Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Fairs and Birthday Parties...

So, the book fair is this week and it's the food know, the BOGO sale!!  I love buying the kids books during this week and I love that they are excited about getting new books.  That being said, I have learned a few things about the book fair:
1. Go Early...they sell out of the books your children want b/c all the children want these very same books
2. Never just take the list your kids give you and say ok to them all...they have board books at these book fairs and I don't believe my 1st and 2nd graders should be picking those books out still..
3. Just go up if you can...than you can see exactly what they put on their list
4. Don't bring the extra kiddies as you will inevitably buy for them as well  (I know...this is pretty unrealistic...perhaps I should've left them in the car...NOT)
5. Explain to your kiddies that when they say you buy one and get one free that the buy one is the MOST EXPENSIVE book they've written down and the free one is the LEAST EXPENSIVE book on their list
6. Watch out for any other kiddies in there...they think you can help them b/c you are an adult...even though you are just in there to buy books for your kiddies...ha ha ha
7. You can learn gossip by running into other moms at the book fair!!!  ILOVEGOSSIP...
8. Don't buy the hardcover books at the Book can most likely get it somewhere else for a lower cost and in paperback!!

I can't think of any more...anyone have any life lessons they've learned at the Book Fair????

Now, on to birthday parties.  I think I was being bashed on FB this morning because her daughter was not invited to my daughter's b-day celebration.  I have no idea what her daughter told her mom, but my Kyra was only allowed to invite 2 girls.  Harsh you might say??  But, we are also celebrating Franny Girls baptism at the same time and there are a lot more Family and Family Friends coming...and therefore, she was only allowed 2 friends from school.  We are also not doing true birthday parties for them anymore either...we just can't afford to do these parties that parents do these days...These girls are only 7 and to them it's the end of the world b/c of things like this.  Perhaps I should have told Kyra to not talk so openly about her party and who was coming and who couldn't come.  But, in the same respect, she is 7 and is excited that it's her party (even though it's really not...I just kind of threw her party in there to make her feel special).  And, it's this guilt of not being able to do a full fledge party for her that pushes me to spend too much money on the little things.   I mean, who else goes into the Dollar store and spends $30 bucks on stuff when you've already pretty much bought everything for the party???  Yes, I DO!!!
And anyway, I didn't even send out invitations for this birthday party and only 1 little girl is coming from her class, really, what is the Freakin' deal???  I thought we were all adults???  I didn't like high school for a reason!!!

OK- that's my story and I'm sticking to it:)

Random thought- Live life to the fullest...and make sure you have the full story before you make conclusions and bash people!!!

Up next (as in...writing it tonight) 7 Years of Life and hopefully Many MOre!!

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