Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 days and counting ... or would it be 7

Who knows how many days they go back but I know it's in less than a week.  And yes,


I'm not ashamed to admit it...I can't wait to get back into some sort of routine and get the older ones away from the littles.  Perhaps Max will stop screaming every 5 seconds and DJ will stop taunting him every 2 seconds???  Well, at least we will have some sort of break during the day!!

The thing I will miss the most next week is the sleeping in part.  I really hate getting up early!!  LOL (just ask my brother who always tried to wake me up...think he got a couple black eyes from the fist coming out of the covers when he woke me up)

What sparked my desire to get them back in school you ask??  Not so much today (but I will give you a rundown) but just a buildup of the past 2 weeks.  You know, being stuck in a car with all of them for a VERY long car ride...and cutting vacation short to sit in that car ride yet again only to have to stay inside when we got back (for like 2 days) b/c of a storm!!  I think they all need to take a break from each other. 4 is enough for me...they are killing me!!

Now, today was not as horrific as it could have been but I would like to apologize to everyone in the store today for constantly having to tell my children not to touch something, to come back in my sight, to leave Franny alone, to 'sit down' in the cart (Max), to stop hitting Franny, etc ... I think you get the picture here, right??  I'm just so tired of them not listening and idle threats.  I like to kind of walk around a little and look when I go into a 'craft' know, to see what I can buy now and hold off on buying for a project and to get some new supplies for the cake pops and cookies.  But, this is a very difficult task with 4 kids that just don't listen.  And when they don't listen, I always think it's something I'm doing or not doing to them or for them or something that makes me a failure as a mom.  And yes, I hate being mean mommy and just want to give in...but, alas, I saved about 5 bucks b/c of their  They did not get a special treat from TAco Bell...but I did and I ate it right there in the car so they could hear and smell it!!!   ah ha ha ha ha ha ha... I was so close to just getting them their little snack too...mommy guilt just plain sucks!!  Why don't daddy's have this guilt??
Dentist pics:

Now, I also have to say that they were at the dentist before we went to the store... but they really didn't listen very well at the dentist either!!  I swear, they are like little hudlums some times and I just want to sell them to the highest bidder with a No Return Policy attached.  They both (the older ones) sat nice for the dental hygenist and the dentist... but in between getting their teeth scraped and cleaned and looked at, they were just plain rotten.  And Max- he needs his big bro/sis to go to school so that he can re-learn how to be 3.  He really is a little copycat... (let's just say he sticks his middle finger up and knows it's bad thanks to DJ    AND    he repeats bad words thanks to hubby)

Dear Michaels in Middletown- when you have a mom of 4 ask you if there are any more carts, don't just tell me they are all being used and you don't have any more.  There were several in the parking lot and someone could have said, Let me go get you one as I see you have your hands full.  But, let me also say thank you b/c I wound up next door at AC Moore where they did have carts readily available and I found that most of my 'ingredients' were slightly cheaper.

Here's a quick rundown (sing it fast and furious in your head)
Kids wake up early
Hubby back at work
Franny is a cranky
Gotta get us dressed
DJ get the bowls
OH no she fell asleep
Go brush our teeth
Lunch on the go
Left the house late
Library still closed
OH please I want my check!!
Head out for teeth
Hit a few road blocks
Get there early, they're running late
In the chair, out the chair, bounce on the chair, spit off the chair
Macky won't sit still...DJ on the ceiling
Franny on my chest
Holy crap we made it through
Out the door to Michaels
Run for the back ... pitstop in the loo
No carts go next door
DJ Kyra Max
HMMMMMMMMM Yo Quiero Taco Bell
Hit some more delays
Finally, get back home
Dishes Dinner DJ STOP!!
Franny is a crying
Kyra is a posing
Max is a sucking (his thumb)
DJ is a bouncing
Daddy's Home
Finish dinner
TAKE A SHOWER (needed that)
Max to bed
Big kids follow
Franny in crib
Franny out of crib
Mommy is a drinking
SHHHHHHH...everyone is sleeping!!

OK- that's where we're at...did you say it fast??  Because that's how the day goes!!

Good hubby thing:  He finally realized that I was right about him cursing out the Yankee players when Max repeated that Posada was a shit and put himself in time-out right alongside Max!!  Franny joined them
What makes me happy: SCHOOL


  1. Hey, that's a good one.. Doug in time out every time he curses... He'll be there all day:)... Max needs the time away from bigger kids.. Maybe they like to try your patience on a daily basis... Have a good day.

  2. I know I responded to your other blogs but after I put my name I forgot to hit post comment... DUH