Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 days and counting ... or would it be 7

Who knows how many days they go back but I know it's in less than a week.  And yes,


I'm not ashamed to admit it...I can't wait to get back into some sort of routine and get the older ones away from the littles.  Perhaps Max will stop screaming every 5 seconds and DJ will stop taunting him every 2 seconds???  Well, at least we will have some sort of break during the day!!

The thing I will miss the most next week is the sleeping in part.  I really hate getting up early!!  LOL (just ask my brother who always tried to wake me up...think he got a couple black eyes from the fist coming out of the covers when he woke me up)

What sparked my desire to get them back in school you ask??  Not so much today (but I will give you a rundown) but just a buildup of the past 2 weeks.  You know, being stuck in a car with all of them for a VERY long car ride...and cutting vacation short to sit in that car ride yet again only to have to stay inside when we got back (for like 2 days) b/c of a storm!!  I think they all need to take a break from each other. 4 is enough for me...they are killing me!!

Now, today was not as horrific as it could have been but I would like to apologize to everyone in the store today for constantly having to tell my children not to touch something, to come back in my sight, to leave Franny alone, to 'sit down' in the cart (Max), to stop hitting Franny, etc ... I think you get the picture here, right??  I'm just so tired of them not listening and idle threats.  I like to kind of walk around a little and look when I go into a 'craft' know, to see what I can buy now and hold off on buying for a project and to get some new supplies for the cake pops and cookies.  But, this is a very difficult task with 4 kids that just don't listen.  And when they don't listen, I always think it's something I'm doing or not doing to them or for them or something that makes me a failure as a mom.  And yes, I hate being mean mommy and just want to give in...but, alas, I saved about 5 bucks b/c of their  They did not get a special treat from TAco Bell...but I did and I ate it right there in the car so they could hear and smell it!!!   ah ha ha ha ha ha ha... I was so close to just getting them their little snack too...mommy guilt just plain sucks!!  Why don't daddy's have this guilt??
Dentist pics:

Now, I also have to say that they were at the dentist before we went to the store... but they really didn't listen very well at the dentist either!!  I swear, they are like little hudlums some times and I just want to sell them to the highest bidder with a No Return Policy attached.  They both (the older ones) sat nice for the dental hygenist and the dentist... but in between getting their teeth scraped and cleaned and looked at, they were just plain rotten.  And Max- he needs his big bro/sis to go to school so that he can re-learn how to be 3.  He really is a little copycat... (let's just say he sticks his middle finger up and knows it's bad thanks to DJ    AND    he repeats bad words thanks to hubby)

Dear Michaels in Middletown- when you have a mom of 4 ask you if there are any more carts, don't just tell me they are all being used and you don't have any more.  There were several in the parking lot and someone could have said, Let me go get you one as I see you have your hands full.  But, let me also say thank you b/c I wound up next door at AC Moore where they did have carts readily available and I found that most of my 'ingredients' were slightly cheaper.

Here's a quick rundown (sing it fast and furious in your head)
Kids wake up early
Hubby back at work
Franny is a cranky
Gotta get us dressed
DJ get the bowls
OH no she fell asleep
Go brush our teeth
Lunch on the go
Left the house late
Library still closed
OH please I want my check!!
Head out for teeth
Hit a few road blocks
Get there early, they're running late
In the chair, out the chair, bounce on the chair, spit off the chair
Macky won't sit still...DJ on the ceiling
Franny on my chest
Holy crap we made it through
Out the door to Michaels
Run for the back ... pitstop in the loo
No carts go next door
DJ Kyra Max
HMMMMMMMMM Yo Quiero Taco Bell
Hit some more delays
Finally, get back home
Dishes Dinner DJ STOP!!
Franny is a crying
Kyra is a posing
Max is a sucking (his thumb)
DJ is a bouncing
Daddy's Home
Finish dinner
TAKE A SHOWER (needed that)
Max to bed
Big kids follow
Franny in crib
Franny out of crib
Mommy is a drinking
SHHHHHHH...everyone is sleeping!!

OK- that's where we're at...did you say it fast??  Because that's how the day goes!!

Good hubby thing:  He finally realized that I was right about him cursing out the Yankee players when Max repeated that Posada was a shit and put himself in time-out right alongside Max!!  Franny joined them
What makes me happy: SCHOOL

Weaning our way to Ireland ... or not..

So, last night I started to think maybe I should go get Franny Girl a passport...just in case.

Just in case she's not ready to be away from me for 5 days...just in case she's still nursing...just in case she needs me in the middle of the night...just in case.   OK, just in case I'm not ready for this to end...there I said it.  I know she can be ready...I know that I have to be the one to stop the boobs, not her, right?  I'm starting to feel that mommy guilt thing and I'm not leaving for over a month.  Is it gonna get any better??  And is she really going to start sleeping in the crib for the whole night again??

Oh, what to do what to do... It's only 5 days... so , don't get the passport, right??  That will force me to get us on track with weaning and cribs, right???  And so, I need to write out my pros/cons of bringing her:


  1. No time table on weaning
  2. No worries about getting her in the crib
  3. Hubby will get some sleep and it will be an easier 5 days for him
  4. Family in Ireland will get to meet her
  5. She's free on the plane b/c she's under 2
  6. I won't feel guilty leaving her home
  7. I won't miss her (I will miss the whole lot of them but for some reason I feel more guilty leaving her than them)
  1. Pay for a passport and hope that it gets here in time (timing is much better with these things now a days, right??)
  2. Lugging a carseat, stroller, diaper bag, etc on plane
  3. Totally disrupting her sleep should we actually get her on a schedule
  4. Hoping someone has room in their car for her carseat and me b/c there's no way I can rent a car
  5. Not having another set of hands to take her b/c she will be clingy
  6. Where will she sleep while I'm there???
I don't know.  I think I'll look into the passport for her and go from there... Who knew I would feel guilty for getting away from the entire family??  Well, I only feel guilty from leaving my that horrible??  I mean, it's not like hubby would ever think of bringing any of our children on one of his many hunting trips, would he??  Now, that would be funny...seeing hubby with a baby strapped to his chest while sitting in a

OK- I still don't feel any better and don't know what I'm gonna do.  But, now I need to figure out what kind of dress to wear to a wedding in Ireland and do I need a hat???

Back to reality soon with lots to do...later!!

Boring vs Lively children, that is... Oh, and what to do during a hurricane

You know, someone wrote on my FB page today about how I am lucky that I don't have 'boring' children. Now, we all know my children are anything but boring...and I actually thought about that last week while we were on vacation.

We were at the pool and there was another family there...I think they had 2 boys and a girl...they were older then mine, but they were really subdued.  You know, they just kinda sat there and swayed their feet in the water.  The mom was skinny and really didn't look like she had birthed any children and she sat at the side with her bikini on and no smile and just said nothing.  The dad just sat next to her.  The older boys maybe jumped in the water once and you barely noticed that they jumped in they were so quiet about it.  The little girl was the most spirited of the bunch and Max really enjoyed her...but she was a 'quiet' lively, you know, CALM!!  And as I watched and observed this family, I began to enjoy the fact that my children were loud, rambunctious and having tons of fun in the pool.  Annoying and all over me or hubby, yes, but excited about life a definite YES!!!

