Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, October 1, 2012

Just another day in Paradise...

Ahhhhh, the peaceful life of being a stay-at-home momma (ok, so I'm not just a SAHM...but most of the continued today.  NOT...

Morning was pretty peaceful...unless you count the emptying of all the shoe bins, the little kid book bin, the little kid toy basket and many other emptying  the afternoon, now that's another story.

Baby C (the one I watch) was peacefully sleeping and I put on a movie for my two so I could possibly make lunch and eat it???   Made them some popcorn and they snuggled together on the couch under a cozy blanket (see exhibit A below)
I'm in the other room and have successfully heated up my lunch and was just about to dig in when Franny strolls in with some markers in her hand.  I think Kyra has an endless supply of markers in every single bag of hers...and Franny has a knack for finding these markers...  don't you just love her artwork??  (see exhibit B)
So, I manage to get the markers out of her hands and go into the playroom to find more markers and put them far far away from her little grasping hands when I discover the room has been overtaken by popcorn... yup, ALL OVER the couch and newly clean floor.  Sorry, no picture of this, I was on autopilot trying to get it cleaned up.  I think Franny loves it when I run the vacuum cleaner so she gets stuff all over hoping that I will have to bring her out again.  She was in the room with me, running around me and my 3rd arm (vacuum) at the beginning.  Yeah...didn't really notice she had left...  But, all of a sudden I glance into the other room and see 2 heads looking at my laptop...  jeez, when will I learn to ALWAYS...ALWAYS put the lid of that damn laptop down when I walk away???  Even if it's just for a few seconds b/c those few seconds often turn into a few minutes which turn into a few hours...  So, here is exhibit C... more missing keys... am thankful I dropped Spanish 5 in HS and went with a typing class
Here is another of our wonderful mess (this is the 'little' kid toys)...  we also had the couch cushions off and every single Large coloring book pulled out but my photo abilities were declining as my eye was twitching uncontrollably...

With all this going on, I still managed to empty the dishwasher, fill it with last nights dishes (and wash those pots/pans), make some iced-tea, get 2 complete loads of laundry done, sweep the dining/kitchen area and throw out some toys...  And they wonder what we do all day!!!  

Now... big kids get off bus and I feed the always hungry mongers some grub and send'em outside to let out their energy.  They decided that a leaf pile needed to be made and said leaf pile needed to be jumped in...  they sure did have fun!!  BUT... getting them back inside, fed, bathed and homeworked was quite the task..  HW for DJ tonight took over 2 hours...  must must remember to get HW done first.  I always forget about the aftermath and think he should just go out and have fun while he still can and while the weather is still good...  ooooof...  not fun!!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the leaves (didn't think I'd get my 'leaf' pile pics this year... busy busy)

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!!

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  1. I get tired just from reading your blogs, but just look how energetic they are and the fun they had. They will know what real fun is by being able to do all this stuff instead of having it done for them or bought for them... They are very "special" children and even Franny is loveable..Doing good Dawn...