Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, February 6, 2012

Polish Dancing..

Check out that smile... That's what Polish dancing can do for you!!  It always makes me smile when I get up and do the Polka and now my kids are learning it too!!

Tonight DJ and Kyra started on a new adventure.  And new Dance adventure.  Yes, that's right.  We've added something else to our schedules.  I know I know...we already have way too much going on.  But, there are some things that I think they are going to get out of it to enrich their already busy lives.  They are 2 of a new dance group just forming in our area.  And, they are gonna have some fun.

- They will make life-long friends
- They will learn about their heritage (yes, there is a small part of Polack in me) through dance
- They will experience performances throughout the year at various venues
- They will learn FUN and Hard Work can go hand in hand

I loved being a part of the dance group so long ago... the one that danced at the Onion Harvest Festival here in Orange County.  I am still friends with many of my fellow dancers and consider some of them like family or long lost relatives.  I am excited that they both wanted to do it.  Yes, DJ nodded vigorously that he wanted to be a part of it.  Even though he has to touch a girl and dance with

They have been learning to dance these dances since last year.  It is just  now that they are starting a children's group.  Here are some more pics of them dancing and at dance (ck out those smiles):

Yes...that's me... ck out Kyra's kick!!

Flying boy... he has so much fun...

If you ever need a lift... I highly recommend it.  It is a natural Energy boost and will lift your mood instantaneously!!  Great exercise too:)

Have a Great night:)

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