DJ- my most spirited child (I think that's a good way of describing him) is very energetic and smart.  His interests about the world are awesome.  I think if he could have, he would have stayed at the beach to watch the clouds, rain, waves, etc through the hurricane.  He loves that crap... Perhaps I should start quizzing him about stuff while he's on his head or trying to be in a handstand???  ha ha ha
I also think that I have sensory issues myself and when DJ just can't sit still, it bothers me b/c I can't stand things moving so much.  Does that make sense??  I am such a calm, no emotion on the outside kinda person that I don't know how to accept, let alone deal with, him.  But, I think with my observations of that 'boring' family and my joys in having a lively child, I am making progress in the path to connect to him...don't you think??

Remind I said how much I am glad he is lively and spirited next week when I am frustrated beyond belief that I can't get him to sit down and do his homework, OK???

Now- here are some things I recommend doing while you are trapped in a hurricane:

1. Drink heavily... just make sure you are stocked up before-hand... try new drinks during this time:)

2. Card games... have your kids get out all their piggy bank coins and con them out of them during poker!!!  lol

3. Bake something... try to incorporate alcohol in your recipes... trust me, you'll need it:)  and maybe it will cancel out the sugar high when your kids eat them...ha ha ha

4. Put all your flashlights, candles, matches, etc. in a central location so you can easily find them.  If you don't, you will absolutely lose power in the middle of the night when you can't see a f@#$%g thing!!

5. Yeah, campout in the living room...  NOT  ... your kids will be up past midnight and crankypants the next day b/c your 3 year old wakes with the sun and not a minute after no matter what time he goes to sleep b/c it's light outside and time to be awake you know...

6. Cook some stuff that you can eat cold before the storm hits so that you can eat while you have no power... AND  ... you won't lose your power.  Trust me...this one works!!!

7. Make sure you have rainboots and a raincoat so you can fix ditches and jump in puddles!!

8. Duct tape and diapers...yes, I know, I mention these often, but when you can't flush toilets and your kids are running up the walls, these 2 tools help tremondously!!

9. Instead of playing games with your kids, give them some sponges and brooms and get to cleaning... yes, they made the mess and will continue to make the big messes, so nip it in the butt and get them cleaning instead!!

10. Did I mention just drink heavily??  Oh, screw it, throw the kids outside and let them run around in the rain and jump in the puddles and slide in the mudslides and go floating in your newly formed lawn pool because life is short and it's just too much fun!!  (just make sure the wind won't take them away b/c you actually really will miss them..)

Random thought- Franny didn't eat her sneakers today as I thought...we found them:)

Good thought about hubby- he may have made us not flush toilets and wash anything but he did do all the dishes tonight after the septic was pumped (yes, we literally threw out money down the toilet today)

What makes me happy- catching up with friends

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Driving Vacations- A Top 10 List

OK- so we are home from vacation (have been since Friday night...3 days early), Irene has come and gone (though there are some winds sticking around) and now we deal with clean-up (I will have another list for how to survive a hurricane next).

And so, without further ado, here is a list all about family vacations and driving (what to do, expect, not do, etc)

1. Now matter how prepared you are to keep the kids entertained, you will never be prepared enough!!
(these activity bags lasted a different time for each kid...Max's was torn off the seat and contents thrown all over the car within an hour)
But, the links were a pretty cool thing to keep us on track...we took one off every hour (as we got closer every half hour) and we all had guesses as to how long it would take us...kept Kyra from asking how much longer 50 million times..

2. Always expect traffic, delays, etc.  And, if, you make really good timing one way, always expect to make the worst time on the way back:)  That being said, I think every child adds an additional hour to your travel time!!  So, if it takes you 10 hours to get somewhere before kiddies and you now have like 4 kiddies, your new travel time will be 14 hours!!  LOL

3. Pack lots and lots and lots of food but just know that it will never be enough for the little mongers ... they will always want more!!  And, no matter how hungry they are, they will never eat the meal you stop for!!  Oh, and don't go through the trouble of making each kid their own little snack bag (see above pic) as they will eat everything w/in the first hour of your trip.  Oh, and just b/c you think those squeezy applesauces are a good idea b/c you don't need a spoon in the car...think again...)

4. If you should leave early in the morning (I'm talking 5-6 AM or earlier) don't expect them to just go back to sleep...they won't and they will be cranky for the rest of the day!!!

5. For some reason, while on vacation your children will listen better.  Don't expect that to last... the minute you step back into your own home they will immediately lose their hearing!!

6. Diapers and Duct Tape  ...  'nuff said

7. If your child(ren) don't poop during the entire ride, wait for the huge huge huge diaper changes the next day!!

8. So you just sleep trained your baby???  ha ha ha ha ha ha (this is maniacal laughing)   It will all go out the window the second you put that child in the car and start driving.  Oh, and it won't come back willingly when you come back!!  Yes, we have to start re-training Franny girl...AGAIN!!

9. French fries and Pizza are great vacation foods!!  Just be prepared for the detox once you get home...

10. When all else fails, just drink...lots...and HAVE FUN!!!

Random thought- did you know Goober now makes a mix of Peanut Butter and Chocolate???

Couldn't find a picture of the chocolate version...but I have it and will let you know how it tastes... (just imagine where the jelly is that there is chocolate)  and if my camera was working I'd take a pic of my jar...

Good hubby thing- He was resigned to the basement being flooded and pumped it w/o complaint today

What makes me happy- I like it when people acknowledge the things I've done for them...yes, I like to be told thank you and good job and stuff, don't you???

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Golfing, Lazy Rivers and Irene... hubby and I went to play golf yesterday.  Yup, we got 4 hours away from the kids with no one else around.  Great sport to actually just be with each other, you know??  It was my first time playing and all in all I think I did pretty good.  I hit the ball and it went...yeah!!  And, hubby and I did not fight the entire time we were there...although we didn't really hash out anything real, I think just being together and enjoying each others company is a big step for us.  Now, we need to try and do this more often, you know.  I think we need this b/c it would be a great time to actually bring stuff up if we needed to.  Trying to do it in our house will never work...b/c I will always be thinking of the things that need to get done and who knows what he'll be thinking...ha ha

 Look at my form!!! (I didn't lose any balls, didn't clunk any in the water and didn't hit any sand traps...yeah me)
Doug in the woods...he he he (he lost about 4 balls in water and stuff and still kicked my ass...but he does play gold a lot more than me)

ok...enough about that...let's get philosophical

Today, I went to the waterpark with the kiddies.  This waterpark is part of our hotel and after 5 years of coming here I finally went with the kids.  It was actually kinda fun.  I don't have good memories of going down waterslides (my dad went down after me when I was a little girl and I was stuck and I got smashed in the back and pushed down the rest of the way...very traumatic for a little girl, you know??).  But, they also had a nice little Lazy River where you can lay in a tube and just float around.  It was while I was floating around that I started to think about how this Lazy River could be compared to Life.  You kinda hop on board and just go.  You can figure out how to ride the tube (I tried all different kinds before I found how I liked to hold on to the tube).  In life, you are constantly figuring out how to ride the least I am.  And sometimes one way may be better but you might want to change after awhile, you know??  And, there are different ways you can just let youself go.  You can just ride around and let the water take you where it takes you...or you can try and direct your own path.  Do I want to go under the waterfall or do I want to go around it??  I really didn't like having water drop on my head so I pushed myself down the other path.  Do I want to pass the people in front of me or just hang back?  Do I try and make the person riding my stomach happy and do what they want??  (that would be Max sitting on my stomach as I try not to sink through the  Should I hold on to hubby's tube and ride with him??  You get my point, right??  We all have choices and decisions in life.  Go ride a Lazy River and figure out what you like and the path you want to take!!!  Like I said, philosophical mumbo jumbo..ha ha ha  It kinda makes you think what kind of person you are and/or want to be, you know??

