Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To crib or not to crib...tonight that is...

So, we had a pretty good day today.  The kids were ok...or at least, they got sent to their rooms a couple times for not listening and for being rude and having attitudes.  But, all in all, we had a pretty calm day.  I did not yell at them but I was very firm about what I wanted out of them today.  And so, when hubby came home tonight with some stomach/back thing going on, I was just not a happy camper.  I had made brownie pops and choc chip cookies for some new mommies to nosh on through the night tonight and was fully expecting to be able to take a shower and run them up to the hospital...yeah, guess again.  ( some extras...any takers??)

And, I really can't stand when things bother him and he's sooooooooo 'sick' that he just has to lay on the floor and not be bothered with anyone.  GO TO BED!!!  And than, he goes and eats dinner...ummmmm....cheesy kielbasas, mac & cheese and green beans will really sit well with an upset stomach...idiot!!  Yes, I think he's a moron on these days and just continue to get annoyed at all the sounds that come from him...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

OK- so this brings me to what I should be doing with Franny Girl tonight.  She's sleeping on the couch right now and I'm think I should just leave her.  I really need to be able to put her in the crib and be next door.  And I really need stupid hubby to sleep elsewhere when I do this...yes, I think he's stupid tonight...ok???  And, being that all 3 kids were in bed by 8pm b/c they lost their time today (as well as being sent to their rooms for some calm down/quiet time) and there was no way they were actually going to sleep in the same, Kyra is back in her bed (right across from the crib)...Max was in his bed...and last I did was put DJ in our bed so that Max would actually sleep.  And than of course hubby went up to bed...didn't really talk to him much tonight...I just can't when he's like this and I'm too annoyed to be nice to him.  So, up he went and down I stay with Franny Girl.  And so, we are back to the couch tonight:( 

Perhaps tomorrow we will try again!!

Here are some pics of my kids actually getting along before they started hitting each other with the sticks:

Gave Franny Girl a jelly sandwich today...very sticky idea..he he.  Perhaps my baby was too sticky to withstand that Bounty Paper Towel??  Though, she was digging the green beans at dinner time...who knew to give her some veggies???

On a final note: this is what hubby leaves in the container and can't understand why I get angry at him b/c nobody else will make it again and they will complain about not having anything to drink until I just make the damn iced tea for them...(gonna change this too...I will not make it, I will not make it, I will not make it)

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  1. mommy's mommyJune 29, 2011 at 6:33 AM

    What is wrong with him? Forgot he has a family? Get that girl in the crib...