Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5...the End is near!!

So, tonight was Day 5 of recital week for us.  Not as bad as it could have been but very draining on Mommy none the less.  Of course it was a long day in this house-hold...would you think it could possibly be any other way??

Get big kiddies to the bus on time (my kids were the only ones on the bus this morning...think I didn't get the memo to drive kids to school today???) and they have Field Day!!  Bummed that I couldn't go and help out and maybe see them in their element, but alas, had to make some money with Baby J.  No, I didn't pimp him out, I promise...he just came to play.  And, he decided today was a good day to Christen Me with his pee...yup...came out of his diaper while I was holding him!!  Franny Girl is turning into a 'bully' too...she goes right up to him and takes his binky out of his mouth and than starts chewing on it...I think she's gonna start taking his lunch soon too (of course, she does have bottle envy too...she's always trying to take those away from him too).  Max had someone to play with today too:)

Oh, and Franny Girl continues to Christen me with her medicine...check out the splatter of pink stuff on my face (good thing I was wearing glasses...)...though, my face is so red/pink, you might miss it...
Max's friend left and Baby J finally left (40 minutes late...there goes my shower).  Rush upstairs so I could remember to put that deodorant on (forgot that didn't want to stand too close) and get my teeth brushed (yup...forgot to do that before I left the house yesterday so you defnitely didn't want to stand too close..) 

Get to school...drag kiddies away from Field Day Fun (which was inside due to impending thunder storm) rush to Quick Check for that big soda to make it through rehearsal...and, oh crap, who is that screaming little girl looking for her mother (you see, I left my kids in the car while I ran in) and is screaming and crying and saying she wants to go home...oh, yeah, it is mine.   Guess I shouldn't have left her in the car with that sever thunder storm about the start??  I bet those people in the store were either laughing with me or just feeling sorry for that little girl!!  And than, of course, DJ has to come barrelling into the store (don't worry, Max and Franny are in the safest place to be in a storm...the to say how awesome it is and maybe it will be a tornado or hurricane b/c don't you see the eye of it and the dark clouds??  And, there go the waterworks's just thunder, right??? 

Get to stage...almost raining again but we actually make it into the school before it rains...YEAH!!!  They only start 40 minutes late (I know, they were doing soooooooo well this week)!!  And, of course, my kids are in numbers towards the end of the, we have to be there the entire time...yup...all 5 of us.  Not so bad...didn't lose it until we got back to the car at 6:45 and than I just had to yell...and the puddles...did you jump in so many puddles when you were young??  I guess I just don't remember the need to walk through every puddle and/or jump through them!!

I also don't remember getting yelled at quite as much as my kids do.  Perhaps my parents would say otherwise, but I just don't remember getting rambunctious in the theater.  Or, perhaps it b/c my mother put a curse on me...she wished upon me a Baker's Dozen just like me.  Well, I obviously don't have 13 I guess they are all rolled up into the 4 I got.  So, if I do the same to my children, will each generation get progessively worse and will our society just go to Hell in a Handbag???  (is that the right way of saying that???)  Doing these things with my kids always makes me feel so inadequate as a's like they save all the bad behavior and lack of listening skills for when we are out...or, it could just be that we, as parents, notice it more b/c we feel like when our kids misbehave the whole world is looking down on us???

Ah are some xtra pics from at the theater:

Random thought- The sun will come out tomorrow...(did I make you start singing???)

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  1. Today is the last day, so sit back, relax and enjoy watching the show... I soooooo would love to be there, darn Kennett's:(