So, let's talk Irene, shall we.  I don't like her right now.  She is cutting my vacation short by 3 days and I'm just  not ready to go home!!  Now, for those of you that don't know, here's a little tid bit of information:  My nana's name was Irene.  Franny Girl is name for my Nana: Irene (her middle name).  This is Franny Girls first trip to the beach and low and behold Irene is pushing her out (and us in the process).  For those of you that didn't know my Nana- she was a very interesting character.  Very direct, liked to people watch (she had a special chair in her bedroom where she used to watch what all the neighbors were up to), spoke her mind, told you like it is, etc.  But she also had this spunk about her that we just all loved about her.  My Nana was the one who like to take me shopping as a girl and she used to take me on trips to the Bahamas with her (she always sat in first class and I always sat in coach...and yes, I was a young girl).  She took no shit from anybody and was very comfortable in her own skin.  She cheated at SkipBo and snuck in candy and sweets when she wasn't allowed!! 

So, with this Hurricane coming our way, and the name being Irene, I think it's just kinda ironic.  And so, I must apologize b/c Nana must be pissed at something one of us has done lately and now she's coming to get us:(  So, we are leaving Myrtle Beach bright and early in the morning so we can make it out of here before it hits and get home before it hits there.  I'm kinda bummed...I mean, we've only been here for like 4 days.  I just wasn't ready to pack up and drive home!!

Random thought- I steal wine glasses from hotels and my mom steals dish towels... ha ha ha

Good hubby thought- He took DJ to play mini golf and just to hang out for a couple hours...they both need that

What makes me happy thought- reading...I need to find more time to read...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing around...

Today I played with my kids.  Just flat out played with them.  And, in the pool... for like 3 hours straight.  Wow, what fun!!  I forgot how much fun it is to just play in the pool.  Yes, we had some time-outs and yes there were other kids that were playing with mine, but I was in the thick of it.  Now, for those of you that know me, I am not the one to just jump in and play.  I'm the one that reprimands and hangs out on the side-lines while others do the actual play thing.  Not today!!  Nope...and it was FUN!!  At one point, I was with just DJ and Kyra in the pool and we were swimming and laughing and doing handstands in the water and stuff!!  Whew, I'm pooped...and can't wait to play with them some more tomorrow!!

But, first, we will be (my hubby and I) going to play golf tomorrow.  Ha...I've never played golf in my life.  I've swung a golf club at a driving range maybe twice in my entire life.  So, this should be an interesting outing for us.  Perhaps we can hash things out while we're out there.  I think we have a lot to talk about...maybe I'll make a list.  ha ha ha

Franny girl slept better last night...I kept her on the couch with me and she slept from about 11-9:30.  Good think you can get breakfast pretty late in this hotel...otherwise her and I would have missed it..  Everyone else went earlier and let us sleep.  At first, I thought, why didn't they wake me up or even see if I wanted to go.  But, hubby said he didn't know what kind of night I had with Franny so they let us sleep a little more.  And so, it wasn't a big deal we didn't eat with everyone...see, all you have to do is ask 'why' and you might understand things...

Here's a pic of all of will show DJ and Max's buzz cuts from last week...and my new hair-cut:)  Enjoy..

Positive of hubby- today he let me sleep in with Franny and kept the other 3 quiet, got them dressed and got them out of the hotel...

What makes me happy- my kids...even when I don't like them very much and are always confused by them, they really do make me happy!!!

Camera front- yeah, it's not gonna work the rest of the week...that just's like losing an appendage, you know??  I'm using my moms but it's just not the same thing, you know??  quality of pics won't be the same and I feel like I'm constantly hi-jacking it away from her... BUT, at least I will have pics...gotta have pics...this is Franny's first visit to Myrtle Beach and Max jumped in the pool w/o being caught today... and, this year, I am very aware of making sure my picture gets taken with my kids instead of just staying behind the camera!!!

My hair...before and after

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

I know...both have kids in them...and the second is a self portrait so you can't see the whole thing...but I think you get the gist, right??

Oh, my eyebrows look better too, right??  Just don't believe any stylist that says they have a 'special' cream that will keep them from looking like you've been punched and will prevent those little white 'pimples'.  Trust one can prevent that on my face!!  But, they are all gone now and the swelling is gone:)


Yeah...these things happen when you hold it all inside you know...big, HUGE blow-ups... So, here we are on our Mom workation and both the moms on the trip have it out... am embarassed to say it happened in front of my children and wish we could have gone about it a different way.  Hindsight is a fancy thing...wish we could go back, you know??

So, we had it out (this is the 2nd time in less than a year we've had harsh words for each other) ... and the next day it was almost like nothing had happened.  Almost I said.  We both know it happened, the kids know it happened, and so do the hubbies.  A bit uncomfortable here but bearable...and very emotional.  So, we both need to think hard before either of us speaks.  I think there are some feelings there that just need to be hashed out and they have been brewing for awhile.  Now, to figure out a way to communicate without holding it in,you know???  I need to learn how to do this communication thing so that my kids know how to do it.  So, now to figure out a time when it's just the 2 of us this week to talk...ha ha ha ha... tried that tonight but of course it didn't happen.  Guess we'll see what the week brings and if I can actually get away with just the 2 of us!!  I used to love this vacay b/c I actually got to spend time with my Mom.  Selfish, maybe??  But, it's nice when you don't have to worry about others so you can have that time, you know??  As sad as it is to admit, sometime I wish my hubby never started coming with us, you know?? 

It doesn't help that I can't stand my hubby most of the time these days. Today he stubs his toe in the pool and now thinks he's broken it.  I just can't stand the 'groaning' about the things that happen to him.  Geez, is this what 10 years does to us??  We get so sick of the things they do that it makes us compassionless towards them??  Or is this just me??  If not, what did you do to get through it??

