Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things that ANNOY me:)

1. People who drive really slow

2. People who drive really slow, don't know where they're going and stop at every possible street before continuing on.  Pull the F over and let those of us who do know where we're going pass!!

3. Hypocrites.. unless of course you're Mom and the "Do as I say, Not as I do" rule is in effect

4. Moms who feel the need to one-up your kids no matter what... so annoying..

5. Empty Promises...

6. People who Judge... perhaps those people should look in the mirror and judge themselves before passing judgement on others!!

7. Stupid people ... oh, and No Common Sense!!  Really bad when you come across a stupid person with no common sense... ha ha

8. The price of butter... it's like the gasoline prices.. one week it's up and the next it's down.. why can't it just stay one price??  same thing with cream cheese!!

9. Unsolicited advice... especially when it involves how to raise your kids and especially from people who don't have kids!!!

10. Mean people... ok, mean people just kinda suck, right??

So, there you have it.  You all know how to annoy me now:)  I'm sure I might have even been guilty of a few of  these things but b/c they annoy me, I try no to do them to others!!  Though, definitely not

What annoys you??

Don't worry, I'll work on a list of things that make me smile too:)

Hope you're all having a Great Day!!

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