Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Swiffer and Bounty...

I use your products and do like the following things about them:

Swiffer- your easy to pull out and I can change the dirty pads w/o having to fill my sink with soapy water and wash a mom

Bounty- the choose your size is awesome and generally works well

Here are the annoying things that look sooo great in your advertisements that just don't work for me:

Swiffer- you actually drag the dirt around my floor and I generally have to get down on my hands and knees to clean up that line of I doing it wrong or something??  That song- What About Love just doesn't attract the dirt and mud in this house like it does on your commercials:(

Bounty- It really doesn't hold up to your promises...just tried to wipe off a 9 mos. old after eating a jelly sandwich and it fell apart on me as I was wiping her down and the high-chair.  I didn't use 1 square either, like your commercials do, but 2 and it still didn't stay strong like you promised:(

And to my readers- do you have these problems??  How do you clean your floors and toddlers these days??


  1. i buy the care bear wipes and use sparkle paper towels they work better. the swifter does thesame thing to me too haven't figured out how to not have the dirt line

  2. I have a haan steam mop that I LOVE. I also use the lysol microscrubber cleaning wipes. they are my 2 cleaning go to's. I have no paper towel preference. just get whats on sale