Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yeah...these things happen when you hold it all inside you know...big, HUGE blow-ups... So, here we are on our Mom workation and both the moms on the trip have it out... am embarassed to say it happened in front of my children and wish we could have gone about it a different way.  Hindsight is a fancy thing...wish we could go back, you know??

So, we had it out (this is the 2nd time in less than a year we've had harsh words for each other) ... and the next day it was almost like nothing had happened.  Almost I said.  We both know it happened, the kids know it happened, and so do the hubbies.  A bit uncomfortable here but bearable...and very emotional.  So, we both need to think hard before either of us speaks.  I think there are some feelings there that just need to be hashed out and they have been brewing for awhile.  Now, to figure out a way to communicate without holding it in,you know???  I need to learn how to do this communication thing so that my kids know how to do it.  So, now to figure out a time when it's just the 2 of us this week to talk...ha ha ha ha... tried that tonight but of course it didn't happen.  Guess we'll see what the week brings and if I can actually get away with just the 2 of us!!  I used to love this vacay b/c I actually got to spend time with my Mom.  Selfish, maybe??  But, it's nice when you don't have to worry about others so you can have that time, you know??  As sad as it is to admit, sometime I wish my hubby never started coming with us, you know?? 

It doesn't help that I can't stand my hubby most of the time these days. Today he stubs his toe in the pool and now thinks he's broken it.  I just can't stand the 'groaning' about the things that happen to him.  Geez, is this what 10 years does to us??  We get so sick of the things they do that it makes us compassionless towards them??  Or is this just me??  If not, what did you do to get through it??

OK- here's a funny story that will make you all laugh:  let's talk sleep-time while on vacation, shall we??  Franny girl and I have moved back to the couch tonight...LOL... last night was out first night in the hotel and I think everyone was a little over-tired.  Thankfully the big kids slept and slept in this morning.  The littles, not so much.  Franny didn't fall asleep until about 10 (normal for her) and she probably slept for about 2-3 hours...partly on hubby's chest and partly in the crib.  She woke and I tried the whole nursing her back to dream land but it didn't want to work.  She realized that there was another body next to me (I don't think I've really ever nursed her in our bed at home so it was odd to her), a body in the bed across the room (max) and the room was completely different.  She was so funny and so asleep while she was playing...does that make sense??  At one point, she put this big shit-eating grin on her face and fell onto hubby and started playing with his hair.  The grin almost said- I know I'm awake now and I'm gonna play to make you still be awake too!!  Now, of course Max felt the need to become involved here too...b/c he woke up and wanted to come over to my bed too...of course I let him.  At this point, I just started know when you start laughing at something so ridiculous and then you can't stop laughing??  Oh, and did I mention that it was 2AM??  Well, Franny girl never went back to sleep but Max did go back to the other bed and fall asleep and Franny and I wound up downstairs on the couch...where she continued her "sleep" play.  Sit up and pass out sit up and pass out sit up and pass out etc.  If I hadn't been so completely exhausted I would've said how cute it was..

We pooled it, beached it and watered it today on our vacay.  And, my camera completely stopped working today!!  Yeah!!  NOT... my hubby also doesn't understand my need to take pics either!!  So, now I have pics on his cell-phone, pics on my mother's camera, and some pics on my camera.  Gonna try and find a camera store down here tomorrow...this is gonna drive me crazy having my pics all over the place. 

Will try and post some pics tomorrow:)  Good thing my photo reader for the computer has lots of different holes in it to match up your card!!

OK- here are my statements of the day:

Hubby- the kids love to play with him in the pool and he loves to play with them back... got some good pics of Max jumping in before my camera decided never to revive itself...he he he

Happiness- making other people happy makes me happy (sad but true)

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  1. OH No, I feel your camera woos...I just got mine back yesterday! lol on Frannie girls middle of the night play time! I hope, no I pray, that you are getting at least a day of "alone" time with your hubby, hash it out, from my experience (twice)..once you let those "little" things start bothering you and festering, it is hard to recover the respect and lost time....letting go of the "little things" is the key, in my opnion...easier said that done, agreed....but I would hate to see resentment and just every day life bring ya down in a marriage that was once awesome! just look at what you both produced.... 8) You can find that happy place will take work and putting each others needs before yourselves...(speaking to your hubby right now..LOL) Marriages go thru seasons, this is just a bad season for you both right sleep does not help matters and all! Peace to your day momma XOXOXOX