Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is where I found Max when I came home this evening...wiped out with his hand on his boob (yes, he needs to reach his 'boobies' in order to get himself to sleep)

If there were someone to take my picture, you would see one of me in the same position in about 30 seconds!!!  (except, I don't think I need to reach my boobies in order to sleep)

And so, I am taking a break and gonna fall asleep now.  Yes, sheets still need to be put on bed...but, alas, they aren't dry yet!!  And the dishes need to be done...but, alas, Franny Girl is asleep on the couch already!!  Things still need to be 'moved' or 'hung' or something...but, alas, I don't have the energy right now. 


Random thought: If I spent as much time this week cleaning/organizing/washing/etc. every week, I would probably have THE CLEANEST HOUSE...but, than, Max would never go outside, Max would never have me play with him, Franny would cry a lot more, and I might forget to feed them on a regular basis...ooooops!! 

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