Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Blabbings...

I made iced-tea this morning so the kids would have something to drink at school today besides water...because my kids would rather drink nothing than water (crazy kids) and neither one of them wanted it!!!  So, they go 2 days with being told it's not made and there's nothing to drink and the complaints that came from it and thentheydon'twantitthesekidsaregoingtobethedeathofme!!!

Franny Girl and MackeyMo are wearing the same size diapers these days!!  ha ha ha haha  chubalub  Speaking of is why every shirt become a belly shirt on Franny Girls (just got to stick with the onesies with her so that her belly stops sticking out...)
Oh, and trying to get this damn medicine down her throat is not an easy task...check out all the pink on her face and up her nose...(my pants also got some and I think the couch when she spit it out)

Went to Author Day today at Kyra's school for her class...she is AWESOME!!!

And one final picture for now...when in doubt, climb in a take a rest...maybe someone will zip you up and take you with them:)

Here's hoping you all have a FABULOUS afternoon!!  Let's hope tonight's rehearsal goes well.

Random thought: I wish upon you all Great Neighbors and Friends...for with them, life is much more pleasant!!!

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  1. Love the pic of Max.. Too funny that kid is:)