Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes, I'm still here...

I know, I's been a couple days... been busy!!  OK, so I'm always busy...but, it's been a bit more hectic since Friday.  And to be perfectly honest, I'm exhausted and don't have the energy to write about it all right now.

Hopefully, I will be able to tell you all about how I pulled off my Friday (nah, that's boring)...hubby...girls night poker...angry moments, happy moments and more:)

Have a GREAT day!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Day in Pictures...

Busy busy over here... Thought it would be fun to tell you about my day through some pics.. Enjoy:)
Franny in bed with us at 5:00AM... yeah, she's a kicker!!
Franny figured out how to climb onto this stool.. too bad for Max.. that was his 'play' place
Dress up time and 'sword' fighting
Climbing onto shelves..
Wanting to be Max..
Enjoying some cookie dough... YES... I gave her some!!


AND- I was making cookies:)

What's NOT pictured:
- Franny and Max pulling out ALL of my chocolate molds
- Franny being able to pull down my 'cookie' decorating frostings and trying to eat them.. yes, she was sucking on the BLUE one...
- ALL of her blocks and books scattered all over the floor
- Diapers scattered all over the house... hey, if you ever need one, you should find one nearby!!
- Silverware from the dishwasher strewn across the kitchen floor as I'm trying to get them INTO the dishwasher
- My newly folded laundry UNFOLDED .. 

Oh, and I DID get in the shower before Baby C arrived and finally got my dishes/laundry finished!!  Well, ok, I really only moved the laundry from the washer into the dryer.  Yup, the laundry I ran yesterday.  But, it's something, right??  

Also worked at the library today (hence the shower) and managed to get the big kids to the Science Fair at school on time.  No, they did not participate this year.  If you can tell me where to fit in doing a science project, let me know!!

Working on some very special cookies for a very special lady!!  Excited about them:)  Will post pics once they are all done!!

Have a great night!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farts in the tub...

Yes, you read correctly... I am talking about laugh out loud, making bubbles kinda farting in the tub!!

Can you remember the last time you actually sat in the bathtub??  I know I can't.  And can you remember the last time you enjoyed bathing??  Splashed around a bit??  Drank the dirty bath water??  Threw water at your 'bathing' partner??  And, yes, farted in the tub so loud you couldn't stop laughing and kept trying to do it again and again and again??

Oh, to be 3 again (and 1).. Usually, bath time in our house is a means that justifies the end... you know, get 'em in and get 'em out as quick as possible b/c it's already late and all 4 haven't been washed and dried in a while.  So, it was nice to actually enjoy giving the littles a bath last night and watch them interact, have some fun, and laugh out loud!!  It also brought back some memories of when there were just 2 of them:)  Check out the pics:
This is Franny and Max (they are really this size and age)

This is DJ and Kyra from about 6 years ago..
I LOVE bath pics!!

In other is the beginning of Lent.  So, of course my kids seem to think that I can just stop smoking (yes, I know, dirty little habit) and should give that up.  Well, we all know that's not happening cold turkey.  Thought about some other things to give up that I would truly miss: wine (yeah right), french fries (ha ha ha), chocolate (maybe not), yelling (um...this is impossible.. especially when you're really cute 3 year old has turned into a demolition/destruction man recently), . .  yeah, I ran out of things here.

So, than I thought... what could I really give up and follow through??  Oh, I know, I could give up being SOBER!!   Wouldn't that be cool??  I mean, I may actually NOT yell if I were 'drunk' all the time.  But, I would also be slurring my words a lot.  Oh, maybe they would understand me better??  LOL..

OK, so I won't give up my sobriety.  But, I did decide, as I was walking into Quick Chek for my 99cent soda, that maybe I could give up soda.  I thought: hey, if I gave up soda, maybe I could lose a couple pounds in the next 40 days??  Yeah, that's a great idea.  I'll just stop drinking it!!  And than I proceed to purchase a Starbucks coffee drink that has a double shot of espresso in it and boasts- only 200 calories per serving.  Yup, that will definitely help me lose a few pounds..NOT!!  Oh, well, soda it is..

And, just so you all know why I haven't written in a few days, here is a little list of what's been going down since Friday...I know, it's Wednesday already...but it's been a LONG couple days!!

