Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, October 29, 2012

An Unexpected Birthday Present..

Today is my birthday.  Yeah Me!!  Another year gone by and I still don't feel or look a day over 29... Lol

About a week ago..on the eve of hubby going away for 9 days, he decides to give me a present.  Now, you should know we haven't exchanged gifts in more years than I can remember b/c we have 4 kids and the things they need are often more important.  Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  I mean, who doesn't like to get gifts, right?  Yes, I like gifts, ok?  Tis year he surprised me and got me something totally unexpected.  Totally thought it would be new camera equipment or some kind of new baking thing so he really caught me off guard.  I'm typing on my new gift right now and absolutely love it.. Yup, an IPad..  Totally awesome and am totally loving it..  I am finally the cool Mom with some cool thing for my kids to play on (that is if I actually let them touch it). Got my calendar set gotta figure out which online calendar it will sync with the best..

On another case you all were wondering what to get me (I did say I like Here are a few suggestions:

-Fondant.. Satin Ice in any color
-Sugar, flour, butter or vanilla.
-vanilla beans and vodka so I can make my own vanilla Or do shots while scraping vanilla beans..
-A chocolate cake from BJ's..  Totally chocolate and awesome and I don't have to bake
-Hard Cider.. Not picky..just love this shit..

I'm not a hard person to's the simple

And, let's hope this whole storm thing on my birthday isn't an ongoing trend.. Blizzard last year, hurricane this year.  I really don't want anything else!

Hope all my East Coast readers are staying safe, happy and sane tonight.

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