Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, October 29, 2012

An Unexpected Birthday Present..

Today is my birthday.  Yeah Me!!  Another year gone by and I still don't feel or look a day over 29... Lol

About a week ago..on the eve of hubby going away for 9 days, he decides to give me a present.  Now, you should know we haven't exchanged gifts in more years than I can remember b/c we have 4 kids and the things they need are often more important.  Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  I mean, who doesn't like to get gifts, right?  Yes, I like gifts, ok?  Tis year he surprised me and got me something totally unexpected.  Totally thought it would be new camera equipment or some kind of new baking thing so he really caught me off guard.  I'm typing on my new gift right now and absolutely love it.. Yup, an IPad..  Totally awesome and am totally loving it..  I am finally the cool Mom with some cool thing for my kids to play on (that is if I actually let them touch it). Got my calendar set gotta figure out which online calendar it will sync with the best..

On another case you all were wondering what to get me (I did say I like Here are a few suggestions:

-Fondant.. Satin Ice in any color
-Sugar, flour, butter or vanilla.
-vanilla beans and vodka so I can make my own vanilla Or do shots while scraping vanilla beans..
-A chocolate cake from BJ's..  Totally chocolate and awesome and I don't have to bake
-Hard Cider.. Not picky..just love this shit..

I'm not a hard person to's the simple

And, let's hope this whole storm thing on my birthday isn't an ongoing trend.. Blizzard last year, hurricane this year.  I really don't want anything else!

Hope all my East Coast readers are staying safe, happy and sane tonight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MOOOOOMMMMMM... Can you wipe My Butt???

I know...we've all been there, right??  Kids don't learn how to wipe themselves overnight and I think that this part takes longer and a lot more patience than actually getting them on the pot to do their business, don't ya think??

This is what we are dealing with when it comes to Max.  I honestly don't remember the whole teaching phase with the big 2 kids.  I actually think they were those 2 kids in the world who got it on the first shot, wanted to be independent with their bathroom duties and just got it.  But, I'm sure I'm wrong.  I do have a tendency to have some CRS (Can't Remember S@%T) moments a lot more often these days.

Max is 4.  Max should be learning to do this.  But...and I know I'm the guilty has been far easier and more efficient if I just go and finish the job for him.  I'm finding that the little 2 kiddies are not as independent as their elder siblings and I am probably to blame for that.  Again, it's far easier and much faster to just do things for them (we also have problems with Max putting on his own shoes and getting himself dressed... especially after the whole pooping process).  There are usually a million and one things going on and in order to get us out the door that much faster, I just do most things for him.  Guess that kinda has to stop, huh??

Max is also back in pre-school and this time around he is definitely 100% potty trained.  Although...he still strips down to his b-day suit while on the pot...  I did warn them at the school that he likes to do this but I am really hoping he realizes he can't strip to poop in school...  Wouldn't that be a nice memory for his teachers if he came waltzing out of the bathroom in the buff, looking for someone to 'help' him back into his clothes?? are working on the independence issues with him.

I promised him I would make a sticker chart for the bathroom.  That was a week ago.  Slacker Mom has entered the building again and it has not yet been produced.  The poor kid has been wiping his butt (with Mommy coming in after to make sure it's all gone) and getting himself re-dressed and keeps wanting his stickers.  Gotta get it made and up soon or he's gonna think it's never coming and regress to just making Mommy do it.  I wouldn't want to have a stand-off with this kid...he'll just keep calling and waiting until you do what he wants you to do...seriously!!  But, it's not like they have charts on-line for Wiping Butt and Getting re-dressed, right???  Oh I sit here and write this, I suddenly remembered that I might have a 'chart' of sorts already created on this computer:)  ha ha   See how this Mommy Brain works??

Gotta go make the chart:)
A. Wipe Butt
B. Putt my clothes back on
C. Wash Hands
D. Wipe down toilet seat under my seat that has pee all over it b/c I just let it all go at once...
E.  Hmmmm...what else should I put on this chart??  ha ha

Have a great night everyone!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Weekend Away...And a Fresh Perspective

Some of you may  know already...and some of you may not... but I went away last weekend all by myself.  Yes, I know, you are thinking 'how nice to get away for a few days to relax', right??  Well...not exactly.

Yes, I was able to drive 836 miles all by myself (and that's only 1 way) with enough cake batter and frostings packed away in coolers for 200 cupcakes.  Oh yes, I did.  And then, I was able to bake those 200+ cupcakes without little ones underfoot for an entire day.

 Though, I did manage to visit the nail salon and attend a rehearsal dinner.  I also managed to put together a small wedding cake while I was at it:)
Now, I also got to go to the wedding too...  wouldn't it have been silly if I drove all that way and didn't even go to the wedding??  And, I got to catch up with some relatives that I haven't seen in about 8 years..  AND, one of the guests asked me how much it would cost to come out again in a few years and make her son's (or maybe daughter's...don't remember) wedding

Oh, and then I got to get in the car and drive all the way home (took 2 days for the drive home) and have my bank card # stolen somewhere along the way  (no worries... we were lucky and the bank noticed something was up.. our money has already been recouped).

Now, I've been away from my kids before...not often, but it has happened.  And when I do get to go away, it's usually for a family function such as a wedding or funeral(though, BF...before Franny... I did manage a trip out to CA to visit my brother).

I don't know if I'm growing up or maturing into motherhood but I really was kinda sad to leave them all behind and I missed them.  Never thought you'd hear me say that, did ya??

Some of us are born and ready to be mothers and some of us are not.  I admit that I was not 100% ready to be in a committed relationship with my children.  I know, I'm a good mom to them.  I'm the best mom I know how to be at every step.  Lately, I feel like I am ready to be that 100% kinda mom.  I know, it's only taken me almost 10 years to get here... but let me tell you a little bit about the past 10 years, ok??

