Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

Wow...Day 3 of recital week and it was a good day!!  I have a wonderful neighbor who willingly took the 3 kiddies who didn't have to go and they were as close to on-time as I've ever seen them!!!  And, without any other kiddies with me, I took some pics and video!!!!  AND- Kyra got to watch some of the bigger girls b/c I knew hubby was on his way to pick up kiddies!!

Can you guess what she is???

Went to Michael's to pick up some miscellaneous crap for pops...and stopped at Taco Bell (yup...had to be done...must stop there everytime am in middletown...yum...)  As we were leaving, we saw this:

Beautiful rainbow to end a great rehearsal!!

On a sadder(is this even a word???) note, my neice is going back to Texas today.  They stopped by last night to say good-bye and the girls couldn't get enough of each other.  If I wasn't holding a clingy baby, you might have a picture here...and then Kyra had a break-down.  After her cousin left, Kyra just lost it.  I think it's been a long few weeks with so many family coming to visit and then leaving that she just couldn't handle it.  And, she's tired...and so, the tears and heaving shoulders came and went!!

Long day ahead of us...finish cake pops and drop off, cake pop consult, lunch with some friends I haven't seen in ages, pick up kiddies by 2:30, dress rehearsal at stage for both, baseball game for DJ and maybe Kyra will make it to her Girl Scout end of year meeting with all the GS.  Wish us luck for today...will most likely fall asleep again tonight...we'll see:)

Random thought (or better yet, here is a picture that I have no words for...check out the 'shorts' on him)

(can you guess who's 'pants' those are???)

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