Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2 of Recital Week Down...

I totally meant to write this last night...but, I put Franny Girl down, went to do what I had to do before sleep and stuff and by the time I came back, she was already fussing and crying...and so I picked her up, she fell asleep again on my chest and I proceeded to follow her into dreamland!!  I am so completely exhausted I don't know what to do or who I am these days!! 

Franny Girl has a fever, 1 full ear infection with the other ear on it's way and a red throat.  And so, she is not sleeping well and it is much easier to just let her sleep on me again...I know...bad habit!!!  But, I like to sleep you know??  I would like to take this time to personally thank the mother who sent their kid to school sick  in Kyra's classroom.  Not only did she infect 95% of the class, but those germs also made it's way home to siblings...I am looking for Max to wake up with a fever b/c he started to feel a little warm last night...yuck!!  Oh, and BTW- that parent also did not take their child to a doctor and so said child did not get anything to help get better and got sick again and brought the germs back again!!!   ARGH!!!  It's like an infestation...

OK- so on to the recital stuff.  You sould think that it would be easier to get kiddies off bus, feed them dinner (instead of snack), get recital stuff together for that night and get to rehearsal.  Nope...last night was not a fun night.  I totoally did not enjoy motherhood last night and felt like I just yelled at these kids from the time they got off the bus.  I walked down to retrieve them and of course it downpours when I get there...thanks to my neighbor for throwing us all in her car and driving us back:)  Tell kiddies we are gonna have dinner instead of snack and get attitude!!  You'd think I told him he could never ever have those cookies he was reaching for...GEEZ...get dinner done, dishwasher is empty, try to get Kyra to find her tights (definitely a lost cause...I think Franny Girl must have eaten them b/c they are no where to be found!!) and try to get out the door.  We barely made it by the 6pm time slot and they were only like 20 minutes late last night!!!   So, we have to hurry and get Kyra dressed and pin on her fur and tail and hair and stuff and she makes it into rehearsal on-time...all while Franny Girl tried to pull herself up on me and DJ and Max dropped cars from the top cubby (yeah).  And so, there are no pics today of the costumes...b/c you know, it was also raining yesterday and we couldn't even go outside!!

I did take DJ/Kyra aside and apologize to them for yelling so much last night.  I felt like it was the invasion of the not nice mommy and I couldn't stop her!!  I also explained to them that if they continued to not help or listen or get things done when I ask, then they will not be able to participate in any activities this summer:)  Yeah, let's see what happens.  I think it will take Kyra missing 1 cheerleading thing and DJ missing soccer to make it stick.  Or perhaps, I will cancel beach day with them!!

Oh, and here's another personal shout out to my hubby- I am soooooooo glad you don't wake up when your cell phone rings at 2:00am and than when you don't answer that, am even more happy you don't hear the actual house phone ring right afterwards b/c you don't answer your cell phone.  I totally love being woken up and having Franny Girls wake up b/c of it!!  Oh, and I am even more happy for you that you were able to lay on the couch with your heating pad on while I was able to hold Franny Girls and while all the dishes just sat in the kitchen!!  Thanks for  helping out!!  And thanks, as always, for just telling the kids there is nothing to drink b/c Mommy didn't make the iced-tea or lemonade (for 3 days now)...does no one else really know how to make it???  Just curious..

Ok- random thought today- um...I can't's that??


  1. oh momma.....I would hunt that germy mom down....I'll be happy to do it for you and hit her with my sanitizer pen....butthead friggin' broad!!!!

  2. I really hope you have a better day and that Max is not sick.. Wow is all I can say.. Doesn't hubby know how to make drinks?? Kidding, I know he does when he is thirsty... Tell kids no vacation to MB maybe that will help. Sorry I can't be there to help. I know what you are going through:(