Friday morning came
No school today
4 kids that's lame
I got Baby C and J

Hey, that makes Six
And hubby works from home
Should I take some pics?
I just wanna be left Alone

All the babies gone
Here comes the niece
I could use a wand

Jazz, ballet, and Pizza time
Done by 8 but run to BJ's
Tequila, sour, and a lime
And it's only Friday!!

Saturday came and went
Worked all day and bought our food
Franny... well, we won't lament
She isn't sleeping all that good

Sunday, We bought a car
And Back to work I go
Perhaps I should stop at the BAR
And spend a little dough??

Monday morning here we come
School's are off and so is hubby
Franny's not her usual Awesome
She's looking a little ruddy

Baby C is here again
Franny off to see the Doc
OK MOm, count to Ten
She's alright, just likes to rock

Invade Shop Rite with the girlscouts
DJ came and toured it too.
Round and round and round about
Polish dancing and skipping to my Loo

I can't go on with this rhyme
My head will surely start to break
I need a heavy sip of wine
For my own personal sake!!

Toodles everyone...BTW- that poem only got us to Monday night!!  I could go on and on and on, you know!!  Here are a few pics of what I wrote:)

Our New Car
Franny playing at the doctor's office

ShopRite's Newest employees..ha ha

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Car Shopping

Today, we went car shopping.  Or should I say, we went to the first place that was open at 10:30 this morning and wound up buying a car before we left???  Don't worry, we were not swindled into buying just any car.  My hubby did all his research ahead of time and we knew what we could afford (this will be a NEW monthly payment for us) so we kinda went along for the ride.

Yes, we took all 4 kids.  Wasn't as bad as I thought.  But, hubby did forget his wallet:(  Ha ha on him... I got to test drive the new little sucker!!  While he stayed back and watched the

So, some sales guy honed in on us and walked us around out back where we showed him the car we were looking at (you see, we walked back there before entering the dreaded sales floor).
We were just going to see what kind of numbers the sales guy could pull out of his hat and go somewhere else to do the car dance with and go from there.  Yes, we needed a car soon (otherwise you would be getting another dramatization of me and all 4 kids tracking down hubby at some random garage his car was towed to)... but I really didn't think today was the day.

The guy was nice and all... but his claws certainly came out when he thought we were going to leave w/o a car. gotta love them sales guys..

So, had to drive home (while hubby stayed... God forbid this sales guy let hubby out of his sights... seriously) to retrieve hubby's wallet.. Hubby did stay to fill out all the paperwork.. yes, crazy sales guy, hubby signed away his life on your paper (he was very insistent we sign to get the credit report done and stuff).  Good thing we did, you know... according to crazy sales guy, someone else was going to take away our car for a test drive and buy it right out from under

As unprepared as we were, it is an exciting new chapter for us.  Now, I will have to take the old Saturn out for several trips b/c I just put some gas in her!!  We need a last bonding session...just me and her and the AM radio (FM hasn't worked for a while now).. ha ha..
Franny tested out the minivan in the showroom.. she's thinking ahead!

And so, tomorrow we pick up the newest member of our family.

(obviously, this is not the actual car... we don't live in the dessert... nor is it the color..)  Looks nice though:)

Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Weekend!!  Happy birthday to all our Presidents that we are celebrating.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quality Mommy and Kid Time

Ah, yes, that time you try so hard to find in your days to spend with your kids???  Quality time that is much needed for you and them is probably one of the hardest things to do.  And yet, every now and again, I can manage it:)

Thursday night the kids' school held a fundraiser at a local 'fun' place.  Yes, we went roller skating and had a blast!!  It was me and the 2 older kids and it was soooooo much fun.  And, yes, I even put the skates on and went for a spin:)

I went to this same place last week with the ladies for 80's night.  I was going to skate but didn't want to spend the extra money and I kinda regretted not going for it anyway.  Budgets last week were a little tighter and I lost a week and a half of pay b/c of the stomach bug!!  So, I opted to sit out.  But, I am so glad I went for it and was able to skate with the kids.  I think they were actually kinda impressed that their Mom got out there and lapped  Not many other parents were out there but I had fun reminiscing about all the b-day parties and field trips from back in the day.  Though, they didn't have the couples and/or triples skate.  Nope... now a days I guess they get in the middle and try to do dancing with skates on.  You know, like the Macarena..ha ha ha (I know, I spelled that wrong).

