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Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boring vs Lively children, that is... Oh, and what to do during a hurricane

You know, someone wrote on my FB page today about how I am lucky that I don't have 'boring' children. Now, we all know my children are anything but boring...and I actually thought about that last week while we were on vacation.

We were at the pool and there was another family there...I think they had 2 boys and a girl...they were older then mine, but they were really subdued.  You know, they just kinda sat there and swayed their feet in the water.  The mom was skinny and really didn't look like she had birthed any children and she sat at the side with her bikini on and no smile and just said nothing.  The dad just sat next to her.  The older boys maybe jumped in the water once and you barely noticed that they jumped in they were so quiet about it.  The little girl was the most spirited of the bunch and Max really enjoyed her...but she was a 'quiet' lively, you know, CALM!!  And as I watched and observed this family, I began to enjoy the fact that my children were loud, rambunctious and having tons of fun in the pool.  Annoying and all over me or hubby, yes, but excited about life a definite YES!!!

DJ- my most spirited child (I think that's a good way of describing him) is very energetic and smart.  His interests about the world are awesome.  I think if he could have, he would have stayed at the beach to watch the clouds, rain, waves, etc through the hurricane.  He loves that crap... Perhaps I should start quizzing him about stuff while he's on his head or trying to be in a handstand???  ha ha ha
I also think that I have sensory issues myself and when DJ just can't sit still, it bothers me b/c I can't stand things moving so much.  Does that make sense??  I am such a calm, no emotion on the outside kinda person that I don't know how to accept, let alone deal with, him.  But, I think with my observations of that 'boring' family and my joys in having a lively child, I am making progress in the path to connect to him...don't you think??

Remind I said how much I am glad he is lively and spirited next week when I am frustrated beyond belief that I can't get him to sit down and do his homework, OK???

Now- here are some things I recommend doing while you are trapped in a hurricane:

1. Drink heavily... just make sure you are stocked up before-hand... try new drinks during this time:)

2. Card games... have your kids get out all their piggy bank coins and con them out of them during poker!!!  lol

3. Bake something... try to incorporate alcohol in your recipes... trust me, you'll need it:)  and maybe it will cancel out the sugar high when your kids eat them...ha ha ha

4. Put all your flashlights, candles, matches, etc. in a central location so you can easily find them.  If you don't, you will absolutely lose power in the middle of the night when you can't see a f@#$%g thing!!

5. Yeah, campout in the living room...  NOT  ... your kids will be up past midnight and crankypants the next day b/c your 3 year old wakes with the sun and not a minute after no matter what time he goes to sleep b/c it's light outside and time to be awake you know...

6. Cook some stuff that you can eat cold before the storm hits so that you can eat while you have no power... AND  ... you won't lose your power.  Trust me...this one works!!!

7. Make sure you have rainboots and a raincoat so you can fix ditches and jump in puddles!!

8. Duct tape and diapers...yes, I know, I mention these often, but when you can't flush toilets and your kids are running up the walls, these 2 tools help tremondously!!

9. Instead of playing games with your kids, give them some sponges and brooms and get to cleaning... yes, they made the mess and will continue to make the big messes, so nip it in the butt and get them cleaning instead!!

10. Did I mention just drink heavily??  Oh, screw it, throw the kids outside and let them run around in the rain and jump in the puddles and slide in the mudslides and go floating in your newly formed lawn pool because life is short and it's just too much fun!!  (just make sure the wind won't take them away b/c you actually really will miss them..)

Random thought- Franny didn't eat her sneakers today as I thought...we found them:)

Good thought about hubby- he may have made us not flush toilets and wash anything but he did do all the dishes tonight after the septic was pumped (yes, we literally threw out money down the toilet today)

What makes me happy- catching up with friends

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