Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working, Cleaning and Super Bowling..

Yeah for all you Giants fans out there... your team won.  I, for one, and really not a football fan.  I could give or take any team out there.  And, just b/c, I was rooting for the Patriots tonight.  Oh well:(

Yesterday, I left for work and made my kids write up a list of 'chores' to do while I was there.  And low and behold, every chore was completed and than some!!  I have to give props to hubby for 'supervising' their cleaning excursions and I have to remember to do this EVERY saturday I work... which is every saturday for the next 2 months!!  So, my bathrooms will be clean every week, my floors will be vacuumed, and their rooms will be clean.  At least, for a few hours... lol

Something I need to remember: Hubby needs a list!!!  He does so well with lists.  I just need to remember to write things down for him and he will look and do.  It's a small thing but makes a BIG difference.  And, than, I will not look to see what he hasn't done while I'm gone b/c with a list he will do!!

Kyra had a play-date today while I was at work.  Ummmmmmm, learned she had a 'bath' while she was there??  Need to talk to her about that.  I don't think she needs to be taking a bath at someone else's house while on a playdate, right???  She also came home in clothes that weren't hers.  She said that they played dress-up and traded clothes.  So, now I need to wash the other little girls clothes (and we all know how great I am at laundry) and make sure I get Kyra's clothes back.  She left with one of her good pair of jeans on too... those really cool skinny jeans!!

Super Bowl Party was cool.  I saw a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, so it was nice.  And, the kids were pretty good.  DJ actually watched part of the game.  Kyra wound up in a closet that was locked by the boys (she was the only girl there).  I guess it was better that she be locked in the closet by herself than with one of the boys???  Geez, gotta have a heart to heart with Kyra about appropriate things to do on a playdate and with boys now!!

Hope you all had a great day and I'm looking forward to Baby C coming back tomorrow...paycheck at the end of the week!!  YEAH... I really do hate going grocery shopping on these stupid strict budgets and having to calculate everything as you're walking through the store!!!  Baby C coming during the week helps with that!!



  1. The other mom let them? I agree with Melissa, strange playdate....

  2. Ummmm no more play dates...

  3. yeah - no more clothes changes or locked doors!!! you better talk to that mom!!! or I will!!! get off miss Kyra!!