Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farts in the tub...

Yes, you read correctly... I am talking about laugh out loud, making bubbles kinda farting in the tub!!

Can you remember the last time you actually sat in the bathtub??  I know I can't.  And can you remember the last time you enjoyed bathing??  Splashed around a bit??  Drank the dirty bath water??  Threw water at your 'bathing' partner??  And, yes, farted in the tub so loud you couldn't stop laughing and kept trying to do it again and again and again??

Oh, to be 3 again (and 1).. Usually, bath time in our house is a means that justifies the end... you know, get 'em in and get 'em out as quick as possible b/c it's already late and all 4 haven't been washed and dried in a while.  So, it was nice to actually enjoy giving the littles a bath last night and watch them interact, have some fun, and laugh out loud!!  It also brought back some memories of when there were just 2 of them:)  Check out the pics:
This is Franny and Max (they are really this size and age)

This is DJ and Kyra from about 6 years ago..
I LOVE bath pics!!

In other is the beginning of Lent.  So, of course my kids seem to think that I can just stop smoking (yes, I know, dirty little habit) and should give that up.  Well, we all know that's not happening cold turkey.  Thought about some other things to give up that I would truly miss: wine (yeah right), french fries (ha ha ha), chocolate (maybe not), yelling (um...this is impossible.. especially when you're really cute 3 year old has turned into a demolition/destruction man recently), . .  yeah, I ran out of things here.

So, than I thought... what could I really give up and follow through??  Oh, I know, I could give up being SOBER!!   Wouldn't that be cool??  I mean, I may actually NOT yell if I were 'drunk' all the time.  But, I would also be slurring my words a lot.  Oh, maybe they would understand me better??  LOL..

OK, so I won't give up my sobriety.  But, I did decide, as I was walking into Quick Chek for my 99cent soda, that maybe I could give up soda.  I thought: hey, if I gave up soda, maybe I could lose a couple pounds in the next 40 days??  Yeah, that's a great idea.  I'll just stop drinking it!!  And than I proceed to purchase a Starbucks coffee drink that has a double shot of espresso in it and boasts- only 200 calories per serving.  Yup, that will definitely help me lose a few pounds..NOT!!  Oh, well, soda it is..

And, just so you all know why I haven't written in a few days, here is a little list of what's been going down since Friday...I know, it's Wednesday already...but it's been a LONG couple days!!

Friday morning came
No school today
4 kids that's lame
I got Baby C and J

Hey, that makes Six
And hubby works from home
Should I take some pics?
I just wanna be left Alone

All the babies gone
Here comes the niece
I could use a wand

Jazz, ballet, and Pizza time
Done by 8 but run to BJ's
Tequila, sour, and a lime
And it's only Friday!!

Saturday came and went
Worked all day and bought our food
Franny... well, we won't lament
She isn't sleeping all that good

Sunday, We bought a car
And Back to work I go
Perhaps I should stop at the BAR
And spend a little dough??

Monday morning here we come
School's are off and so is hubby
Franny's not her usual Awesome
She's looking a little ruddy

Baby C is here again
Franny off to see the Doc
OK MOm, count to Ten
She's alright, just likes to rock

Invade Shop Rite with the girlscouts
DJ came and toured it too.
Round and round and round about
Polish dancing and skipping to my Loo

I can't go on with this rhyme
My head will surely start to break
I need a heavy sip of wine
For my own personal sake!!

Toodles everyone...BTW- that poem only got us to Monday night!!  I could go on and on and on, you know!!  Here are a few pics of what I wrote:)

Our New Car
Franny playing at the doctor's office

ShopRite's Newest employees..ha ha

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