OK- here's a funny story that will make you all laugh:  let's talk sleep-time while on vacation, shall we??  Franny girl and I have moved back to the couch tonight...LOL... last night was out first night in the hotel and I think everyone was a little over-tired.  Thankfully the big kids slept and slept in this morning.  The littles, not so much.  Franny didn't fall asleep until about 10 (normal for her) and she probably slept for about 2-3 hours...partly on hubby's chest and partly in the crib.  She woke and I tried the whole nursing her back to dream land but it didn't want to work.  She realized that there was another body next to me (I don't think I've really ever nursed her in our bed at home so it was odd to her), a body in the bed across the room (max) and the room was completely different.  She was so funny and so asleep while she was playing...does that make sense??  At one point, she put this big shit-eating grin on her face and fell onto hubby and started playing with his hair.  The grin almost said- I know I'm awake now and I'm gonna play to make you still be awake too!!  Now, of course Max felt the need to become involved here too...b/c he woke up and wanted to come over to my bed too...of course I let him.  At this point, I just started know when you start laughing at something so ridiculous and then you can't stop laughing??  Oh, and did I mention that it was 2AM??  Well, Franny girl never went back to sleep but Max did go back to the other bed and fall asleep and Franny and I wound up downstairs on the couch...where she continued her "sleep" play.  Sit up and pass out sit up and pass out sit up and pass out etc.  If I hadn't been so completely exhausted I would've said how cute it was..

We pooled it, beached it and watered it today on our vacay.  And, my camera completely stopped working today!!  Yeah!!  NOT... my hubby also doesn't understand my need to take pics either!!  So, now I have pics on his cell-phone, pics on my mother's camera, and some pics on my camera.  Gonna try and find a camera store down here tomorrow...this is gonna drive me crazy having my pics all over the place. 

Will try and post some pics tomorrow:)  Good thing my photo reader for the computer has lots of different holes in it to match up your card!!

OK- here are my statements of the day:

Hubby- the kids love to play with him in the pool and he loves to play with them back... got some good pics of Max jumping in before my camera decided never to revive itself...he he he

Happiness- making other people happy makes me happy (sad but true)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Field trips, honesty, happiness and family...

So, can we honestly put all of those words into one topic??  Gosh, sometimes I think not.  But, let's try, ok??

Our field trip this year took us about 12 hours!!  Yup, that's right...I think that's some kind of record for us.  And, that's with 4 at 5:30AM and arrived around 5:30 PM...made only 1 pitstop.  How, you ask, did we manage that one...I really have no idea.  But, I will say that putting diapers on all the kids and packing their snack/food bags for each one helped.  (Ok, so we didn't put diapers on all of them but it is tempting sometimes).  We did pack food bags for each kid in which they got cereal, snacks and a drink, napkins and their own garbage bag (those bags meant for dirty diapers worked well for this).  Now, only 1 child actually used that garbage bag, but I guess it's better then none, right??

Trip started out rocky and both adults were tired and cranky.  I hadn't finished all the stuff I wanted to finish (yeah, I was a dork this trip and made up a binder of lots of things to learn and do while on our trip) and Franny girl didn't want to sleep and being sick for a day means things on my to-do list got bumped to a day when I didn't have lots of time. 

Random middle of the post thought: Corner Deli sucks sometimes!!  How do you screw up 2 coffees and how disappointing it was to drive away before you realize it??  I even ordered one, waited for the lady to make it, and then ordered the 2nd one.  Because you see, I like dark and sweet while he likes light with splenda... Mine was light with some kind of sugar substance and his was dark with no sugar of any kind in it. 

OK- so back to trip at hand...I know hubby and I really aren't on the same page these days and are often yelling at each other...but these past few days have not been fun ones.  And 5:30 in the morning with a long day ahead and now shitty coffee was not a good start.

Today, the kids went to a wrestling show at a local school for some kind of charity.  Now, I really don't mind the whole charity thing.  But, really??  Wrestling??  I am not looking forward to DJ and Max trying to 'wrestle' each other and imitate the moves.  And, had I known that this is where my children were gonna go, I probably would have said no.  But, what do we do when their 'grandparents' want to take them somewhere and you really don't want them to go but to keep the peace you just let them go and figure out you'll deal with the consequences??  And consequences I mean DJ will now be adding wrestling moves to his already moving all the time gymnastics moves.  And instead of Max trying to do flips off the couch, he will be playing jump off the couch to land on my opponent wrestler game (already going on).  And for the record, I thought maybe there was a little town fair or something that they were being taken to.  What are your thoughts on wrestling??

Honesty- I sometimes suck.  Yup, I said it.  I have become this person I don't want to be...a mom I am not liking and probably a wife who is resentful and holds grudges.  And so, I need to now figure out the person I want to be and move on.  I am the only one who can change me, right??  I can't keep blaming the surrounding factors in the world and not doing anything about it.  I am the only person who can make me a better person.  Happiness comes from within us and I need to find that happiness again for I fear I've lost it. I don't know where it's gone but I want it back.  So, here's to finding happiness and letting go of resentment and grudges.  Wow, that sounds so easy when I put there in writing...ha ha ha.  So, on top of my good hubby quality per day, I'm also going to try and write my 'happiness' thought of the day.

Family- we can't pick our family can we??  so, we need to learn to accept and move on...why is that so difficult to do??  I wish I was one of those people who could just accept things and not let it bother you.  I really hate those people sometimes, don't you?? But, at the same time, I'd love to just be a little like them, you know??
Family vacation- how is it a family vacation when you still have to do everything you do at home and then some??  I mean, there's still kids to be fed, changed, bathed, bedded on top of the travel, packing, cleaning house before you leave, cleaning out car, extra calming the kiddies down for bed...yadda yadda yadda   (and just so you know, I will be pissed at hubby most of this week b/c he will be on vacation and I will get angry that he is not helping me with everything else).  And so, a real family vacation should be called:

Mommy's Workation while everyone else vacations...LOL

On a positive note, I was able to go get my hair done today.  Hubby 'likes the color' and I was only able to get his reaction after I asked him how he liked it.  You know, he's so done with short hair.  Kyra thinks it's really weird.  And that's about all I got out of 'em. 

I leave you with this final thought of the day:  My daughter is going to be a trendsetter...yup, that's right...she's going to be on the forefront of a new 'drug' for the kiddies- AirFreshenerSmellers!!  She is going to be addicted to smelling air fresheners...she just can't stop smelling them...I can't stand them but I guess whatever floats your boat, right!!  ha ha ha ha

Positive hubby thought- he watched Franny girl so I could go get my hair done even if he doesn't like it

Random thing that makes me happy (gonna try to make this something that doesn't involve being a mom/wife at the beginning):  vanilla milkshakes from Friendly's

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Power, Echo and an Infection

Did you know that a glass of wine a day does NOT keep the infections away.  Seriously, they still come and at the most unwanted time.  Boo!!  OK, let's start at the beginning of the day but you might be drinking at the end of this one...

Woke up to a sore boob and no power...yeah.  Can't do dishes from last night, shower or flush the toilet.  Oh, and we definitely cannot make oatmeal (sorry Max).  Didn't come back on until we were about to leave for Max's appt. today.  They wanted to do an Echo to make sure there are no holes in his heart and it truly is just a murmur.  The little man was AWESOME!!! He sat there so still while they used an ultrasound machine to capture all of his blood flow and stuff.

