Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weaning our way to Ireland ... or not..

So, last night I started to think maybe I should go get Franny Girl a passport...just in case.

Just in case she's not ready to be away from me for 5 days...just in case she's still nursing...just in case she needs me in the middle of the night...just in case.   OK, just in case I'm not ready for this to end...there I said it.  I know she can be ready...I know that I have to be the one to stop the boobs, not her, right?  I'm starting to feel that mommy guilt thing and I'm not leaving for over a month.  Is it gonna get any better??  And is she really going to start sleeping in the crib for the whole night again??

Oh, what to do what to do... It's only 5 days... so , don't get the passport, right??  That will force me to get us on track with weaning and cribs, right???  And so, I need to write out my pros/cons of bringing her:


  1. No time table on weaning
  2. No worries about getting her in the crib
  3. Hubby will get some sleep and it will be an easier 5 days for him
  4. Family in Ireland will get to meet her
  5. She's free on the plane b/c she's under 2
  6. I won't feel guilty leaving her home
  7. I won't miss her (I will miss the whole lot of them but for some reason I feel more guilty leaving her than them)
  1. Pay for a passport and hope that it gets here in time (timing is much better with these things now a days, right??)
  2. Lugging a carseat, stroller, diaper bag, etc on plane
  3. Totally disrupting her sleep should we actually get her on a schedule
  4. Hoping someone has room in their car for her carseat and me b/c there's no way I can rent a car
  5. Not having another set of hands to take her b/c she will be clingy
  6. Where will she sleep while I'm there???
I don't know.  I think I'll look into the passport for her and go from there... Who knew I would feel guilty for getting away from the entire family??  Well, I only feel guilty from leaving my that horrible??  I mean, it's not like hubby would ever think of bringing any of our children on one of his many hunting trips, would he??  Now, that would be funny...seeing hubby with a baby strapped to his chest while sitting in a

OK- I still don't feel any better and don't know what I'm gonna do.  But, now I need to figure out what kind of dress to wear to a wedding in Ireland and do I need a hat???

Back to reality soon with lots to do...later!!


  1. No hats in Ireland - have many friends over there...come shop in my closet for know that I got you covered. Anything else...follow your heart!!!! and I got Dougs back over here stateside!!!! just not in a tree with a gun!!! LOLOLOL!!! or in my yard with my turkeys...I'lll cook one from shoprite though for the family!!!! LOL

  2. Get the passport and go from there..