DJ was a little spastic and had a tendency to run.  He fell often but it seemed like he just bounced off the floor and back onto his feet.  And, he was really good at catching himself before falling and was able to regain balance.  Kyra, on the other hand, just kept going down and down and down and down.  By the end, both kids were falling less and kinda able to 'skate'.  Now, I use the word 'skate' loosely here b/c really, they were just staying on their feet and making it around the rink!!  They don't quite get the whole gliding thing yet:)

My body is a little achy today and my back hurts... And DJ, my little melodramatic boy, is just soooooooo sore today.  His butt took a beating and he's got no meat to protect it...poor little thing!!  And Kyra, my other melodramatic child, thinks she sprained her ankle and hurt her wrist.  So, she iced herself up last night and managed to con an ace-bandage out of hubby for the ankle!!

All in all, a good night was had by all.  Tears were flowing when we were leaving b/c they both wanted to stay and play in the other areas of the place... we'll have to go back another time:)

I don't have any pics b/c I didn't want to bring my camera only to leave it on the sides.  Next time, I will have to NOT skate and bring the camera!!

No school today for big kids.  Had Baby C and Baby J today.  Took advantage of the weather and the extra hands today and went for a walk!!  That was nice:)  It's really hard to figure out how to take 3 babies and a toddler for walk when the biggest stroller I have is a double.  Usually I am pushing a stroller for 1 and pulling a wagon for 2.

Once all the babies left, my niece came to play for a bit while her Mom ran an errand.  DJ and Kyra still had dance tonight so we were there for our wonderful Friday night 3 hours and than we headed off to BJ's to purchase some much needed diapers (and some other things).  And yes, Kyra was perfectly fine to dance...though she said the ankle still hurt.  Oh, and she slammed her finger in the door of the bathroom at BJ's tonight... she's a walking disaster!!

Finally home by 10:10...long freakin' day.

Work at the library tomorrow and Sunday.  Thankfully there is no b-day party tomorrow afternoon.  I'm fried and could use something less to do!!  Instead, we will be traipsing around the area with all 4 kids in tow looking for a car.  Can't wait (this said dripping with sarcasm).

Have a great night all!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I think I need to write a book called Poopaliscious, but for now, we will just concentrate on my wonderful, exciting (never a dull moment) day!!  Oh, and lots and lots of POOP!!

Hey, it happens, right?? Especially when you have 3 babies in at home (2 yours and 1 not).  Well, changing poopy diapers, especially those that are quite explosive, are one of the worst things to do.  But, I have to say, changing an explosive diaper of a baby who is NOT yours is definitely worse.  And let me tell you, this little itty bitty peanut just let it all out and all over.  Had to strip him down and throw him in the tub b/c there was just no escaping the scraping of poop down the legs, up the back and over the head!!  Yup, I know, GROSS!! (I'd post a picture of the crap but I think you all might gag and that's without even smelling it...yeah, I think I almost threw up the nothingness in my stomach...)

Now, as we all know, when kids are together they are always trying to keep up with the Jones's so to speak,right??  So, with that being said, keep in mind that I have my own 2 at home as well (the little ones that is) and they felt the need to just let it all out today too:(  I think I'm all pooped out from poop today!!

Before this all happened, I had my friends little boy here for a bit...than Baby C arrived...than Max comes home along with my girlfriend and her little girl.  So we had quite a full house and I was kinda glad my friend was here during the poop explosion of Baby C b/c she could guard the poop crap while I was able get set up for a bath of some sorts:)

So, onto the rest of my day... picked the big kids up at the bus and wasted some time before getting Kyra to dance.  Headed off to shop-rite and ran into an old friend before I even got into the store.  Now, that was fun.  Max decided he could remove the lose bricks from the column near us while DJ thought it was OK to climb the column.. Oh, and also pretend to be Harry Potter and walk into the column several times.  I'm so glad they listen and behave while I'm trying to have a conversation.  wonder what they would have thought if I tried to climb the wall, remove large sections of wall and run into the road and/or the column several times.  ha ha ha  think they would've thought I was crazy!!!

