Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MOOOOOMMMMMM... Can you wipe My Butt???

I know...we've all been there, right??  Kids don't learn how to wipe themselves overnight and I think that this part takes longer and a lot more patience than actually getting them on the pot to do their business, don't ya think??

This is what we are dealing with when it comes to Max.  I honestly don't remember the whole teaching phase with the big 2 kids.  I actually think they were those 2 kids in the world who got it on the first shot, wanted to be independent with their bathroom duties and just got it.  But, I'm sure I'm wrong.  I do have a tendency to have some CRS (Can't Remember S@%T) moments a lot more often these days.

Max is 4.  Max should be learning to do this.  But...and I know I'm the guilty has been far easier and more efficient if I just go and finish the job for him.  I'm finding that the little 2 kiddies are not as independent as their elder siblings and I am probably to blame for that.  Again, it's far easier and much faster to just do things for them (we also have problems with Max putting on his own shoes and getting himself dressed... especially after the whole pooping process).  There are usually a million and one things going on and in order to get us out the door that much faster, I just do most things for him.  Guess that kinda has to stop, huh??

Max is also back in pre-school and this time around he is definitely 100% potty trained.  Although...he still strips down to his b-day suit while on the pot...  I did warn them at the school that he likes to do this but I am really hoping he realizes he can't strip to poop in school...  Wouldn't that be a nice memory for his teachers if he came waltzing out of the bathroom in the buff, looking for someone to 'help' him back into his clothes?? are working on the independence issues with him.

I promised him I would make a sticker chart for the bathroom.  That was a week ago.  Slacker Mom has entered the building again and it has not yet been produced.  The poor kid has been wiping his butt (with Mommy coming in after to make sure it's all gone) and getting himself re-dressed and keeps wanting his stickers.  Gotta get it made and up soon or he's gonna think it's never coming and regress to just making Mommy do it.  I wouldn't want to have a stand-off with this kid...he'll just keep calling and waiting until you do what he wants you to do...seriously!!  But, it's not like they have charts on-line for Wiping Butt and Getting re-dressed, right???  Oh I sit here and write this, I suddenly remembered that I might have a 'chart' of sorts already created on this computer:)  ha ha   See how this Mommy Brain works??

Gotta go make the chart:)
A. Wipe Butt
B. Putt my clothes back on
C. Wash Hands
D. Wipe down toilet seat under my seat that has pee all over it b/c I just let it all go at once...
E.  Hmmmm...what else should I put on this chart??  ha ha

Have a great night everyone!!


  1. Hopefully he will get the idea before kindergarten..LOL....Love this kid

  2. I had the honor and privilege on Saturday to hear "Uncle Kevvvvvinnnn can you wipe my butt"?

    Love these kids!