Come home, power is on but cable/phone/internet is out...yeah.  So, of course hubby's 'work' from home day is all ruined.  Franny hungry...boob still killing me and dizziness is worse today have been feeling a little off all week but haven't had time to really address it).  Feed Franny Girl and call my doctor while hubby rushes out to get a haircut.  Appt this afternoon...still no time for dishes or shower but at least I got to the doc.  Yup, boob infection.  At this point, I think I am already a little delirious and shouldn't really be out driving but need to stop at drugstore to get my 'script so that I can start to feel better.  Get home and I am now a zombie.  I want to cry along with Franny Girl who is crying at my feet and Max who curled up on my back and is crying b/c I just can't have him up there.  why is it that your kids want you even more when you are at your most miserable??  And why is it that your hubby all of a sudden has an allergy attack and can't stop sniffling, sneezing and crap.  Oh, I know know how miserable you feel so they really just want to snuggle with you to make you feel better (they don't know anything else)...hubby just doesn't want to get stuck doing the things you need him to do b/c you can't do them now due to the fact that you are gonna pass out if you stand up...

And when you get pissed off b/c packing and stuff isn't going to get accomplished you get laughed at.  Yeah, I know, I always get pissed off when he doesn't help me but today just wasn't b/c we had to was the fact that he doesn't even think to ask if I need anything.  My sink is still full of dishes and laundry barely got done today...packing definitely didn't get done and I have way too much crap to do tomorrow before I go to work.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I gotta go fold some clothes now...yeah...still feel like shit.  How long does it take for the drugs to start working??  I forgot..stupid boobs...gotta give up the nursing, I know.  Almost done almost done almost done...

Good thing about hubby today: this was hard today but I have to say: he was actually calm when I was not

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Haircut...what's your vote??

So, as our trip down to Myrtle Beach approaches, so does my yearly haircut with my favorite stylist.  But, the question is, what to do with my hair... I'm torn between letting it grow and just cutting it all off again, or trimming it/styling it into a nice little bob.  So, here are some pics of past styles...what's your vote:
 really short
this was the most recent

Long straight

If I grow it..

(another short one)
Wow...can't find anymore of me...guess we all know who takes the pics.  Going through trying to find one brought back memories.. ha ha Can't find any of a stylish bob...though I know I've had it  So, let me know what you think:)
Oh, and thinking of going red again...gotta cover those grays!!

My day in Prose

This is how my day went... in prose tonight...enjoy (you have to kinda sing it...if you want it sung, call me..LOL)

Wake up way too early
Kyra still has fever
Max bit Francesca
No time to shower
Minutes late to doctor
Glass table comes apart
Tear through the toys
Franny bad hair day
Listen to the murmur
Truck still a-thumping
Big kids in the car
Babies in the cart
Forgot Kyra's motrin
Franny on her face
Franny in the wall
DJ off the wall
Power Rangers in my pants
Kyra still with fever
DJ cleans a room
Oh, and he vacuums
Breakfast is for dinner
Sausage Pancakes and Frenchtoast 
Lotion squirted on Franny
Max smeared it in
Franny slips all over
Lamp crashes down
Bulb just exploded
Boys all a buzz
Shower off the hair
Laundry tossed all over
Dishes still not done
Max in his bed
Max out of bed
Max back in bed
Franny biting my belly
Kyra still has fever
DJ/Kyra go to bed
Laundry getting folded
Franny wants a boob
Franny wants another boob
Franny finally asleep
Glass of wine ready to drink
Dishes still not done
Holy cow my armpits smell
Oh this wine is good
Dishes for tomorrow
Shower in the morning
Echo on the heart
Pack up our bags get the point... some pics of the day (didn't get the haircut pics...just too much going on...will take pics of the buzz cuts tomorrow...and had I known it was lotion and not throw-up all over Franny girl I probably would have taken that picture so just imagine her sliding all over the place b/c she's greased

 This is the glass table that DJ 'unscrewed' while waiting for Doc (oh, and the whole top of that glass table came tumbling down)

 Max all hooked up (nurse let all kids listen to his heart too...anatomy lesson)
How many kids can you strap in a cart??? At least 4!!
Power Ranger Max to the rescue (can't you tell that's a gun in his diaper??)

Here's the good thing about my hubby for the day: He folds laundry:)

Hope you enjoyed my madness for the day!!  Let's see what's in store for tomorrow..

Max...potty training and heart murmurs

So, yesterday Max decided that he was going to Self Train himself on the potty.  Yup, the kid has goals:)

Everytime I walked around the corner, Max came tearing at me with NO diaper on.  He insisted he had to go pee.  One time, he pulled his diaper off with good old poop stuck to his butt!!!  Guess he really is ready to learn...really poor timing though.  We are going on vacation Friday morning and I just don't have the time to put into it.  Ha...I don't think I'll ever have the 'time' to put into it so perhaps I should just go with it.  I did make him wipe up his 1 and only pee puddle on the floor...maybe that will teach him that he shouldn't be doing that.

We are off to a doctor appt this morning for his c/u the pediatrician heard a slight murmur in his heart and so we are going to check it out with the pediatric cardiologist.

Have a great day!!

Spam Mail I could live without

So, we all get it and we all ignore it.  Right??  Ha, I was going through my spam mail folder tonight and I realized all the shit we get that we all don't need and is it really necessary to send these out??  And then I think, do people actually read these e-mails??  Here is a definition (just in case you all think I am talking about getting Spam ham in the mail to cook with)

Spam (electronic)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An email box folder littered with spam messages.

Spamming remains economically viable because advertisers have no operating costs beyond the management of their mailing lists, and it is difficult to hold senders accountable for their mass mailings. Because the barrier to entry is so low, spammers are numerous, and the volume of unsolicited mail has become very high. In the year 2011, the estimated figure for spam messages is around seven trillion. The costs, such as lost productivity and fraud, are borne by the public and by Internet service providers, which have been forced to add extra capacity to cope with the deluge. Spamming has been the subject of legislation in many jurisdictions.[1]
 is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spamUsenet newsgroup spamWeb search engine spamspam in blogswiki spamonline classified ads spam,mobile phone messaging spamInternet forum spamjunk fax transmissionssocial networking spam, television advertising and file sharing network spam.
A person who creates electronic spam is called a spammer.[2]

And so, here is a list of my top 10 Spam E-mails I could live without (they are not the direct words used...and my comments follow):

1.  Let's Make it Bigger   (yeah, what am I making bigger, my bank account)  Viagra Spam would have to go with this one too...

2. Work from Home  (oh, this one just keeps coming...really, I do work from home I just don't get paid...)   Come Change Your Career would also go along here... what do you want to do b/c there's a Spammer looking to send you an e-mail on what you should become!!

3. Christian Singles Living  (oh, yeah, I'm not single...are they trying to make me single and hook up with other 'christians'??  wouldn't that be against the church??)