Finally make it into Shop-rite and meander down the meat aisle.  I always walk by to see if there are any deals (yellow labels...30% off stickers).  Yup... Valentine's Day seemed to be a lucky day for them... got quite a few deals.  AND, Tyson chicken was 1/2 off so I stocked up on some of that!!  I only went in for some oil for the car...came out with a pretty full cart.  That always happens when I walk in there with some extra money and good deals!!  Stocked up though and that's what's important, right??

Get out of Shop-Rite and there is a guy hanging out the back seat of a car puking his brains out.  Yeah, that's just what I wanted to hear as I'm putting kids and groceries in car... Double Yuck!!

DJ still taking up to 2 hours to get his homework done.  Thinking of really timing him and letting him deal with the consequences of missing recess at school b/c this is ridiculous.  Every night it's the same thing.  He constantly needs help with homework that is super easy if he just reads his book!!  I don't know if it's this attention span thing or if he's just really lazy b/c the answers are all pretty much spelled out in his textbooks.  So painful!!  Even harder b/c I can't just sit with him to help him figure it out.  This house has so much going on at any moment that it's really hard to have that 1:1 time even for homework.  Another daily struggle here at this house:(

As far as Valentine's Day is concerned, I never really celebrated it before and I really don't get the whole flowers chocolate thing.  If we are celebrating love, Great.  But, do we have to indulge our kids with all the cookies, brownies, chocolate candy, etc??  I think this is one candy holiday that may be a bit out of control!!

Random Information about February 14
1.we don't even know what Saint it's name for (did you know there are a possible 3 different saints that this holiday is named after??).
According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first "valentine" greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl -- who may have been his jailor's daughter -- who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed "From your Valentine," an expression that is still in use today.
2.the Church dropped Saint Valentine's Day from their calendar in the 1960's b/c of all the confusion as to who this day belongs to.
3.The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre... yup... there was a Mob related massacre on Feb. 14 : The Saint Valentine's Day massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder of 7 mob associates as part of a prohibition era conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago: the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran.'s_Day_massacre
4. The first notice of Valentine's Cards started showing up in the 1840's
5. Imagine half-naked men running through the streets, whipping young women with bloodied thongs made from freshly cut goat skins. Although it might sound like some sort of perverted sadomasochistic ritual, this is what the Romans did until A.D. 496.
6. Valentine Cards rank 2nd in the amount sent out... the first being Christmas
7.Valentine's Day is not celebrated in the same way in every country...and it may not even be celebrated in the first place  to read more about this:'s_Day

However you celebrate your love for each other, whether it be today or every day, Enjoy it!!  I'm enjoying my Poop-free hour with a nice chilled glass of wine all by myself:)

Here are a few pics of the day:
Max's Valentine today:)

Sibling love:)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Genetics... or learned behavior??

Did you ever wonder where you came from and how you became the person you are today??  What part of you is genetics...and do you have pre-dispositioned traits... and how much of you comes from learned behavior??

Yes, this is some deep thinking material here, right??

So, my blue eyes came from my genes.  Though, neither of my parents have blue eyes.  AND, neither do any of my children:(  so sad!!

I guess you could say all of your physical features come directly from your genetic pool.  And, you can all point a finger at the relative that gave you them.  Some desirable...and well... some NOT!!  ha ha

But, what about the way we think and act??  Are we learning how to do this stuff??  And, if you were to take 2 different individuals (from 2 different sets of parents) and put them in the same environment, would we react in the same manner??

Example: 2 different kids, same age, same sex, same look... put them in the same house with the exact same conditions (wealth, neighborhood, part of the world, etc) .. both are treated the same way (ie- both praised for what they do and how beautiful they are, etc).
    Would they both react in the same way??  Would they both feel that they are smart and beautiful and could do anything in the world??  Or would one go in the opposite direction and not believe what they are being told while the other believes it whole-heartedly??

Why, you ask, am I pondering these things??  Ha...well, I seem to find some things 'wrong' with me and I don't want to pass them on to my children.  So, I am wondering if I need to figure out how to change ME in order to change them.  Does this make sense??

I am constantly feeling like everything I do is NEVER good enough.  So, I wonder, how can I change that??  How did I become that way??  I am in constant fear of failure with everything I do and so, I feel like I never finish what I start b/c I'm afraid of the end results.  How do I become more confident in myself so that my children are confident??

