Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing around...

Today I played with my kids.  Just flat out played with them.  And, in the pool... for like 3 hours straight.  Wow, what fun!!  I forgot how much fun it is to just play in the pool.  Yes, we had some time-outs and yes there were other kids that were playing with mine, but I was in the thick of it.  Now, for those of you that know me, I am not the one to just jump in and play.  I'm the one that reprimands and hangs out on the side-lines while others do the actual play thing.  Not today!!  Nope...and it was FUN!!  At one point, I was with just DJ and Kyra in the pool and we were swimming and laughing and doing handstands in the water and stuff!!  Whew, I'm pooped...and can't wait to play with them some more tomorrow!!

But, first, we will be (my hubby and I) going to play golf tomorrow.  Ha...I've never played golf in my life.  I've swung a golf club at a driving range maybe twice in my entire life.  So, this should be an interesting outing for us.  Perhaps we can hash things out while we're out there.  I think we have a lot to talk about...maybe I'll make a list.  ha ha ha

Franny girl slept better last night...I kept her on the couch with me and she slept from about 11-9:30.  Good think you can get breakfast pretty late in this hotel...otherwise her and I would have missed it..  Everyone else went earlier and let us sleep.  At first, I thought, why didn't they wake me up or even see if I wanted to go.  But, hubby said he didn't know what kind of night I had with Franny so they let us sleep a little more.  And so, it wasn't a big deal we didn't eat with everyone...see, all you have to do is ask 'why' and you might understand things...

Here's a pic of all of will show DJ and Max's buzz cuts from last week...and my new hair-cut:)  Enjoy..

Positive of hubby- today he let me sleep in with Franny and kept the other 3 quiet, got them dressed and got them out of the hotel...

What makes me happy- my kids...even when I don't like them very much and are always confused by them, they really do make me happy!!!

Camera front- yeah, it's not gonna work the rest of the week...that just's like losing an appendage, you know??  I'm using my moms but it's just not the same thing, you know??  quality of pics won't be the same and I feel like I'm constantly hi-jacking it away from her... BUT, at least I will have pics...gotta have pics...this is Franny's first visit to Myrtle Beach and Max jumped in the pool w/o being caught today... and, this year, I am very aware of making sure my picture gets taken with my kids instead of just staying behind the camera!!!

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