4. Lose 10 pounds in 1 week  (ummmm, are you spammers saying I'm fat???  I have 4 kids, ok... do your homework before you randomly send it to me...what if I had an eating disorder??  Nice going)

5. Go back to school and start a New Career   (ha ha ha...this one is funny... would like to know when it would be possible to actually take any kind of class...let alone pay for it...)  Oh wait, perhaps I should check out the ones about Financial Aid for College...

6. Cute Kids Wanted  (ok...I might be tempted to open this up b/c my kids really are cute...but, I know it's just spam and so I just delete you and know that my kids are still cute)

7. Mystery Shoppers Wanted (ok...what's in it for me here??  they are seriously going to pay me to shop somewhere and report back...and how much do they really pay you for this crap??)

8. Seniors meeting Seniors  (ummmmm, didn't get the memo that I'm married did you??  Oh, and I'm not a senior... at least I don't think I'm a senior, am I??)

9. Get High Now  (ha... just kidding... making sure you're paying attention.. though I think people might actually open this one... LOL)

10. Asians meeting Asians (ummmm, last time I checked I wasn't Asian...or any other ethnicity that they think I should be meeting... oh, and did I mention that I'M MARRIED ALREADY)

I know there are a ton more out there...but it's late and I'm tired and these are the ones I thought of tonight.

What's your favorite Spam e-mail??

Oh, and what do you do with your spam in a can??  LOL  Here's the web-site on Spam so you can get about spam...ha ha ha

Puddle Jumping and of course other stuff:)

Aren't they cute??  And yes, today, I let them jump in the puddles on our way to the mailbox.  It couldn't have been more perfect timing...and I think this was the only time during the day when it WASN'T  And I thought Franny Girl was gonna jump out of that sling thingy she is in b/c she wanted to join them!!

Well, of course we make it all the way there with limited issues.  DJ wanted to wade in the side ditch and catch the frogs.  Well, that's where I draw the line...and that's the line that he is continuously jumping over.  I think his life mission is to get me to the point of no return b/c I always make a point of being calm when asking him what to do (even on the 3rd and 4th time...and sometimes more times) but I always seem to yell.  Perhaps he just needs to push and push and push until the yelling comes???  Who knows.  But I told him the puddle jumping was ok but the jumping in the that is about 2 feet deep in the ditch on the side of the road with things growing in it was NOT ok.  He says, but I'm trying to catch frogs...come on Max, let's go in this water that is more than half your height with who knows what in it and chase the frogs down.  Geesh, I know, I am a horrible mommy for not wanting them to do that, it does sound fun, doesn't it??  But, come one, there's some gross stuff in that water!!!  So, get to the mailbox and of course the mail is not there!!  ha ha ha

OK- let's get to the major 'event' that my wonderful 8 yr old did that made me really angry.  After telling him, like, 3x not to jump in that gross water and wade in it, he decided that it would be super duper fun to do a cannon ball into the ditch water.  Yup, that's right folks, he picked up his feet and jumped right into the water with his legs tucked up.  REALLY!!!  And so, he wasn't allowed to 'jump' in the puddles on the way back (and we walked the LONG way back so that the other 2 could jump a lot more).  God I love that kid!!

So, toss them in the shower (I know, should've just hosed them off but that would have been too much fun for them..ha ha) and the garage calls about the's fixed and they're coming to get us.  We are in the middle of getting dressed, taking sheets of my bed and vacuuming...oh, and did I mention that it has now decided to start raining sheets of rain???   I wouldn't have it any other way!!  At least I got my shower in...  Yup, I was drenched after standing in the rain buckling 2 kiddies in carseats... get to the place, (yes, I left all 4 kiddies locked in the truck...sue me) am about to start writing out the check and BABOOM!!!   so, instead of having them leave Max and Franny in the truck, I run back out to the truck to make sure they are all ok... Kyra comes back with me to finish and away we go.  Truck fixed and our vacation meals just became PB&J with a spoon and cereal!!!  That's it...that's all we'll eat... oh, and the snacks I already bought for the car-ride.  I will have to ration those out

OK- MOM- you are not in the same category so please stop thinking that everything I write is about you...pretty please???
Anonymous- I am grateful for the relatives I have near and far...except for my FIL.  And please understand that I would rather have my kids not know him anymore b/c they are starting to actually listen to him and want to know why he does/says the things he does.  And, I truly don't think it should be necessary for me to explain to my 3 yr old what all the derogatory terms he uses mean...ok??  don't think bad of me, but that's how I feel.  I will gladly wrap a bow around him and give him to you if you'd like...just let me know!!

1 Good think about hubby- he agreed to 'let' me go to Ireland...and he's going to take the time off and take care of the kiddies... whoo hoo!!  (of course I'm gonna bring Franny with me but he'll have the other 3)

OH...crap...gotta go get a passport for Franny long does that take these days???

Some other pics from the day:

sorry about the sideways pic...I just can't figure out how to rotate it on this's way too hi-tech for me:)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainy Days...

Oh, today is going to be a fun's rainy outside, got 5 kids in the house, no car to get out of the house, and the kids are already at each other's throats!! (it's 10am)

So, how do you keep your kids from tattling on each other??  How do you keep them occupied on days like these when you don't always have the time to play 'with' them or supervise??  I don't want to do anything too messy b/c I'm trying to keep the house clean...ha ha ha ha ha (that's delirious laughter)

I have a feeling my kids will all be separated doing different things in different rooms today!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my in-law bashing that we missed the FunFest in town.  I really like bringing my kids to that b/c they can see friends and do some free rides and listen to music.  Bummed it was rainy (hubby doesn't like to do stuff like that on rainy days) so we couldn't go  (aside from the fact that the in-laws were visiting)..


In-laws...and Dollar Stores

Oh, let me tell you how much I love it when my in-laws come for a visit... go on, start laughing now and I'll start at the very beginning:)

My in-laws like to come up for a visit pretty much every single sunday.  Yes, they do miss some of them, but they are here A LOT!!!  They say it's to see the kids but I think it's to get out of their house and sit on someone elses couch and have someone else make them a big huge meal that they don't have to clean up after (and I'm talking like a full out old-fashioned sunday dinner)... oh, and to find new things to complain about.  Here are the standard things I hear when they come:

- Clap Paddy's... (now this is directed to Francesca...though, it's been said to all of my children)
- Oh, who loves you... PopPop loves you
- Why don't you want to sit with you not love me anymore???
- Oh, are you spoiled sitting on Mommy's hip
- We brought you dinner (oh, you know, they bring the 'raw' ingredients for us to cook...)
- What do you mean you don't like the chocolate donut... you said you liked chocolate and I bought you an ALL chocolate donut so you have to eat it...What do you mean you aren't eating the know I bought those just for you...blah blah blah

You see...when my FIL is here, it is all about him and what he has brought my children or us and he needs to say it LOUD and lots of times.  Today, he thought he'd bring us some chicken for our freezer and 8 jars of Goober (you know, the PB&J stuff mixed in 1 jar).  Yes folks...8 of them.  Because he feels the need to 'buy' my children these days.  And the donuts that never get eaten fully are always a must.  It's a GREAT lunch for my kids...wondering when he's gonna bring Franny Girl her own donut...LOL

Oh, and thank goodness my MIL doesn't go out and talk to the neighbors these days.  I wonder what she'd say to them...b/c you know she used to talk to them about me when we first started.  You know, like my table is always sticky (yes, I know, it's a problem around here), and I don't have many friends so if they could stop by and be my friend that would be great.  ha ha ha...yes, I hold grudges... but she gets annoyed when I actually do my 'chores' or run errands when they are here... you know, they are here to 'see' the kids, not ME.  And yes, if I'm going to nurse my baby, I'm going to do it somewhere else...not sitting in my living room with both of them watching!!  So BOO!!!  OK...I think I'm done!!  It was just so nice that they hadn't come up for awhile this summer...