Organization- I am constantly trying to stay organized but I feel as though that is a daily failure too.  I know, I know... you all will just say, But, you have 4 kids and things are crazy.  Yes, they are... all the more reason I need to try and stay a bit more organized.  Did I learn to NOT be organized or am I just wired that way?  I see my daughter and her highly UN-organized and messy room and I think, did I do that to her??  Did I pass on some kind of gene that makes her that way??  Or did I teach her that unknowingly??

Oh, and singing... why can some of us sing and some of us can't??  Is that passed down or is that a luck of the draw kind of thing??  Same thing with dancing and playing sports and being book smart etc.

I'm sure we can all learn to unlearn the unwanted behaviors...but can we actually learn wanted physical traits??  Can you really try and try and try to play baseball only to keep failing?  And which girl (from example above) will actually continue to be beaten by something they can't physically do but mentally want to do so they keep trying and trying and trying??  Does one give up and move on while the other remains adamant about finishing the task??  Do they both give up and move on??

OK- was that thought provoking for you??  My brain is fried... I'm off to sleep or something:)

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things that ANNOY me:)

1. People who drive really slow

2. People who drive really slow, don't know where they're going and stop at every possible street before continuing on.  Pull the F over and let those of us who do know where we're going pass!!

3. Hypocrites.. unless of course you're Mom and the "Do as I say, Not as I do" rule is in effect

4. Moms who feel the need to one-up your kids no matter what... so annoying..

5. Empty Promises...

6. People who Judge... perhaps those people should look in the mirror and judge themselves before passing judgement on others!!

7. Stupid people ... oh, and No Common Sense!!  Really bad when you come across a stupid person with no common sense... ha ha

8. The price of butter... it's like the gasoline prices.. one week it's up and the next it's down.. why can't it just stay one price??  same thing with cream cheese!!

9. Unsolicited advice... especially when it involves how to raise your kids and especially from people who don't have kids!!!

10. Mean people... ok, mean people just kinda suck, right??

So, there you have it.  You all know how to annoy me now:)  I'm sure I might have even been guilty of a few of  these things but b/c they annoy me, I try no to do them to others!!  Though, definitely not

What annoys you??

Don't worry, I'll work on a list of things that make me smile too:)

Hope you're all having a Great Day!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Polish Dancing..

Check out that smile... That's what Polish dancing can do for you!!  It always makes me smile when I get up and do the Polka and now my kids are learning it too!!

Tonight DJ and Kyra started on a new adventure.  And new Dance adventure.  Yes, that's right.  We've added something else to our schedules.  I know I know...we already have way too much going on.  But, there are some things that I think they are going to get out of it to enrich their already busy lives.  They are 2 of a new dance group just forming in our area.  And, they are gonna have some fun.

- They will make life-long friends
- They will learn about their heritage (yes, there is a small part of Polack in me) through dance
- They will experience performances throughout the year at various venues
- They will learn FUN and Hard Work can go hand in hand

I loved being a part of the dance group so long ago... the one that danced at the Onion Harvest Festival here in Orange County.  I am still friends with many of my fellow dancers and consider some of them like family or long lost relatives.  I am excited that they both wanted to do it.  Yes, DJ nodded vigorously that he wanted to be a part of it.  Even though he has to touch a girl and dance with

They have been learning to dance these dances since last year.  It is just  now that they are starting a children's group.  Here are some more pics of them dancing and at dance (ck out those smiles):

Yes...that's me... ck out Kyra's kick!!

Flying boy... he has so much fun...

If you ever need a lift... I highly recommend it.  It is a natural Energy boost and will lift your mood instantaneously!!  Great exercise too:)

Have a Great night:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working, Cleaning and Super Bowling..

Yeah for all you Giants fans out there... your team won.  I, for one, and really not a football fan.  I could give or take any team out there.  And, just b/c, I was rooting for the Patriots tonight.  Oh well:(

Yesterday, I left for work and made my kids write up a list of 'chores' to do while I was there.  And low and behold, every chore was completed and than some!!  I have to give props to hubby for 'supervising' their cleaning excursions and I have to remember to do this EVERY saturday I work... which is every saturday for the next 2 months!!  So, my bathrooms will be clean every week, my floors will be vacuumed, and their rooms will be clean.  At least, for a few hours... lol

Something I need to remember: Hubby needs a list!!!  He does so well with lists.  I just need to remember to write things down for him and he will look and do.  It's a small thing but makes a BIG difference.  And, than, I will not look to see what he hasn't done while I'm gone b/c with a list he will do!!

