Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sitting outside the Principal's Office...

I've never ever had to sit outside the principal's office in my life.  Until today, that is.  And, it wasn't because I was in trouble either...and don't worry, DJ or Kyra were also not in trouble.  Nope...I called the principal this time around so that we coudl talk about DJ and his needs for the next school year.  Now, I am not that parent who calls the school willingly...DJ is my eldest and he's been through 3 years of school before I decided it was time to go in a chat.  I love our principal and I really love the fact that I could call him up and go in for a chat.  Now, I didn't need a lot of time...I just needed to express what I think DJ needs in a teacher.  I don't really care who that teacher is, as long as said teacher knows how to handle him.  He is not the easiest child nor is he the best listener and he will need someone who has a very disciplined style of teaching and who will hold him responsible for his actions!!  I think we all need a little bit of this, but DJ needs a little more than the average person.  Now, I can only hope that the chat with the principal will help DJ to get a teaching style to match his peronality!!

After that meeting, had to bake a cake for pops.  And, definitely had to make some oatmeal raisin cookies for my Mom.  She is leaving in a few days and she will be sorely missed.  I really wish she lived a little bit closer!!  We love having her here and these visits just don't seem long enough.  I know...she will have been here for about 10 days when she goes back...but, life in my house is sooooooo crazy hectic that it feels like we don't really get to 'visit'!!  And I know my kiddies will miss her too...they always ask about her and Max calls her on the phone almost every day (ha...he told my MOm she couldn't talk until she went back home...think he wanted to talk to her on the phone)

And so, we baked and than picked up the kiddies, went to the Farmer's Market for some full-on sour pickles and than went to spend the next 3 hours at the dance studio!!  DJ finally got his jazz costume...ha ha ha...he such a skinny little runt that the costume just hangs off of him!!!  But, he loved it and thinks he's the bomb diggity so we'll not laught at him:)


Random thought- ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

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