she sleeps tonight b/c she really needs it.  Now, if only I can actually make it back to the gym one of these days!!!  My old body needs something and I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow...but, I just can't bring my baby into that room when she already has fever!!  Let's hope I get there on WEdnesday!!!

(yeah...this pic is blurry...have a problem with it??  I'm tired, ok??)

Let's also hope that I make it through this week.  And, since I've been up since 4AM, I'm gonna post and try to get some sleep!!!

Random thought- If you feel the need to cut me off, please be more in a hurry than I am....not less!!  You really piss off this crazy mad driver when you pull out only to make me brake and than drive 10 miles below the speed limit for the entire way!!!  JERK!!!

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  1. Both DJ and Kyra looked so cute. I am so sorry we missed it this year but hopefully will be not so crazy busy next year.
    Ed and El