Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mommy Rambling Questions...

I am constantly asking myself stupid questions as I go about my day... Thought you  might like a look inside my crazy mind..
Can pigs really fly??

I often wonder:

1. Why is it that all of my dishes (especially my glasses/mugs) don't all fit back into the cabinet??

2. Why do I have to go on a search to find my colander bowls every time I have to drain pasta??

3. Why do I feel like I am stuck in a land mine and I never know when I'll step on something that is either going to explode or make me fall??

4. What is the fascination of taking out a hand mixer and dragging it around the house by the chord??

5. Is it really difficult to just sit still for longer than 1 second??

6. How in the world did chocolate milk get on the ceiling??

7. Where are MY slippers now??

8. How in the world do their fingernails get sooooooo dirty??  Do they pick their butts or something??  Gross!!

9. Do all children just step over things in order to avoid picking it up and putting it away or throwing it out??

10. Why is it that your hubby and/or children do not speak to you until you are on the phone trying to have a conversation with someone else??

11. Why can't they just put their heads down and go to sleep??  It's really easy!!  I could do it at any minute of any day...

12. Why is it frowned upon to go sit in the bar and have a glass of wine while your kids are in dance class??

13. Why is it so hard to accept a messy house??  And why do we feel like we have to make excuses when it's not in pristine condition if someone stops by unexpectedly??

14. Why do they just strip their clothes as they're walking through the house and just leave it where it lands??  Is this normal or are my kids the only ones??

15. Why do husbands think that they've cleaned up all their trimmed hairs in the sick when you are still finding them in the sink, on the counter and all the way down on the floor??

16. Why are we ALWAYS late for everything??

17. Why is it that Moms seem to give up everything for their children (and I mean everything... new socks, razors, the really good shampoo, your last bite, etc) and yet Dads have no problems getting the things they need and saying no to giving up their last bite??

18. Why is the iced-tea container always left with a swallow when you've made sure everyone who's capable knows how to make it??

WHY    WHY     WHY     WHY

What's your WHY??

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  1. I so agree with so many of those! But darn it, find those slippers 8)