Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YES, I did it, ok??

I left a bucket of PUKE in the bathroom all day and didn't clean it up.  OK???

Now, let me just say that it was not a lot in it and it was that gross bile crap that comes at the end.  AND, he wouldn't have thrown it up if he didn't drink that water I told him (DJ) not to drink but hubby just shrugged his shoulders and said 'I told him he's gonna throw it up later'.  Jerk!!

And, yes, I knew it was there.  How could you not know??  It was haunting me all day... well, actually taunting me.  Because the damn bucket was rinsed, washed and soaked in bleach yesterday and it knew that I really didn't want to deal with it again.  And, well, I guess I didn't, did I??

I should order these Puke Buckets (looks like they have lids) and dole them out to each kid.  Once they are done, we can pop the lid on it and toss it.
Puke Bucket..
Car Sickness, Child Sick in the Hospital, Burf Buddy for the Upset Somach, Vomit Puke Hurl Throwup !

My real point here is, though, not that I ignored it all's they way in which my hubby needs to tell me that I forgot it sitting in the bathroom.  And before you get all upset, like he did, the door was shut and Franny/Max did not go into the bathroom!!  Because, like I said, I knew it was there.  I was just delaying the inevitable.

I tend to think that my hubby...and perhaps some more of them out there... seem to have this 'ideal' schedule of how our day goes in their minds.  So, when they come home and there are still big kids sitting at the table doing homework, and one of the little kids had a diaper that might be a little too soggy, or dinner is slightly delayed, or the laundry didn't get moved from the washer (on the first floor) to the dryer (in the basement), or there are 2-3 baskets of unfolded but clean clothes sitting in the living room, etc.  You get my point here, right??  It's like an endless stream of doing things constantly all day long.  And some of it gets forgotten.  Hey, I'm not perfect and I never claimed to be.  But it gets tiring when these things are brought to your attention, you know??

On a more pleasant thought, ALL of my children are better.  Trust me...there were lots of tears and disagreements today.  Yes, all of them were home today.  But, there were some good times... we did have a Get Better Tea Party...

And Kyra played teacher with Max this morning using a free printable pack... he counted and matched and colored (no pics of this though)

Hope you all have a GREAt day:)

PS- Hubby still hasn't gotten it and I hope it stays that way!!

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  1. Dougie.. chill, your wife has a lot on her plate.. Try taking care of 4 sick whiny children with out yelling and see how it goes. Bet you are glad u get out of the house..