Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long day...Longer day tomorrow:)

So, cousin and her 3 girls arrived in NY today for Franny Girl's christening!!  My cousins' oldest is going to be the GodMother to my baby, thus forcing them to NY for a visit:)  I have not seen them in 7 years...the last time being when my Nana passed away.  Kind of ironic that my Nana's name was Irene and Franny Girls middle name is Irene???  

It was so nice to have all of them here...and they all helped prepare.  So, here it is before midnight and we are finished with mostly everything.  Well, everything that you can possibly do the night before.  And, of course my Mom is here (and she always helps and cleans and when she comes), what normally takes us a lot longer (like, we are up 'til 1 or 2 doing this crap and never finishing what needs to be done, yadda yadda yadda), we were finished by 10:30 and everyone went to bed!!  Well, except for me...and I think my Mom is on her computer too (I don't hear any snoring...ha ha ha).  It was so nice to get everything done and with so much efficiency!!  YEAH!!!  We set up the tables inside, stuffed goodie bags, made devilled eggs, guacamole, salsa/cream cheese dip, baked cookies (and decorated tomorrow), labelled flip flops, stuffed a pinata (yes, not the flip flop one we ordered b/c that one didn't get here in time...but Kyra picked it out for her b-day), washed the ice-cream bowls (and lots of other dishes), prepped the toppings for the sundae bar, andIcan'trememberanythingelsebutI'msuretherewereotherthingswedid...ha ha ha ha haha

Tomorrow my unexpected blessing, Francesca Irene, will be Christened!!  God Bless:)

Oh- and tomorrow we know what it's like to have lots of women in the house as we have added 5 of them... hmmmmmmmmm, perhaps I should go take my shower now???

Random thought- we love flipflops...wait for pics tomorrow...I can't wait!!


  1. You are a wonderful funny person..

  2. Love your blog, makes me feel like i am not the only one who sees motherhood without rose colored glasses