We are leaving for vacation this Friday, so I had lots to do today.  One of those things was to go to the dollar store and grocery shopping!!  How does one spend $43 in a dollar store???  LOL... I am trying to make the drive this year more FUN!!  We are going to play games, earn prizes, and they are going to have lots to do... ha ha ha  We will all see how that goes now won't we:)  I barely spent $$ on groceries for this week...mostly on stuff for the trip.  So, I will have to be very creative with meals and snacks this week..ha ha ha...I say we starve until we get into the truck on Friday morning!!

Now, I still have lots to do.  But I have to say we had a very good hubby today!!  He says I don't put any of the good stuff in here, so here goes:  I left to do my shopping and he did get Max's sheets off his bed, washed/dried and towels were washed/dried/folded.  He also put the chicken in the oven when he was supposed to!!  Go Hubby!!  I think the FIL peeled and cut the potatoes and took the husk off the corn (something he would NEVER help his wife with...but for some reason he feels the need to do this in my house).  However, they all neglected to feed Franny Girl while I was gone...but she did eat lots and lots at dinner... chicken, carrots, mashed potatoes, corn, puffs (it was like I couldn't feed her enough..

Oh crap, the power just flicked on and I can't finish watching my show.  You see, the problem with not having DVR and some of your shows not being on the internet to watch is that you wind up watching them at midnight b/c they don't show as repeats every other day...ha ha ha oh, back on...yeah!!

All right, Franny knows Kyra is in the room with her... and she knew before that Kyra was gonna be in there you know... she was tough to put down and she started crying out a little while ago (just so you know, I left her and she did continue sleeping).  But, Kyra is in there with her so I hope they both sleep.

And, I hope the truck is ok and there isn't too much wrong with it!!!  Please hope with me!!

OH- in light of my 10 year wedding anniversary coming up, I have decided to write a good thing about my hubby instead of just a random thought...perhaps reminding myself what I do Love about him.

Good thing about hubby: He will bathe our kids (even if he complains sometimes, he does it).

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Family Affair... First Ever Camp Out!!!

Yes...This Family went to a Backyard Camp Out last night and we ALL had a GREAT time.  OK, so we were in someone's backyard and I actually didn't sleep in a tent, but everything else was like actual camping out...LOL... well, maybe not everything.. but, we went there as a family, we stayed over as a family, and we had F-U-N!!

I've never in my life been camping.  Well, actually, now that I say that, I have been camping.  ha ha  It was called Girl Scout camp... we walked about a mile away from the actual camp (where we slept on wooden platforms with beds and no walls) to pitch tents, make a fire, carry our gear and sleep outside.  Yup, that was a long long time ago and I don't think I really ever wanted to go after that.  Last night I could definitely do.  And, I think I could do the 'real' campsite thing if we had a camper...maybe.

Lots of families were there, lots of kids for our kids to play with, lots of food, and did I mention lots of fun??  Hubby had a good time and thinks we should definitely make this into a yearly thing.  So, that's 2 things this summer that we have done as a family and had some fun doing it.  WOW...what is this world coming to??  We will have to keep it up!!  I love it when we do this crazy shit:)  Even Franny had fun...she crawled/walked around eating leftover food, drinking juice boxes that were wrecklessly abandoned by the older kids, and tried sooooooo hard not to fall asleep.  Max kept up with the big kids as long as he could.  We think he was a bit delirious by the end of the night.  Kyra hung out with the BIG girls and DJ just ran around being a boy and not getting into too much trouble. 

And so, I will leave you with some pics of us and our 'campgrounds'...Have a great night:)

Thanks to my good friend over at for hosting!!!  You ROCK :)

Does Hubby Know...

So- someone asked if my Hubby knows about my blog and if so, does he read it.  I wanted to write this answer in a post so that you got it...

YES- he knows

YES- he reads it

(look...we were young, playful and in love... it will be 10 years next month...)

He says- if it makes you feel better to bash me in your blog, cool.  He says he's ok with it and you know what, I believe him.  The problem with that is this: he thinks I'm just venting and that there are no issues between us.  He is a man and as one, they tend to forget why we get mad.  Now, I'm not sure how many other women out there get frustrated with their hubby's and how many don't.  I'm sure we all get angry and/or frustrated to some kind of degree.  My hubby and I have always been like this.  While I may be realizing that I don't like 'us' like this, he continues to think that there are no issues and we are perfectly content.  Perhaps my fault b/c I do not actually make an effort to sit down with him and discuss.  Perhaps partly his fault for not realizing what's been going on between us.  I do believe that we can work 'Us' out...but I'm still working on how to do that!! 

Perhaps some communication???  Perhaps more time spent with each other away from the kids (sooooo hard to do these days)??? 


But, for now, we are trying to be 'overly' nice to each other in the attempt that it will become real again.  Read this in a magazine...who knows, maybe it will work.  But, you must also know that HUNTING season is upon us and I just completely LOATHE it!!  And so, we may not be able to really work on anything until this damn season is over b/c I fear I have too much resentment about this obsession he has.  And, he thinks it's not an obsession but merely a hobby...

So, that's what I have to say about that!!  Can't wait for our drive down to NC...trying to get some stuff/games together for the kids to do in the car...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hate is such a strong word...

And so, I will say that I really really really don't like my husband sometimes!!  Can I also say that I don't like his mother b/c she's the one that raised him???  But, how can you not like a little old lady who just likes to talk???  I know, these things always come to surface when I do go to work on Thursdays and come home...and sometimes other days too...but mostly I get pissed off at him on these days.

Here's why: I called him to say I was leaving (late) from work...and he wants to know if he can go shoot his bow when I get home.  But, the way he says it is this: I know you have to make dinner when you get home but can I go outside and shoot my bow.  Now, I know I told him we were having pasta for dinner.  So, why didn't he start making dinner??  I have no clue.  I could have said no...but in true 'ME' fashion, I said sure, go ahead.  And then, I sit a mull about it and get even more pissed off at him.  He thinks nothing of it and things we are all ok after like 5 minutes...but, I still can't stand him right now.

