Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quality Mommy and Kid Time

Ah, yes, that time you try so hard to find in your days to spend with your kids???  Quality time that is much needed for you and them is probably one of the hardest things to do.  And yet, every now and again, I can manage it:)

Thursday night the kids' school held a fundraiser at a local 'fun' place.  Yes, we went roller skating and had a blast!!  It was me and the 2 older kids and it was soooooo much fun.  And, yes, I even put the skates on and went for a spin:)

I went to this same place last week with the ladies for 80's night.  I was going to skate but didn't want to spend the extra money and I kinda regretted not going for it anyway.  Budgets last week were a little tighter and I lost a week and a half of pay b/c of the stomach bug!!  So, I opted to sit out.  But, I am so glad I went for it and was able to skate with the kids.  I think they were actually kinda impressed that their Mom got out there and lapped  Not many other parents were out there but I had fun reminiscing about all the b-day parties and field trips from back in the day.  Though, they didn't have the couples and/or triples skate.  Nope... now a days I guess they get in the middle and try to do dancing with skates on.  You know, like the Macarena..ha ha ha (I know, I spelled that wrong).

DJ was a little spastic and had a tendency to run.  He fell often but it seemed like he just bounced off the floor and back onto his feet.  And, he was really good at catching himself before falling and was able to regain balance.  Kyra, on the other hand, just kept going down and down and down and down.  By the end, both kids were falling less and kinda able to 'skate'.  Now, I use the word 'skate' loosely here b/c really, they were just staying on their feet and making it around the rink!!  They don't quite get the whole gliding thing yet:)

My body is a little achy today and my back hurts... And DJ, my little melodramatic boy, is just soooooooo sore today.  His butt took a beating and he's got no meat to protect it...poor little thing!!  And Kyra, my other melodramatic child, thinks she sprained her ankle and hurt her wrist.  So, she iced herself up last night and managed to con an ace-bandage out of hubby for the ankle!!

All in all, a good night was had by all.  Tears were flowing when we were leaving b/c they both wanted to stay and play in the other areas of the place... we'll have to go back another time:)

I don't have any pics b/c I didn't want to bring my camera only to leave it on the sides.  Next time, I will have to NOT skate and bring the camera!!

No school today for big kids.  Had Baby C and Baby J today.  Took advantage of the weather and the extra hands today and went for a walk!!  That was nice:)  It's really hard to figure out how to take 3 babies and a toddler for walk when the biggest stroller I have is a double.  Usually I am pushing a stroller for 1 and pulling a wagon for 2.

Once all the babies left, my niece came to play for a bit while her Mom ran an errand.  DJ and Kyra still had dance tonight so we were there for our wonderful Friday night 3 hours and than we headed off to BJ's to purchase some much needed diapers (and some other things).  And yes, Kyra was perfectly fine to dance...though she said the ankle still hurt.  Oh, and she slammed her finger in the door of the bathroom at BJ's tonight... she's a walking disaster!!

Finally home by 10:10...long freakin' day.

Work at the library tomorrow and Sunday.  Thankfully there is no b-day party tomorrow afternoon.  I'm fried and could use something less to do!!  Instead, we will be traipsing around the area with all 4 kids in tow looking for a car.  Can't wait (this said dripping with sarcasm).

Have a great night all!!

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