DJ was born.  DJ was not a 'good' baby in the beginning.  He had a great set of lungs and used them nightly from about 7pm until about 7am... he also didn't sleep/nap regularly and he nursed every 1.5 - 2 hrs.  I was very tempted to call work and ask if I could shorten my maternity leave just so I could get a break from him. Don't read this the wrong way here...I love him very much... he was a tough baby.  And during all these sleepless nights, we somehow manage to get pregnant with Kyra.  My brain didn't know what to do with that information and failed my mental stability... became a bit depressed, lacked focus on tasks that needed to be done, lost my patience with hubby way more than was reasonable, etc.  But, we got through that and she was born..  And she was a Phenomenal Sleeper and a normal eater!!  Whoo Hoo

A little over a year after she was born, my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  So, again my brain could not solely concentrate on my was a bit pre-occupied.  About a year after he was diagnosed, we were pregnant again.  But it was a pregnancy we weren't expecting.  Issues with the baby (I won't go into details here... maybe another's a rough one to talk about) and other things led us to decide on termination.  Hardest decision of my life thus far.  That was in December.  My father passed away 5 months later.  Yup...head still not focused on children...

But, we got through all that and we still managed to have Max about a year and a half later (I was 6 mos. pregnant while we were in Ireland for my dad's 1 year mass).

And so, we trudged along and started to get in a groove and BAM... find myself prego again.  Only to miscarriage...we talk about it and decide that maybe we should go ahead and have another...I mean, what's 1 more, right??  Prego again...super psyched...miscarriage again.  OK...more talk and more talk and we finally decide that maybe it's not in the cards for that 4th.  I did mourn the loss of those babies as well as the 'never gonna have another one' feeling. I gotta admit, I was kind sad about that.  But again, plans change and accidents (or 'meant to be's') also happen b/c Franny did make it into this world and into our family.

After 2 years of Franny (AF- after Franny) and our crazy hectic schedule, I do believe I am getting my Mommy Groove on.  I am wanting to be with them and there for them in ways I never was.  I am a different Mom to Max and Franny then I was to DJ and Kyra.  They will probably be in therapy b/c of it, right??  I guess it doesn't really matter b/c don't we all need a little therapy b/c of our parents??

I think the point I'm trying to make here is that I went away, I missed my kids like I never thought I would, and I want to be The BEST Mom to them!!  I know I'm not perfect, but nobody is.  We all make mistakes, we learn from those mistakes and we move on from there.

Will I still yell??  Of course.  Will I still need a break from them??  Absolutely.  Will I still write about all the crazy shit they do so you all can get a good laugh??  You got it!!

I've always loved them.  Never a doubt in my mind about that.  But, I just feel different...does that make sense??  Or do you all just think I'm the crazy one here and why the hell doesn't she know how to feel from day 1??

If you've made it this far (thanks for sticking it out...I know it was a long one), I've got some other news!!  Because of you and everyone you've passed me on to, this Blog was #6 in the Circle of Moms Top 25 NY Bloggers list!!  I'll say it again- You All ROCK!!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Just another day in Paradise...

Ahhhhh, the peaceful life of being a stay-at-home momma (ok, so I'm not just a SAHM...but most of the continued today.  NOT...

Morning was pretty peaceful...unless you count the emptying of all the shoe bins, the little kid book bin, the little kid toy basket and many other emptying  the afternoon, now that's another story.

Baby C (the one I watch) was peacefully sleeping and I put on a movie for my two so I could possibly make lunch and eat it???   Made them some popcorn and they snuggled together on the couch under a cozy blanket (see exhibit A below)
I'm in the other room and have successfully heated up my lunch and was just about to dig in when Franny strolls in with some markers in her hand.  I think Kyra has an endless supply of markers in every single bag of hers...and Franny has a knack for finding these markers...  don't you just love her artwork??  (see exhibit B)
So, I manage to get the markers out of her hands and go into the playroom to find more markers and put them far far away from her little grasping hands when I discover the room has been overtaken by popcorn... yup, ALL OVER the couch and newly clean floor.  Sorry, no picture of this, I was on autopilot trying to get it cleaned up.  I think Franny loves it when I run the vacuum cleaner so she gets stuff all over hoping that I will have to bring her out again.  She was in the room with me, running around me and my 3rd arm (vacuum) at the beginning.  Yeah...didn't really notice she had left...  But, all of a sudden I glance into the other room and see 2 heads looking at my laptop...  jeez, when will I learn to ALWAYS...ALWAYS put the lid of that damn laptop down when I walk away???  Even if it's just for a few seconds b/c those few seconds often turn into a few minutes which turn into a few hours...  So, here is exhibit C... more missing keys... am thankful I dropped Spanish 5 in HS and went with a typing class
Here is another of our wonderful mess (this is the 'little' kid toys)...  we also had the couch cushions off and every single Large coloring book pulled out but my photo abilities were declining as my eye was twitching uncontrollably...

With all this going on, I still managed to empty the dishwasher, fill it with last nights dishes (and wash those pots/pans), make some iced-tea, get 2 complete loads of laundry done, sweep the dining/kitchen area and throw out some toys...  And they wonder what we do all day!!!  

Now... big kids get off bus and I feed the always hungry mongers some grub and send'em outside to let out their energy.  They decided that a leaf pile needed to be made and said leaf pile needed to be jumped in...  they sure did have fun!!  BUT... getting them back inside, fed, bathed and homeworked was quite the task..  HW for DJ tonight took over 2 hours...  must must remember to get HW done first.  I always forget about the aftermath and think he should just go out and have fun while he still can and while the weather is still good...  ooooof...  not fun!!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the leaves (didn't think I'd get my 'leaf' pile pics this year... busy busy)

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!!