Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I will not stress...I will not stress...ok...I might just stress a little bit...

So, the christening and b-day party is in less than 2 days...and my cousin and her 3 girls will be here tomorrow at some point.  Yes, we still have to make their beds and dust (but the vacumming was done...yeah) and the bathroom upstairs needs to be cleaned...(I hate that job).  Good thing I am going to work tomorrow morning and YEAHMYMOTHERISHEREANDWILLBECLEANINGFORME!!!  Yes, that means I am psyched!!!  And, I know this last minute stuff will get done b/c she is here!!  Love you MOM:)
We went to pick her up from the train in Newark this is what my kids were doing when I stopped for gas:
 the 8 month old was bright eyed and bushy tailed
the 2 year old was sacked!!!

And here's what my mom looked like when we got to her (keep in mind, she was on a train all night...yup, a red-eye train ride...ha ha ha)
My children call her Mommy's Mommy.  DJ could not comprehend calling both grandmas Grandma and while we were explaining who each one was, this was his Mommy's Mommy and that's what he has called her since...and it stuck!!

And so, we left Newark to go home, eat lunch, frost cupcakes and go up to celebrate Kyra's b-day in the classroom:

Then we went to order a cake (yes, I am ordering a cake for Sunday b/c I am just not going to be able to make one...ok???  sorry, too many other things to do...but I am going to make flipflop cookies) and to dance/gymnastics.  That's always fun and I got to watch DJ in gymnastics (he's a strong little booger...didn't really realize what he could do nowadays as I rarely get a chance to go in a watch) and we saw him do his jazz solo which was AWESOME!!!  He still hasn't gotten his costume yet but we are hoping by next week.  Kyra was excited to have Mommy's Mommy watch her do her ballet dance and we learned the 'proper' way to make a bun in their hair.  Ah, the things we learn about this stuff even when we think we know it all...ha ha ha!!  Oh, and Max decided to take a header into the wall while we were there...think he left his teeth marks on the wall...yup, he comes around the corner covered in blood...hands, arms, face, mouth.  Blood always makes these things seem worse than they are...just a minor fat lip and if you didn't know about it, you might not even know anything happened.  Bribed him with chinese noodles and he was good as new!!

Doug came to pick up the kiddies and I dragged my mother shopping!!  I think she could have passed out in the car while I went in to all the stores!!  But she was a trooper and trudged on in the day of my life:)  Picked up some things at Michaels, shopped at Kohl's and went grocery shopping for party.  Just a few things we need from Shop Rite tomorrow and we are good.  I have no idea  how long Franny Girl has been sleeping but I do know that she didn't get a boob before bed and now I'm gonna be hurting soon!!  wondering when she's gonna wake up looking for some milk???  I hate these nights when you don't know if you should close your eyes or wait b/c she might want something soon...who knows!!

Guess I should go ahead and close my eyes b/c I gotta work at 9am:)

Random thought- don't say 'Holy bajesus' in front of Max b/c he will try to say it...actually, don't say anything you don't want him to repeat b/c he will try to say it.  Holy Guacamole is better!!!

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