Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Car Shopping

Today, we went car shopping.  Or should I say, we went to the first place that was open at 10:30 this morning and wound up buying a car before we left???  Don't worry, we were not swindled into buying just any car.  My hubby did all his research ahead of time and we knew what we could afford (this will be a NEW monthly payment for us) so we kinda went along for the ride.

Yes, we took all 4 kids.  Wasn't as bad as I thought.  But, hubby did forget his wallet:(  Ha ha on him... I got to test drive the new little sucker!!  While he stayed back and watched the

So, some sales guy honed in on us and walked us around out back where we showed him the car we were looking at (you see, we walked back there before entering the dreaded sales floor).
We were just going to see what kind of numbers the sales guy could pull out of his hat and go somewhere else to do the car dance with and go from there.  Yes, we needed a car soon (otherwise you would be getting another dramatization of me and all 4 kids tracking down hubby at some random garage his car was towed to)... but I really didn't think today was the day.

The guy was nice and all... but his claws certainly came out when he thought we were going to leave w/o a car. gotta love them sales guys..

So, had to drive home (while hubby stayed... God forbid this sales guy let hubby out of his sights... seriously) to retrieve hubby's wallet.. Hubby did stay to fill out all the paperwork.. yes, crazy sales guy, hubby signed away his life on your paper (he was very insistent we sign to get the credit report done and stuff).  Good thing we did, you know... according to crazy sales guy, someone else was going to take away our car for a test drive and buy it right out from under

As unprepared as we were, it is an exciting new chapter for us.  Now, I will have to take the old Saturn out for several trips b/c I just put some gas in her!!  We need a last bonding session...just me and her and the AM radio (FM hasn't worked for a while now).. ha ha..
Franny tested out the minivan in the showroom.. she's thinking ahead!

And so, tomorrow we pick up the newest member of our family.

(obviously, this is not the actual car... we don't live in the dessert... nor is it the color..)  Looks nice though:)

Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Weekend!!  Happy birthday to all our Presidents that we are celebrating.

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