Kyra had a play-date today while I was at work.  Ummmmmmm, learned she had a 'bath' while she was there??  Need to talk to her about that.  I don't think she needs to be taking a bath at someone else's house while on a playdate, right???  She also came home in clothes that weren't hers.  She said that they played dress-up and traded clothes.  So, now I need to wash the other little girls clothes (and we all know how great I am at laundry) and make sure I get Kyra's clothes back.  She left with one of her good pair of jeans on too... those really cool skinny jeans!!

Super Bowl Party was cool.  I saw a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, so it was nice.  And, the kids were pretty good.  DJ actually watched part of the game.  Kyra wound up in a closet that was locked by the boys (she was the only girl there).  I guess it was better that she be locked in the closet by herself than with one of the boys???  Geez, gotta have a heart to heart with Kyra about appropriate things to do on a playdate and with boys now!!

Hope you all had a great day and I'm looking forward to Baby C coming back tomorrow...paycheck at the end of the week!!  YEAH... I really do hate going grocery shopping on these stupid strict budgets and having to calculate everything as you're walking through the store!!!  Baby C coming during the week helps with that!!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mommy Rambling Questions...

I am constantly asking myself stupid questions as I go about my day... Thought you  might like a look inside my crazy mind..
Can pigs really fly??

I often wonder:

1. Why is it that all of my dishes (especially my glasses/mugs) don't all fit back into the cabinet??

2. Why do I have to go on a search to find my colander bowls every time I have to drain pasta??

3. Why do I feel like I am stuck in a land mine and I never know when I'll step on something that is either going to explode or make me fall??

4. What is the fascination of taking out a hand mixer and dragging it around the house by the chord??

5. Is it really difficult to just sit still for longer than 1 second??

6. How in the world did chocolate milk get on the ceiling??

7. Where are MY slippers now??

8. How in the world do their fingernails get sooooooo dirty??  Do they pick their butts or something??  Gross!!

9. Do all children just step over things in order to avoid picking it up and putting it away or throwing it out??

10. Why is it that your hubby and/or children do not speak to you until you are on the phone trying to have a conversation with someone else??

11. Why can't they just put their heads down and go to sleep??  It's really easy!!  I could do it at any minute of any day...

12. Why is it frowned upon to go sit in the bar and have a glass of wine while your kids are in dance class??

13. Why is it so hard to accept a messy house??  And why do we feel like we have to make excuses when it's not in pristine condition if someone stops by unexpectedly??

14. Why do they just strip their clothes as they're walking through the house and just leave it where it lands??  Is this normal or are my kids the only ones??

15. Why do husbands think that they've cleaned up all their trimmed hairs in the sick when you are still finding them in the sink, on the counter and all the way down on the floor??

16. Why are we ALWAYS late for everything??

17. Why is it that Moms seem to give up everything for their children (and I mean everything... new socks, razors, the really good shampoo, your last bite, etc) and yet Dads have no problems getting the things they need and saying no to giving up their last bite??

18. Why is the iced-tea container always left with a swallow when you've made sure everyone who's capable knows how to make it??

WHY    WHY     WHY     WHY

What's your WHY??

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YES, I did it, ok??

I left a bucket of PUKE in the bathroom all day and didn't clean it up.  OK???

Now, let me just say that it was not a lot in it and it was that gross bile crap that comes at the end.  AND, he wouldn't have thrown it up if he didn't drink that water I told him (DJ) not to drink but hubby just shrugged his shoulders and said 'I told him he's gonna throw it up later'.  Jerk!!

And, yes, I knew it was there.  How could you not know??  It was haunting me all day... well, actually taunting me.  Because the damn bucket was rinsed, washed and soaked in bleach yesterday and it knew that I really didn't want to deal with it again.  And, well, I guess I didn't, did I??

I should order these Puke Buckets (looks like they have lids) and dole them out to each kid.  Once they are done, we can pop the lid on it and toss it.
Puke Bucket..
Car Sickness, Child Sick in the Hospital, Burf Buddy for the Upset Somach, Vomit Puke Hurl Throwup !