Last night, we were all out when he got home.  And, I had to feed them quick before I left and get out the all the dinner dishes were still around.   You'd think that maybe he would've pitched in and done some of the dishes or something.  The iced-tea jug was empty and he could've made that.  Something...anything.  I never wanted to be this old fashioned stay at home Mom...I always thought that husband and wife would meet in the middle and help each other out with these stupid menial tasks of dishes and stuff.  My husband needs me to write him a note to take notice of the dishes.  And, when he does do them, he conveniently forgets some of the dishes left on the table, the pots/pans on the stove and he doesn't wipe down any counters/tables/high chairs.  Even tonight, I took the girls upstairs for baths (which means he could've gotten off of his ass and stopped watching the Yankee game) and at least put the dinner dishes in the sink and maybe empty the stupid dishwasher, right??  Am I expecting too much??  I may not work a full-time job like him and I might not bring in the money that he makes, BUT, I do work pretty damn hard at watching these kids, working in the library, trying to sell my baked goods, watching other people's kids and pretty soon doing b-day parties on weekends.

If this were truly an 'old fashioned' marriage I wouldn't have to go out and try and make some money, would I?????  so, if I have to do that other stuff, why can't he help out??

We've been married almost 10 years now.  We have a house, 4 kids and a horrible economy.  So, how do we get back what we once have??  How do I stop thinking what a jerk he is??  I mean, the kids love him and he really is a good father to them...but he pretty much sucks as a husband these days.  I told him that he needed to 'woo' me again b/c I forgot what that was all about...but he wanted to know what I was going to do for him...ha ha ha know, I don't do anything at all ever for him.  Jerk.  Yeah, I keep saying that, don't I.

OK...enough about that.  Thanks for listening (and MOm, please don't be worried, ok???)

My next mission in life is to come up with lots and lots of money so that I can make it to Ireland in October... I wanted to go in a tell Mr. Wonderful Hubby that I was going whether he liked it or not and that he needed to figure out how to pay for it b/c he always figures out how to pay for his hunting trips and he would also need to figure out who was going to watch our children while I was away b/c that's what I have to do when he goes on his hunting trips.  Wonder what he would've said to that.  Oh wait, I know...Mr. Jerk would have told me to go get a job making the money he does so that I could pay for it.

OK, I'll stop now...promise!!

Today, I brought home some books for Kyra to read about Whining, Tattling and Sharing.  She asked me why I brought them home for her and I asked her if she does all that stuff...she shyly told me she did and didn't ask again why I am having her read them!!  Perhaps it will help???  Now, if only I can get her to get her clothes and shoes in the correct place these

Next up, I have to write out everything that needs to get accomplished this week.  We leave for vacation in 1 week... I am still thinking about leaving everyone home and just going by myself.

Here's hoping our truck only has minimal damage and can get fixed before we leave!!  I'm getting car-sick from the bucking.  And I apologize for those behind me... I just can't seem to get past like 50 MPH...sorry:(

Random Thought- Ireland or Bust!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regression and Finances...

There you have it...2 tough topics all rolled up into one day.  Now, aren't you sooooooooo jealous of me?? Go on, I know you are!!

OK, let's talk REGRESSION first.  Oh, how I hate when they do that.  Today, my 8 year old regressed about  3 or 4 years.  Yup, he had one of his tantrums that he has not had in such a long time.  Perhaps it happened b/c I thought he had finally outgrown them...or perhaps not.  DJ is a very moody child and keeps his feelings all holed up inside.  Not a good thing, I know...I have a tendency to do this, just ask my family and hubby:)  OK, back to DJ... I think this week he is tired.  He had a late night Friday (I know, it's almost Wednesday... but I think kids take time to adjust again), a very early morning Sunday and has been going to bed around 9:30 all summer.... and we've been waking up early for VBS this week.  Oh, and I definitely think he feels it when hubby and I fight...yes, I know, we're not supposed to do that in front of the kids but hubby and I don't talk much these days.  So, when we do, it tends to get a little heated and it's usually when we're in the car b/c that's the only time there is no hunting shows, laundry, cleaning, feeding, etc to be dealt with.  I did feel the need to tell the 2 big kids the other day that just b/c Mommy and Daddy fight doesn't mean they don't love each other...ooooof...that was not something I ever thought I'd have to tell my kids.

Geez...another tangent...back to DJ: so, his friend came home with us after VBS and they were playing Wii while I made lunch...after lunch they went back to their games and then his friends mom came to pick him up.  I wanted DJ to come and say good-bye...he didn't think he should have to pause his game to come say goodbye to his friend.  When he finally did, he was kinda rude about it so I told him he couldn't finish his game b/c of it.'d think I told the kid I wasn't ever going to feed him again or something.  So, he stomps around the house almost in tears.  OK...ding ding ding...I need to separate him and give him some alone time... asked him to get his book and start reading it...again, you'd think I gave him the worst punishment ever.  He stood in the back hallway, balling his eyes out and yelling at Max to leave him alone and to go away.  This is after I told him that he needed to go upstairs and read his book so he could get away from everyone and decompress a little.  Yeah, 8 yr olds don't understand the whole concept of decompression; hence the balling his eyes out in the back hallway.  And so, calmly I walked back to him, didn't say a word, picked him up kicking and screaming at me and carried him to his room.  Yes, he is still a super strong kid...but I have those Mommy Powers and was able to get him into his room (up the stairs and all...just a few minor scratches) and walked away.  Whew... I hate it when he gets that way but I'm glad I didn't scream at him today about it.  And boy, did he let it all out.  I felt like crying myself... but after that, the other 2 kinda knew I meant business and actually followed through with their quiet time.  And Franny was able to nap longer than 20 minutes!!  LOL

But, let me tell you I didn't want to even know them when we had to go to Shop Rite later in the day!!  Oh, and by the time this summer is over, Kyra is not going to own any clothes, shoes or toys.  And do you know what she tells me when I 'pick up' her toys and stuff??  I don't care if you throw it out...I don't like that one anyway!!  I know she cares...and boy do I hope she just gets it soon and starts to put her stuff away!!  How many times do we have to take her stuff away before she gets it??  I think she only has 1 pair of shoes right now to use b/c she keeps leaving them all over the place!!!

OK...let's talk FINANCES and how my simple brain just can't wrap around all those stupid concepts.  Is it wrong to let hubby take the lead on this stuff??  Maybe not, but perhaps I should take more of an interest in knowing what our Life Insurance actually says (I did know at one point, but I just can't remember these days), and what my 401K actually is from when I worked, and what our retirement looks like and do we have any??  I went to a presentation tonight in which someone was trying to get us to become what they were and sell all these insurance plans/investments/car insurance etc. to the 'average' american.  Ha ha ha...I don't have time to take a crap (sorry, I know that's kinda vulgar) and this man thinks I have the time to go to a class (ok, so it's only 2 sunday's and a wednesday to take a test), train under him, make contacts who want me in their home talking about their finances... yeah, sure.  And even if I did have the time, I just don't think I could do this.  So, I learned that I need to take more of an interest in this stuff...

Are you bored yet...I need some sleep...later:)

Random thought: Tell me what you want to hear about??  I'm working on some 'lists'...what do you want to hear first:
- Things kids love and Parents love to hate
- What I learned from playing Facebook Games
- What to do with your unused Granny Panties (you know you all have some) .. this list was lost on my wine spilled computer so I had to start
- The 12 Step Program on becoming a MOM

Have a great day!!