Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stocking up...on real stuff!! Oh, and quietness..

Yes, I have a disease and it's called "Must stock up on basic food items b/c we have the $$$$ now" disease.  I went to Shop-Rite today and meant to spend $100 or less.  Sounds easy, right??  I didn't even have any kids with me so I had the time to use my calculator and make sure I didn't go over budget.  And yes, I did not use coupons today b/c I am not much of a the savings I got was in buying the stuff that was already on sale (and the 3 super coupons from the flyer).  I also didn't have any recent coupons b/c the last Sunday paper I bought did not have the coupon section in it (I hate when it's not there or when the coupons suck)...I know, I know, I really need to follow the coupon web-sites and try and do it that way.  But, I just feel like I don't have the time and when I do have the time (perhaps being lazy here) I'm not on the computer that can print.  And so, let's get back to Shop Rite and today.  I left my Mom in charge of all 4 of my kiddies and I went to the store all by my self (so odd).  I ran into a friend who had all of her kids and I got to laugh at her b/c she NEVER has her kids in the grocery store...ha ha ha ha haha.  OK, back to my story...So, I start putting stuff in my cart and following my list (my list had 7 things on it) and than I start looking to see if they had any cereals on sale...which they did (you know, the bigger box was actually cheaper than the smaller box of some of why in the world would you buy the smaller box when the bigger one is cheaper??)...Never mind, my mother is sitting here explaining to me that she likes the smaller boxes and hates when the bigger ones are on sale...weirdo (Love you MOM).  And than I check to see what canned fruit is on sale and if there is any juice on sale and let's check and see if there are any canned goods on sale and oh, look, there's boxes of pasta for 77 cents, etc.  And than I start thinking how I just deposited our tax return money and I should just stock up on this stuff before the $$ is gone and this is what happened to my cart:
Even the bottom has stuff on it.  I haven't filled a cart this full in such a long time that I forgot what I was doing!!!  And, no, I am obviously not dead as I thought I would be but my husband still shakes his head at me and doesn't think that I actually have this disease.  I'm sure there are others out there with the same disease.  I have a fear of running out of food.  I can't explain it...I just want to make sure I can feed my kids and my paychecks these days just don't cut it.  And so, when the extra $$ is there, I just want to buy food, food and more food!!!  This is what my 'stocked' shelves look like: 
It's not a big stock of stuff...but it makes me feel better knowing that we have it there and I can feed my family!!! 

Now- when in the world did sunscreen become so expensive or have I not noticed the price in the past???  $11.99 for a can of spray that will last me a week this summer with 4 kids going outside all the time.  Seriously???  I think we will be spending some time inside!!!

Quietness- wow, what a world of difference in my house after my 'gaggle' of relatives left!!  We miss them already.  Kyra had a meltdown tonight b/c it hit her that they left and aren't coming back anytime soon!!  She is the sensitive one and she tends to bond quickly and easily with people (once the shyness wears off).  We all enjoyed them so much that we just don't know what to do with ourselves tonight:

I mean, look at these 2...they don't know what to do with themselves or each other!!  We need Devon (aka the Baby Hog) to come back and rock her to sleep!!  So, now my daughter is vested and I must make that effort to get out there and visit (I promise)!!

OK- still exhausted...think Mother Nature is coming to visit for the first time in 18 months...And Franny Girls is now eating my sock:)  Later!!

Random thought- if you're stuck in an airport, you should buy some cards and play strip poker...think of the adventures you could have with that one!!!

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