My real point here is, though, not that I ignored it all's they way in which my hubby needs to tell me that I forgot it sitting in the bathroom.  And before you get all upset, like he did, the door was shut and Franny/Max did not go into the bathroom!!  Because, like I said, I knew it was there.  I was just delaying the inevitable.

I tend to think that my hubby...and perhaps some more of them out there... seem to have this 'ideal' schedule of how our day goes in their minds.  So, when they come home and there are still big kids sitting at the table doing homework, and one of the little kids had a diaper that might be a little too soggy, or dinner is slightly delayed, or the laundry didn't get moved from the washer (on the first floor) to the dryer (in the basement), or there are 2-3 baskets of unfolded but clean clothes sitting in the living room, etc.  You get my point here, right??  It's like an endless stream of doing things constantly all day long.  And some of it gets forgotten.  Hey, I'm not perfect and I never claimed to be.  But it gets tiring when these things are brought to your attention, you know??

On a more pleasant thought, ALL of my children are better.  Trust me...there were lots of tears and disagreements today.  Yes, all of them were home today.  But, there were some good times... we did have a Get Better Tea Party...

And Kyra played teacher with Max this morning using a free printable pack... he counted and matched and colored (no pics of this though)

Hope you all have a GREAt day:)

PS- Hubby still hasn't gotten it and I hope it stays that way!!

Creepy Cruds, Party of 6 , Right this way...

Yup...I think the picture tells most of the story, right??  And as of right now, really only 5 out of 6 have been taken down by the wonderful, exciting, and never dull Stomach Bug!!  GROSS...

It all started Sunday morning just after hubby and big kids left for church... luckily, I made him take them this week as I had to sprint to the bathroom.  And as I sit there, Max banging on the door and Franny screaming in her high-chair, I honestly think it's just something I've eaten.  How naive, right??  I know we all ate something different for dinner, so why couldn't it have been that salad I had??  WHY I ask you, WHY???  Turns out, it was the beginning of the end...

Franny was next, Max went down 1.5 days later, Kyra followed and DJ came home today with a garbage full of vomit from the bus.  YUM!!

Hubby... well, we're still waiting on him to fall.  He always goes down harder than the rest of us!!  lol

This one was odd, though.  I NEVER get it first.  I'm always the one taking care of everyone else and try to do that whole mind over matter thing of 'I won't get sick, I won't get sick, I won't get sick' know??  And I have about a 50/50 outcome with that... sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.  So, odd that I went down for the count first.  Luckily, it paved the way for me to get better before the troops started falling, right??  And I have to say, hubby did come through with helping them through it and cleaning up his fair share of CRAP!!  You see, I whispered into all of their ears to make sure if they're going to get sick, make sure Mom is not home.  Or, make sure mom is otherwise occupied... ha ha..

The positive outlook of it all:
   -it really was a quick and dirty one... really only sick for like 1/2 day before you can sleep it off and gradually start to eat again.
   -weight loss jump start was tremendous (um, I lost 15 pounds ... unheard of... though, am pretty sure it's all coming back)
   -family bonding time... we get to spend some GREAT time with each other... really!!
   -I didn't have to watch Baby C... for like 3 days...
   -kids got to enjoy a 'campout' on the floor... really cool, right???
   -The toilet, sink, garbage can and floor have stayed totally clean... like the cleanest they've ever been..
   -Laundry is just getting into that machine as fast as I can do it and making it into the dryer for the next load.  though, I swear my washing machine is the next thing to go... it just doesn't fill like it used to:(

The negative outlook:
   -it's just GROSS... did I mention that yet??
   -Max was really starting to want to use the potty and this has taken us back a few steps
   -Franny was in her crib... all night... and well, this pretty much blew that right out of the water
   -No baby C = no income   ... gotta tighten the belt on the budget this week even further
   -Those diapers I just bought are gonna be gone in a flash:(
   -getting a family of 6 through this crud seems to take forever even though the actual virus is a quick one

Wow, looks like there are more positives than negatives here... how did that happen??

OK- gotta go b/c my Franny shift is coming up in 2 minutes.  If she wakes up from now 'til the morning, she's mine.

Wash your hands and sanitize!!