Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Night 2 of Crib...ha ha ha

OK- she went in the crib around 9:30 (after all the other kids were upstairs and in bed and quiet) and she was totally asleep.  Woke up crying around 12:15.  Now, of course I'm still awake and downstairs...(I made some brownies), windows are wide open, lights are on, and I'm just not finished with something, I go upstairs pick her up and try and rock her back to sleep., what do I do, I bring her back downstairs.  It's just that much easier, you know???  I know, I know...I'm going to just have to let her cry it out right??  I also feel so 'out of place' upstairs these days.  It's so dark up there and I can't see her face or pretty much anything.  I like the tv on but I feel like I will be disturbing hubby's sleep (and I really don't want to listen to his complaints)...I can also see things by the light of the tv.  And, there were many of those noises coming from hubby that I find really annoying so I just didn't want to listen to those all night long either!!  So, yes, we wound up back on the couch:(  I think hubby needs to sleep down here so I can do what I need to do to get her in the crib w/o waking him up...right???

So, that's all for now!!  gonna have a 'family' meeting soon with kiddies...just need to finish my coffee!!

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